Sava first talk about drug prohibition: fear of becoming crazy! Abuse me by deleting social software ITF

 Sava first talk about drug prohibition: fear of becoming crazy! Abuse me by deleting social software ITF

In March 2018, Sharapova admitted at the press conference that she failed the drug test and stressed that she would take full responsibility for the positive drug test due to her negligence. At the press conference, she said that she would not retire for this reason. The news that Sava announced that she was taking illegal drugs attracted worldwide attention, and the world also knew mildrezide. She explained that it was a drug for the treatment of the heart, and she did not know that the drug became a prohibited drug.

Sharapova was later banned, and this year she announced her retirement. Many people have forgotten the drug ban. However, this is not the case with Shawa. She talked about the drug ban again in an interview recently. Although the situation has changed, it still leaves a shadow for her.

I immediately removed all social media software from my mobile phone after the press conference that disclosed my positive drug test. I was afraid of being criticized and attacked by others, and I didnt want to drive myself crazy. Sharapova said that this incident changed her. Once upon a time, I never cared what others thought of me, but after this incident, I realized that other peoples views were very important to me. I feel depressed and feel insignificant, which really makes me unable to be happy

What bothers Sharapova most is the ITF of the international network Federation. Just after the incident happened in 2016, she started shooting at ITF. They initially wanted to ban me for four years. I made a mistake, but ITF is also obliged to inform me of the latest drug prohibition rules. You know, the drugs I took in the past ten years were safe to take, but now they have become banned drugs, but you have not told me.

Although it has been four or five years since the drug ban, Sharapova said that the Internet Federation was still angry. The Russian beauty pointed out that ITF had abused her and said that she had lied about taking mirtazide, which she believed was false.

It is cruel and painful for the Internet Federation to insist that I have concealed the use of midroxide, which is not the truth at all. After all, I didnt ask to be able to play the next day, I just wanted to be respected and I was always ready to fight for what I had It is said that the past has gone with the wind, but it is obviously not for Shawa. There is no doubt that the drug ban has become a turning point in her career and even in her life.