Kenyas 1500m world champion suspended for three times in a year

 Kenyas 1500m world champion suspended for three times in a year

It is reported that manange was temporarily suspended because he was unable to provide samples or failed to update and report his whereabouts to doping control personnel and institutions in a timely manner. Track and field integrity agency said the Kenyan athlete was accused of untimely reporting of his whereabouts, but officials have not given a specific timetable for the case.

According to the World Athletics Federations Anti Doping regulations, missing a drug test three times within a year is automatically deemed a doping violation, and will be banned for one or two years depending on the circumstances. Manange said in a statement that he did miss three tests last year, but none of them were related to illegal drugs.

Manangoy is not the only track and field player who has been successful recently. Last month, the mens 100m champion of the Doha world championships, Christian Coleman of the United States, and Salwa Nasser of Bahrain, the womens 400m gold medalist of the Doha world championships in 2019, were suspended for the same reason.

At the 2017 London World Championships in track and field, manange won the silver medal in the mens 1500m. He is also the Commonwealth Games champion and African champion, and has won many titles in the Diamond League.

In addition to mananges temporary suspension, the IAAF integrity agency also announced that Kazakhstan hurdler ivanninskaya and three other Kenyan athletes were also suspended.

Among them, ivanninskaya was banned for two years after testing positive for steroids stanozolol at the 2012 London Olympics. Among the three Kenyan players, Messi chibalus was banned for eight years after testing positive for steroids norandrone, Kenneth kipkmoi for two years after testing positive for drug terbutaline, and Patrick seyer was banned for escaping, refusing or not accepting sample collection..