Guangxia mens basketball team refuses to let it go

 Guangxia mens basketball team refuses to let it go

On July 23, the second phase of CBA rematch continued. Guangxia mens basketball team met Jilin mens basketball team, which was full of impact, and staged an offensive war. Finally, Zhejiang Guangxia mens basketball team defeated Jilin mens basketball team by 119:96.

Although the qualification of the playoffs has been settled, neither of the two teams, who have been full of momentum since the second round, has been playing hard this game.

In the first quarter, Guangsha mens basketball team was extremely successful. The team made 7 of 11 three-point three-point shots. In the first quarter, Guangsha led 42-25 and got 17 points.

Li Jinglong and Zhao Yanhao both performed well. In a single quarter, Li Jinglong scored 12 points from 4-out-of-3 shots, and Zhao Yanhao also scored 12 points for 2-out-of-3-pointer shots.

However, the Jilin mens basketball team composed of Jiang Yuxing, Jiang Weize, Dai huaibo and other young players did not give up. In the second quarter, Shengsheng filled the hole with nearly 20 points. Sun Minghui also said in an interview after the game: the team had some problems in the second quarter, playing a little relaxed, a little simple, more mistakes.

Fortunately, Li Jinglong kept a hot touch throughout the game. He played for 41 minutes, scoring 29 points and 6 rebounds, setting his own career scoring record, and nine three-point goals also equaled his career single game three-point record.

Sun Minghui still connected the team with 10 points and 14 assists, which was his sixth time after the rematch. Zhao Yanhaos 23 points, 4 steals and Hu Jinqius 25 points and 3 rebounds enabled Guangxia mens basketball team to control the situation on the court in the second half, and finally opened the score to win the game.

Although the game was fierce, the two sides were friendly on the scene. When the score in the third quarter was even, the Jilin teams interior players fell while fighting for rebounds. Hu Jinqiu and sun Minghui did not forget to pull up the opponents before continuing to defend. The details showed the spirit of friendship first, competition second.

The boys are good.