Kardashian recorded reality TV as usual, and the media showed her innocence without cheating

 Kardashian recorded reality TV as usual, and the media showed her innocence without cheating

Although Kims giving up attitude to Kan has aroused many peoples dissatisfaction and criticism, the four child mother who has experienced big waves is not afraid. On July 23, local time, she was still in business, shooting the latest episode of walking with the Kardashian sisters in Malibu. Kim wore a sleeveless skin color vest and long braided braids. Her smile was so sweet that it seemed that recent events could not affect her.

Along with Kim is her sister, Kohler Kardashian, and her former or current boyfriend, NBA star Tristan Thompson. The relationship between Kohler and Tristan seems to be in the process of relaxation, which once caused a great deal of trouble. Now it seems that they have resumed their relationship. However, neither of them has official propaganda and it is difficult for outsiders to draw a conclusion.

During the period when he left Tristan, Kohler made great efforts to build himself. He not only lost a lot of weight, but also changed his appearance. From his back, Kim Kardashians back was still a little broad and fleshy. However, Kohler, once considered the fattest in the Kardashian family, now seems to be tighter and thinner than her sister.

In recent days, Kanyes article has caused a lot of uproar than his suggestion that his wife was unfaithful and had an affair with meekmill, a rapper. Kanye said Kim and Mick had a date to discuss prison reform in the United States, but the contact between them was more than that. However, according to the mirror on July 23, local time, a photo appeared on social media, which confirmed that Kim and Mick were only discussing issues at lunch, along with the philanthropist Clara Wu. They were eating and chatting at the Terrace Restaurant of Waldorf Astoria in Los Angeles, which was a normal working meal.