Li Keqiang: no matter how tight the financial resources are, we cant move the cake of market entities

 Li Keqiang: no matter how tight the financial resources are, we cant move the cake of market entities

Financial support and bank profit sharing should also be in place to help enterprises bail out. The new credit funds should focus on supporting enterprises in difficulty, especially small and medium-sized enterprises and individual businesses. The financial system should fulfill the promise of 1.5 trillion yuan in profits to enterprises. At the same time, we should promote some natural monopoly industries to reduce charges and prices, and help enterprises reduce production and operation costs. We will further standardize the fees charged by industry associations, chambers of Commerce, and intermediary service agencies, and resolutely crack down on arbitrary charges by enterprises. Government departments should take the lead in paying off debts owed by government agencies and state-owned enterprises to private and small and medium-sized enterprises within a time limit.

[why does Li Keqiang call the establishment of special transfer payment mechanism a reform? u3011Premier Li Keqiang pointed out at the third clean government work conference of the State Council on July 23 that increasing the fiscal deficit and issuing special anti epidemic treasury bonds to raise 2 trillion yuan this year are special measures in the special period. All of this money is transferred to local governments, mainly used to protect employment, peoples livelihood and market players. All regions and relevant departments should strictly implement the special transfer payment mechanism, so as to make the new financial funds stick to the bottom and quickly implement effective measures. This is a reform: it will not only make major adjustments to the pattern of interests, but also prevent leakage and reduce the risk of corruption.

Li Keqiang made clear three requirements: first, to ensure accurate and direct. The provincial level should be a good God of wealth and allocate the funds allocated by the central government to the grass-roots units of cities and counties as soon as possible. At the same time, it is not appropriate to shake hands as a shopkeeper. We should try our best to help the grassroots make up for the gap between revenue and expenditure. Second, it is necessary to ensure effective use. Cities and counties should establish real name standing books, make good use of direct funds in strict accordance with the requirements, ensure that they are really used by the needy enterprises and the masses in need of assistance, and never allow misappropriation. Third, we should strengthen strict supervision. The financial department should establish a monitoring system with full coverage and chain. The national treasury at all levels should directly allocate funds to each other. The audit department should carry out special audit to investigate and deal with illegal acts such as false report and false claim, interception and misappropriation.

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