Early cancer screening through noninvasive blood testing

 Early cancer screening through noninvasive blood testing

At present, the incidence rate and mortality rate of malignant tumors are increasing year by year, and have become one of the main diseases burden of mankind worldwide. The 5-year survival rate of patients with early-stage tumor can reach 91%, and the average 5-year survival rate of advanced tumor is only 26% due to the lack of effective treatment due to the lack of surgical resection. Chen Xingdong said that early detection of cancer can help patients win treatment time and effectively improve the cure rate.

The scholar told reporters that in order to verify and study early cancer detection and screening, not only efficient and sensitive technology is needed, but also blood and biological samples should be taken from cancer patients before diagnosis. This requires large, long-term scientific research activities to support the researchers exploration activities

Chen Xingdongs team found that cancer signals are present in the blood at an early stage of disease development, even years before the disease is asymptomatic and undiagnosed. Using samples from Taizhou prospective cohort, Fudan research team strictly proved that DNA methylation sequencing can detect cancer earlier than traditional diagnostic methods.

Chen Xingdong told reporters that at present, the cost of some foreign detection methods similar to the early screening of multiple cancers is very high. This study confirmed that only a small amount of DNA can be sampled from a single tube of blood, which is effective and economical as a potential first-line cancer screening method. (reporter Chen Jing)

Source: China News Network Editor in charge: Qiang Shuwen_ NJ7449