Cheating! bisexuality! Barefoot walking on the red carpet, marshal K is going to play Diana?

 Cheating! bisexuality! Barefoot walking on the red carpet, marshal K is going to play Diana?

Home British netizens first bombed:

Little K plays Princess Diana. Does her son know about it? Hello Harry...

British actress Emma Colin plays Princess Diana in the TV series crown.

Naomi Watts also played this role in Diana.

The picky British netizens are quite happy with their roles.

But it is said that the director has a special love for little K: she has a mysterious, strong and fragile temperament.

But take a closer look, these two people in the verve seems to be a little similar.

Dont believe it? Do you have a look at the picture below?

Isnt it a bit silly to tell?

You elder sister hastens, the director sword walks the slant front to choose the angle perhaps the effect is really good.

Ks character of being a little rusty and rebellious may make us see a character different from the good girl in previous Princess movies.

There is a saying that Princess Diana has never been a obedient princess. After being split up, he also contributed a wonderful blackening:

In 1994, Charles made a high-profile admission of his extramarital affair with Camilla, destroying the fairy tale love himself.

But Dianas return call it a wonderful one.

That night, the cheated Princess appeared at the vanity fair party, replacing her Valentino dress with a tight, off the shoulder black dress of Greek designer Christina stambolian.

Sexy dress is called revenge dress by the media.

Diana with a most dazzling gesture on the front page of the days headlines, as if to challenge Charles: dare to split, you regret!

What a vengeful woman!

The appearance of high-profile makes the royal family hate their teeth itching, but the British people love the rebellious Princess more and more.

And little K here has experienced a similar blackening in Hollywood

In 2008, only 18-year-old K. K. made a quick exit with Twilight city. Not only did he win four film awards in a row, but also the sweet and tender Twilight girl became the white moon in many peoples hearts for a time.

She and Edward, the vampire beauty in the play, are also in love with each other because of the play. They are once so sweet that they have flashlights everywhere they go.

Living in the entertainment headlines makes her miserable, under the pressure of small K with a not very glorious derailment to end this period of bound feelings.

Farewell to silly white sweet after the establishment of small K began to fly self..

She began to stop caring about peoples eyes.

Short hair, inch, cut!

A cant image, men and women eat all.

Obviously, she has a super model figure, ant waist, chopsticks legs, and she has all of them.

But she didnt think so. How comfortable she was.

Even the female stars red carpet battlefield, she dares to go barefoot.

Dont like high heels? Take off! What is competition? She doesnt care.

She publicly admitted that she was bisexual and had sex with her assistant on the street.

He also spoke for non heterosexuals many times.

She took part in the womens rights march, shouting for equal rights.

Because of the Twilight series, little K has been criticized for his facial paralysis for a long time.

In recent years, she has focused on improving her business capabilities.

She has proved her plasticity with a series of independent films. She has successfully torn off the idolatry label that has haunted her for many years. She has also won the Caesar prize, the highest honor of French film. She is one of the few American Actresses to win this award.

With the calm and straightforward personality and the continuous improvement of business ability, pull back a lot of good feeling.

Xiaok is not only the super long standby spokesperson who has been working with Chanel for five years, but also plays the role of Lady Chanel in the advertising blockbuster directed and performed by Mr. Buddha.

Therefore, in terms of fashion, Youjie thinks xiaok and Daifei can be said to be like-minded family members.

As a royal facade, the suit is Dianas street ready, elegant with the ability. Xiao K also likes to wear it like this. He has a strong sense of heroism.

According to the law of true fragrance in the universe, Youjie can boldly predict that Princess Dai will have a different surprise