Look at the world with a pure heart and live a happy life

 Look at the world with a pure heart and live a happy life

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Have the courage to be someone elses past.

u2014u2014Is zhiyuhes deeper than the sea

The biggest self-discipline of adults is to stop loss in time, especially feelings.

If you dont like it, you dont marry a millionaire; if you like it, you marry a billionaire.

u2014u2014Sanmaos crying Camel

Because people make mistakes, theres an eraser behind the pencil.

I feel sad, not because you lied to me, but because I can no longer believe you.

To see the world with a pure heart, to live a happy heart, to ordinary heart to generate affection, to soft heart to remove obstacles.

Love life no matter how poor you are. Love yourself no matter how you look for love. u2014u2014Janet Winterson, I want to be happy, not normal

Finally, they all believe that there is truth and falsehood.

There is no way for girls to retreat. Parents are not. Marriage is not. Only money and ability in hand are the greatest strength. Only economic independence can make the soul upright.

Im lucky to be with someone I like, but because Im too young, I cant deal with many things well, so Im still separated. After a long time and met each others heart, this time, become active and sincere, more know how to cherish, more efforts than before, so entered the palace of marriage, thank that person who taught me to grow up, I hope you are also happy.

So, lets talk about it today. How are you and the people you like?