Female entrepreneurs were beaten to death, 6-year-old daughter witnessed the scene, what are the three major injuries caused by parents quarrel

 Female entrepreneurs were beaten to death, 6-year-old daughter witnessed the scene, what are the three major injuries caused by parents quarrel

It is reported that on a certain day in March 2019, Wenzhou female entrepreneur Zheng and her cohabiting boyfriend Yang had a dispute at home. Later, her boyfriend boxed the head, causing Zheng to fall into a coma. On the same day, she called 120 and was sent to a doctor. After rescue, she died.

The unfortunate thing is that Zhengs 6-year-old daughter witnessed the whole process of her mothers death. This incident may cause her extensive anxiety, may cause mental symptoms such as inattention and irritability, and even have serious personality defects and psychological problems, such as post-traumatic stress disorder.

Lawyer Cheng Fang said that lovers or couples should pay attention to the way to solve problems. When encountering conflicts, we should seek positive communication methods to solve problems, because the way of interaction between parents can also be imitated by children. If parents always quarrel in front of their children and solve problems in an aggressive way, it will also have a corresponding impact on children.

The quarrel between parents may cause some harm to childrens personality, social behavior, marriage and outlook on life

1. Personality defects

Children are not confident, easy to be sensitive, panic and anxiety, irritable, pessimistic, and even violent.

2. Social barriers

Do not know how to get along with his (her) people, psychological defense line is too heavy, it is not easy to trust people. In the process of childrens growth, there may be big conflicts caused by some small events, with heavy negative emotions and some hostile behaviors.

3. Influence the view of marriage and love

No longer believe in love, lack of trust in the opposite sex, extreme lack of security, do not know how to deal with the marriage relationship, may choose not to love or not to marry.

Therefore, a good relationship between parents can not only reduce the harm to children, but also let children see a good model of constructive conflict resolution, so that children have a sound personality and better handle social interpersonal relationships.

Adler said: lucky people are cured by childhood all their lives, while unfortunate people are cured by childhood all their lives..

To give children a warm and loving childhood, so that the infinite extension of hope and happiness.

Cheng Fang is a lawyer of Shanghai Haihua Yongtai (Wuhan) law firm, member of marriage and family Committee of Hubei Law Association, member of marriage and family Committee of Wuhan Law Association, and director of marriage and Family Law Society of Hubei law society. He has practiced for 8 years and is good at various fields of property division, company equity division, child custody, cohabitation and inheritance in marriage and family cases; He has experience in law and business lectures, lecturing a series of courses for foreign insurance companies; he acts as a private legal adviser, using legal and financial tools to provide comprehensive marriage wealth management and planning plans for individuals and families.

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