Just 30: Gu Jia is so perfect. Why does Xu Huashan cheat?

 Just 30: Gu Jia is so perfect. Why does Xu Huashan cheat?

When I first saw it, when there was no contradiction between them, I asked in my heart, why must Gu Jia be so perfect?

Just, perfect!

As a Virgo, I know that behind perfection is tiredness. Gu Jia is tired in this relationship. Zhong Xiaoqin can also cry and find her best friend to say bad things about her husband. How humiliated she is, she basically goes home with a light face.

At the beginning, Xu Huashan had no problem. The more he looked at the problem, the bigger the problem was. Gu Jia, who was desperate to maintain perfection, raised a very naive other half.

Xu Huashan didnt grow up. His growth is reflected in many places, the most important is the young in his mind.

What conflicts with the Party A, or the most important Party A, who gives money? Ask any young man who writes the companys official number that he knows he cant do it. After he wantonly destroys customer resources, he realizes that the company will be affected so much by the loss of customers..

Its not like a normal presidents thinking. Its more like a child. A child who takes a blind exam and only knows that I cant go to a good school like this and will trouble my parents to ask for help from all over the place. And why do they not know the seriousness of the situation, always impulsive decision, because There used to be people helping to clean up the mess.

Its true that Gu Jia is a mother type wife. On the line of customer pull, either Xu Huashan turns over with the customer and Gu Jia goes to make up for it; or Xu Huashan waits for Tianjiangs customers, and when Gu Jia finds the rescuer, he lies on the sofa and says, I didnt expect there will be customers so easily..

Moreover, Gu Jia is a doting mother. She doesnt blame Xu Huashan for falling out with her clients. Xu Fanshan naively said that its so simple to attract customers. She also did not say how much brain work she spent in order to get through the contacts behind her back, which made it difficult for him to buy other products. Xu Huashan was injured in a fight the day before seeing the client. Gu Jia was bothered by Gu Jias management. Gu Jia yelled at him and immediately apologized: Im sorry, I was just so excited.

Oh! Why apologize! Why do we have to be a perfect wife who makes life respectable everywhere? No matter how hard it is, I will swallow it in my stomach?!

One rule is that those who are well protected and softened by the people around them to a large extent are most likely to make mistakes in principle.

Either you dont make mistakes, or you make irreparable mistakes.

There are opportunities for Xu to make mistakes.

When the pressure is high, he has begun to want to escape, just like a child forced by his mother to attend a tutorial class. He is tired and wants to go out to find playmates. He is a carefree playmate who never emphasizes how important a tutorial class is to him again and again. So Xiao San must be Lin Youyou, who looks harmless and artless. He just looks like he cant understand. He will fall for such a sweet potato wrapped with careful machine. He will not encounter any so-called true love, or it is very simple. He doesnt want to go to the assistant guidance class.

But how to say, even if the other half is not as pushy as Gu Jia, the want to breathe moment in intimate relationship is bound to exist. You love each other very much, yes, but there will always be a period of time when you will miss freedom and want to go to the outside world to fly. This is normal. My friends and I, who have been in love for a long time, have reached a consensus on this point.

But people are not creatures who want to do what they want to do. People have concerns and choices, which is why people are human. People are tied to responsibility, which is sometimes very boring, but the reality is very dangerous, a sense of responsibility, at least can keep everything from overturning.

Just like after finding out the fatty liver, Gu Jia, for the sake of his health, told him to drink only water for dinner - and accompanied him to starve attentively. However, he felt trapped and asked his son for high calorie snacks in the middle of the night.

The root cause of Xu Huashans infidelity is that as an immature man, he cant correctly handle the pressure he feels in his intimate relationship. He only knows the lowest way to deal with it: to cover up with stolen happiness.

Although when Xu Fanshan showed his disgust at the Business Bureau, I felt that it was rare to have a successful person who was not greasy. But after thinking about it, his innocence needs the other half to be as strong as Gu Jia.

Otherwise, where can he live in the center of Shanghai. If he is not a successful person who seems to be successful, how many young girls fall in love with the old and down-to-earth artists.

Another disadvantage of childish people is that they always become ungrateful.

Although we are ordinary and talented girls, we will not be able to assist the other half with 30 million luxury houses. But still, do not help a naive boy grow up, the risk is too high, often in the process, he will blame you, take your kindness completely as a disgusting bundle. Many years later, he repented and realized that he had failed you. Whats the use? You can only get the meaningless guilt he has hidden in his heart.

Its too tired to wait for a person to grow up.


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