What are some tricks you can use for people you like?

 What are some tricks you can use for people you like?

For example, if he is playing a game and suddenly calls you, wife, you are the best wife in the world, you will know that he must be playing the routine again

[email protected] am I afraid of if Im not a lady

Send wechat, and then cancel, he will say?? And then you say you made a mistake. And then it started...

[email protected] Zhou Xiaomeng

Deliberately choose to make a chance encounter in the place he passes by at about the same time

[email protected] like two grapefruit

Long distance love, call my boyfriend to go downstairs and help me get an express with a weight of more than 100 kg. (in fact, its me who delivers more than 100 kg.)

At first, I talked to him every day to share my daily life

After a while, he began to be silent and did not talk to him

He may come and ask you whats wrong

Tell him there is too much hand cream, give him a little, and you can go and hold his hand

[email protected]

Send him a message or throw him a question in the middle of the night. When he sees your news in the morning, he will take the initiative to chat with you. After that, he can chat for a day. In this way, it is absolutely possible

When we go shopping together, we pull him to the side where there are many people, so we can hold hands naturally

[email protected] jade

Ask him how high is one meter three

Hell compare your hands to your chest

Hell open his hand and compare with you

Then you go up and hold him

[email protected]

If you want him to find me, youll have a circle of friends

I miss you, but I dont want to tell you, please seat yourself

He was alone

Before long, he chatted privately and said, Ive come to take my seat.

[email protected]

On childrens day, he suddenly gave me a bear

Tell me about happy childrens day and ask me what gift I can give him

So I took the ribbon off the bear and tied it to my wrist

Say this is your gift

[email protected] Kou

In the class next to his dormitory building, it rained. He told him that he didnt bring an umbrella, so he asked him to give him an umbrella. In fact, I took an umbrella and gave it to my roommates, telling them to leave quickly after school. Dont wait for me, ha ha ha

[email protected] bath

I seem to have someone I like.

Its a little shy to share with the client.

[email protected]

You can never get a person who doesnt like you, because TA just likes you.

[email protected] drop

Uncle said: the routine we are talking about here is based on real emotion, not hypocrisy and pretence. When you like a person, you are often at a loss. You dont know how to attract the other persons attention and let them know you. At this time, you need some small routines to help you. I wish you all the way to the people you like!

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