The six most affectionate Song Ci poems, you must know

 The six most affectionate Song Ci poems, you must know

Song Li Qingzhao

Double Ninth Festival, jade pillow yarn kitchen,

Its cool in the middle of the night.

After the dusk when Dongli drinks wine,

There is a faint fragrance in the sleeve.

Dont be so enchanted that the curtain rolls the west wind,

People are thinner than yellow flowers.

This poem was written by Li Qingzhao in his early days. In the first year of the Jingguo reign of Emperor Huizong of the Song Dynasty, 18-year-old Li Qingzhao married Zhao Mingcheng, a student of the Imperial College. Soon after the marriage, her husband went on a long-distance journey with a lonely boudoir. She deeply missed her long-distance husband. This song drunken flower Yin does not write about the pain of parting and the feeling of Acacia, but after careful consideration, every word of it is permeated with this point, implicit and full of deep feelings.

Song xinqiji

Thousands of trees bloom in the east wind at night,

More blowing down, stars like rain.

BMW carving car fragrant road.

The sound of Phoenix and flute moves, and the light of jade pot turns,

A night of fish and dragon dance.

Smile and faint fragrance.

But in the crowd once and again, I look for her in vain,

Where the lights are dim.

In the first film, the bright lights and the bustling scene of tourists are described on the night of new years Eve, while in the next film, the image of a beautiful woman who is willing to stay lonely without Mu ronghua is described.

The image of beauty is the embodiment of the authors ideal personality. The lantern, the moon, the fireworks, the flute, the dance and the dancing on the new years Eve are all for the one who wants it.

Rain and rain bell, cold cicada sad

Song Liuyong

cicadas chill and drearily shrill,

On the pavilion late, the shower first stopped.

There is no thread to drink,

Nostalgia, Lan Zhou urged.

Read to go, thousands of miles Yanbo,

The dusk is heavy and the sky is wide.

Sentimental parting from ancient times,

Where to wake up tonight?

The willow bank, the breeze and the moon.

The past few years should be a good time and a beautiful scene.

Even if there are thousands of amorous feelings, with whom?

This poem describes the separation of feelings, reaching the artistic realm of blending feelings and scenes. The main content of the CI is to express the parting feeling with the lover by setting off the desolate autumn scenery. On the surface, they wrote about their breakup, but actually they secretly wrote about their extremely complicated and subtle inner activities. Thousands of tender feelings, only in the twinkling of tears.

Hairpin Phoenix and red crisp hands

All over the city, the willow walls are in spring.

The east wind is evil and the joy is thin.

A sad mood, a few years away.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

The tears are red and the silk is transparent.

Peach blossom falls, leisure pool Pavilion.

Although the mountain alliance is there, the brocade book is hard to trust.

This poem describes the scene of an accidental encounter between the poet and the Tang family in the South Shen garden of Yuji temple after they were forced to separate, expressing their deep attachment and love for each other.

It expresses the authors resentment, sadness and inexpressible sadness and infatuation. It is a novel and tearful work.


Sushi of Song Dynasty

If you dont think about it, you will never forget it.

There is no place to talk about desolation.

Even if meet should not know, dust covered face, temples such as frost.

Small window, dressing.

There are no words but tears.

Its expected that every year my intestines will be broken,

Moon night, short Pine Hill.

This poem uses many kinds of artistic expression methods, such as separation and combination of ups and downs, combination of virtual and real, and narrative line drawing, to express the authors thoughts and feelings of missing his wife. In his grief for his wifes death, his life experience is mixed with emotion. Therefore, the emotion between husband and wife is expressed in a deep and sincere way, which makes people feel moved and feel sorry after reading it.

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