In this life, you are my most beautiful meeting

 In this life, you are my most beautiful meeting

At this time, I think of the joy you have brought me and the beauty you have brought me My heart is warm, there is a lot of vision, there are 100% of the beauty, there are thousands of persistent, 10000 eternal!

Looking at that dried red leaf, touched the heart of a touch of soft. This is a precious gift: it represents a touch of Acacia, light aftertaste. Light expectation, light miss. Just like the intermittent twinkling of stars, emitting a touch of happiness, dotted with a touch of Qinghui.

Im really lucky to meet you. Im also lucky to have such a clear and transparent affection. Its pure and indifferent, sincere and lasting. I said our affection is unusual, she is more than the indifferent friendship, but also more than the height of love.

We never say that we are confidants or beauties. I think you are a special person in life, so I still appreciate life, thank God for giving you such a person in my world, so that I have such a beautiful feeling in my life, never expect to accompany each other all the time, and do not expect you to do something for me. I just hope you have a good life and have a happy life!

We are very familiar with, also very intimate, but we never say love, never say like, quietly get along, light care, no Acacia like fire, no day and three autumn, just a light memory, shallow joy, it is a profound, it is a lasting. There is the purity of fraternity, the close relatives of brothers and sisters, the understanding of confidants, and the love of lovers It is better than the indifference of friendship and the keenness of love.

Between us are two parallel lines that never intersect, there is no intersection, because after the two lines intersect, they will go farther and farther, and the two parallel lines, like you and I, have been walking side by side, enjoying the snowflakes and listening to the sounds of nature.

There is a kind of understanding, called treasure, regardless of the edge shallow edge deep, do not ask this life afterlife, meet good.

In fact, it is a subtle feeling to be able to touch the heart and never say it. Just like happiness, this feeling is sky street drizzle like crisp, is grass color distant look near but no. And this love, is not just under the brow, but on the heart, but turning back, glass late autumn. Write here, I smile, my smile is so quiet and warm.

Now, we have given time, gone years. Qingqingzijin, leisurely my heart. The end of the world, how to talk about deep feelings. The most beautiful scenery is actually around you and me. The real beauty needs you and me to move forward.

Finally know, there is a feeling, can only heart to store, deeply understand, encounter you, is the legend of my life, is my most beautiful encounter.