Recitation: the heart is clean, the heart is at ease

 Recitation: the heart is clean, the heart is at ease

A long time ago, I once felt the Zen saying of Zen master Huineng: the body is a bodhi tree, and the heart is the moon platform. Wipe every day, and do not let dust.

I have always wanted to be a bodhi, upright and upright, selfless and indifferent. Any gloomy, cold and evil wind cant bend my branches. My branches and leaves are filled with the freshness of rain and dew. There is sunshine on every thread of my leaves. In the dancing, the breeze is blowing, stretching my body, and the air is full of the flavor of sunshine!

Once upon a time, I wanted to make myself a mirror of my heart. I could see the black of the night, the white of the clouds, the coldness of the moonlight, and the coldness of the dawn fog. Even if not, also strive to be clear and quiet, pure emptiness.

People always say that imperfection is the norm of life, and regret is the common feeling in the world. However, even so, no one can stop the pace of the true dreamer, just as no one can stop the running river and the mountain breeze.

What is missed has become a poem in a flash; what we are looking for, who knows that it can not be turned into a colorful butterfly wing in life? Walking on the road, do not stop, in front of the efforts to pursue, in all the fog and dust passing by, to find a wisp of my obsession, return a clear and complete dream.

Dont ask me where I come from or where Im going. Looking at my fatigue, listening to my hoarseness, please dont ask my name, I am a stream in the mountains, I am the breeze blowing in the field, I am a walker walking alone in the world of mortals, or, I am just an ancient tree on the barren land, bent but standing.

I am not afraid of the cold ice and snow, I only hope that all the hopes in my eyes will turn into the warmth in the cold night; I dont worry that I cant reach the other side of the dream and point to the sky. I just hope that my persistent faith will ignite the open mountains and illuminate the mountains on the wasteland. As a tree, as wind and as water, I can pass through all the mists under the endless sky and have a pair of clear eyes.

This heart pursues the pure dream, this dream to Bodhi. Night bright moon send, my heart like glass.

As if a distant beam of light, in front of me, let me in the muddled night, induction general forward to it; I know, that is the power of dream, is the tacit understanding from the bottom of my heart, is from the pilgrimage like persistence, is a kind of unrequitable yearning, is a kind of persistence that we can not let go in the past life and this life. That heart is far away and blurred, blurred and clear dream ah, want to let it become the sunshine I pray for, make me as straight as Bodhi. If you want to make it as bright as a mirror, wipe the dust covered heart day by day, do not make the dust!

After praying, I buried it in my heart and chanted silently in the boundless walk. I could not ask, speak, speak, or speak. I see the world with my eyes, I write my heart with me. Just waiting for silence, I dont lose my heart, dont give up that dream.

In silence, silence, I gently toss in the earthly prosperity and the bottom of my heart in the dream, far away to hear a songu2014u2014

Bodhi is not a tree

The mirror is not a stage

There was nothing

where can the dust alight?

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