What happened before, during and after the event of nearly 100 people leaving the Chinese Academy of Sciences?

 What happened before, during and after the event of nearly 100 people leaving the Chinese Academy of Sciences?

Dongpu peninsula on the Bank of Shushan Lake in the western suburb of Hefei, Anhui Province, is usually called Science Island. It is the seat of Hefei Institute of material science, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Less than 3 square kilometers of the island atmosphere is quiet, most of the time low-key as if isolated from the world. However, it is the breeding ground of advanced technology, with large scientific experimental devices such as controllable nuclear fusion and stable strong magnetic field.

Unless there are significant scientific research results released, the general public rarely focused on Science Island in the past. But recently, the news that more than 90 people from the subordinate units of the Chinese Academy of sciences have left their jobs collectively has pushed the science island to the forefront of the storm and triggered the general office of the State Council to set up a special working group to investigate in Hefei. Why does one-time mass resignation happen? Surging newsuff08 www.thepaper.cn uff09Recently, many interviews and field visits have been made to the science island to sort out and restore the resignation events and various noteworthy signs and incentives before and after their occurrence.

Surging news learned from the insiders who did not want to be named that the special working group is currently conducting in-depth talks with cadres at or above the department level in Hefei hospital on the resignation incident, and conducts a comprehensive investigation.

Another staff member of the comprehensive office of Hefei hospital office told the surging news on July 23 that during the investigation of the joint working group, the hospital was providing relevant evidence, data and facts, all the resigned personnel should also come back for investigation.. According to the source, the investigation team has been working intensively in recent days, and we will also receive the investigation demands put forward by the working group in the evening.. As to whether the relevant incidents belong to normal resignation, it is under investigation. I believe that the high standard working group will give the public the most real results.

Except for special instructions, the pictures in this article were taken by Chen lingyao, a journalist of Hefei Institute of nuclear power

Some puzzles of collective resignation

Is collective resignation temporary or premeditated?

A few days ago, the China business newspaper, which reported that a number of scientific researchers of the Hefei Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences left, said that the fuse of the collective resignation was that the Institute forced the Institute to replace the security guards, and that the scientific researchers of the Institute thought their rights and interests had been infringed. There was a fierce conflict between the personnel of the hospital and those of the nuclear Institute.

Surging newsuff08 www.thepaper.cn uff09According to multiple surveys, more than 90 staff members were from the Institute of nuclear safety technology, Hefei Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is true that the conflict caused by the change of security and the collective resignation happened on the same day (June 15), but there is no causal link between the two.

Video capture of the scene of the conflict on June 15 in China business daily

A staff member of the Hefei Institute close to the Nuclear Research Institute disclosed to the surging news that, unlike other research institutes in the Institute, the Institute has been using fingerprint lock for a long time. That is to say, even if the personnel of the Institute have high authority, they cant enter the Institute by swiping their cards. This causes dissatisfaction and is a potential contradiction between the two. Therefore, the new security company hired by the hospital on the same day came to take over and replace the access control system, which really caused internal dissatisfaction and conflict.

However, it is worth noting that after the conflict, some employees in the nuclear power plant began to incite or even coerce other employees to resign collectively. Some people signed it. Some people mistakenly thought that they would not really resign in the end The source told the surging news.

The focus of the conflict between the two sides has thus shifted. On the morning of the same day, the hospital received resignation applications from the staff of the Institute, and took a tough attitude. In the afternoon of the same day, more than 10 departments involved in the normal resignation process were arranged to go to the Nuclear Power Institute for collective work and handle relevant procedures. In this process, there was no incident that the hospital blocked the staff leaving the nuclear power station.

According to the surging news, the total number of nuclear power stations reached 4500 during the peak period, but this is the result of taking a large number of non staff personnel into account. At present, the total number is more than 100. The number gap is not entirely caused by the outflow of personnel. After the completion of some major projects, the staff (especially the project employees) will naturally shrink.

The collective resignation of the Institute of nuclear power of Hefei Institute of nuclear power shocked both inside and outside the industry. A researcher in the same field from another university told the newsuff08 www.thepaper.cn uff09He said that one of the employees he knew had just applied for a major project and had a good development prospect in the Institute. His resignation meant that everything was in vain, but he still joined the collective resignation queue.

The access control system of Hefei Institute of nuclear power was found when the news was visiting the main building. A security guard said that his company had not been stationed for a long time and he had just been transferred. It was hired by the hospital for about a month or two.

On the afternoon of July 22, a nuclear power station official who was still in office told the surging news that the change of security should have nothing to do with the resignation of more than 90 people. He said that more than 90 people no longer come to work in the nuclear power plant. However, what is rather strange is that after the resignation event, there was indeed an event of deleting the network data in the Institute. I dont know who deleted it. There is data deleted in our office, which is some data of daily office. Its hard to say specifically.

In addition, another person from Hefei academy of Sciences also mentioned the details of data deletion to the surging news, it is said that some neutron source research data have been deleted.

An anonymous Zhihu user disclosed on the Internet, if you go away, the scientific research data generated by you in H should be owned by institute h in theory, not by a certain team. If you leave, the hard disk should not be taken away, and the personal notebook computer equipped with h can not be taken away (the truth is that you took everything, even the previous period of human scientific research data) I also went back with a comprehensive archive, leaving behind a pile of bits of scientific research data.

If there is indeed a sudden loss of scientific and technological data, the nature of the incident is more serious than the simple loss of personnel. For the above network statement, surging news is still understanding and tracking.

When surging news tried to get in touch with a number of nuclear power plant personnel who had left this time, the other party refused to interview.

High pressure management and hospital reform

Many people who have graduated from the Institute, left the institute or are familiar with the personnel of the Institute will all mention the unique internal culture of the Institute: high pressure management. This management style was brought about by Wu Yichan, the current director of the Institute of nuclear safety technology and elected as an academician of the Department of technology and science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in November 2019.

Wu Yichan has been engaged in nuclear science and technology for a long time. According to a previous report in China Science Daily, in 1999, he returned to Hefei, Anhui Province to form a team. In 2011, he received a task from the person in charge of the preparation of the Institute for nuclear safety. Wu Yicans team has carried out a lot of work in the field of neutron experiment technology.

Wu Yichan

According to the report, Wu Yichan has won many awards at home and abroad. When asked which award impressed him the most, his answer was the outstanding tutor award of the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. For myself, this is the most special prize.

The unique management culture of the nuclear power plant is not only reflected in the independent security system based on preventing the leakage of confidential data, but also reflected in the physical isolation of internal and external networks, waterproof walls, and storage of scientific research materials in the intranet. Wu Yichan has always been very strong in personnel management.

The manager of a shop near the nuclear Institute in Hefei hospital told the surging news that in the past, the Institutes internal medicine research staff usually worked until 8:00 p.m., generally, President Wu would go to various places to have a look, and also worked overtime. Now, after this incident (collective resignation), it is rare to see the lights in the building at night.

After work, Wu Yicans biggest hobby is playing volleyball, and he is also keen on letting employees and students carry out volleyball training and competitions to cultivate team spirit. There are three volleyball courts built in the Nuclear Power Institute, and there is an indoor volleyball court on the second floor of the first division. According to a press release issued by the Institute in 2015, the development Cup Volleyball League is one of the traditional cultural activities of the FDS team of the Institute of nuclear safety technology More than 160 volleyball enthusiasts from seven departments of the team form seven volleyball teams

However, it is a headache for many grass-roots staff and students in the Institute. Youzhihu users commented in the online community that work is flattering, busy with chores, and playing volleyball with boss Wu. However, there is no real help in scientific research, instead, it is made difficult by all kinds of institutions. Surging news learned that this is not an exception.

Wu Yicans style is also popular. Years ago, when his team undertook ads (accelerator driven subcritical nuclear power system), he sent cash directly to his core staff.

However, the highly centralized high-pressure management mode of the Nuclear Power Research Institute has been impacted by the drastic reform in Hefei Institute of technology.

Public information shows that novel coronavirus pneumonia research and prevention held in Hefei in February this year, the video conference of heads of departments and support departments has been deployed for the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia, the recent important work, the plan for 14th Five-Year and future planning, and the reform of the Institute. President Liu Jianguo stressed the importance of promoting the innovation and development of the research institute through reform. He said that the goal of the reform is to make scientific research and management work efficient and flat. It is necessary to create professional and professional functional and service organs that dare to take on responsibilities and make achievements, and determine the positioning of each research unit according to the objectives and missions.

Liu Jianguo worked in Anhui Institute of Optics and precision machinery, Chinese Academy of Sciences in his early years. At the end of last year, he was promoted to President by Hefei Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

After Liu Jianguo became president, the so-called flat management in the whole hospital has caused a lot of controversy in the hospital.

There are other research institutes in Hefei Institute of newsuff08 www.thepaper.cn uff09He said that the reform led to a series of results: including the abolition of three research institutes including Changzhou Advanced Manufacturing Technology Research Institute; the original personnel rights and financial rights of several research institutes were substantially increased; the Institute deducted 20% of the project funds (higher than the usual proportion in the industry); and the director of several institutes approved the use of project funds Power is weakened and so on.

When this series of reforms met with the Nuclear Power Institutes management mode with director Wu Yican as the core, the foreshadowing of the fierce conflict between the two sides was long buried, and the confrontation and collective resignation on June 15 were formed.

On June 12, an anonymous netizen refuted the reform measures of Hefei academy of Sciences, saying, it is said that a new academician on the island is planning to leave the material academy with more than 100 members of the team

According to the surging news, Wu Yichan himself has not left his post.

According to the Institutes official website, on the afternoon of June 17, two days after the security conflict and collective resignation, Wu Yichan presided over the exhibition of the Institutes work in the middle of 2020, stressing that as a member of Hefei Institute of materials, the Institute will continue to firmly support the reform of the Institute under the new situation, and require all scientific research personnel to continue to maintain scientific rationality during the epidemic, We should not spread rumors, believe in rumors, and spread rumors. We should encourage the staff of the Institute to concentrate on nothing else, continue to do their own work well in the front line of scientific research and make outstanding achievements.

Fenglin system of Anhui Zhongke established intensively in two months

According to a person from Hefei Institute of nuclear power, Wu Yichan has devoted a lot of energy to the industrialization of scientific research in recent years. In all kinds of activities with official background, in addition to academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and director of Nuclear Research Institute, his commonly used titles include founder of China Science and technology Fenglin.

According to the information published on the Institutes official website, Zhongke Fenglin was mainly engaged in the research and development of advanced nuclear systems and related safety technologies since 1986. It originated from the Institute of nuclear safety technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. It has developed into a technology industrialization platform based on Zhongke Ruihua, Zhongke Chaojing, Zhongke Chaoan, Zhongke Shijin, etc., and has established close cooperation with many scientific research institutions at home and abroad Interdisciplinary research team, focusing on neutron physics, advanced fission nuclear energy, fusion nuclear energy, cross application of nuclear technology, etc.

The official website of China Science and technology Fenglin is desalinating its relationship with Wu Yichan. When surging newsuff08 www.thepaper.cn uff09When using advanced search to search for Wu Yichan on the companys official website, there were many pieces of information in the search results that could not be opened normally (internal server error). For example, some media reports of Wu Yichan, researcher Wu Yichan elected academician of China Academy of Sciences and researcher Wu Yichan were selected as national ten million yuan Talent project and so on.

When surging news searched for tianyancha with the key words of Zhongke Fenglin, information of 9 closely related companies appeared. Among them, Anhui Zhongke Chaoan Technology Co., Ltd. (established in October 2015, Anhui Hades New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. holds 66.67%, Wang Fang holds 22.22%, Hefei Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences holds 11.11%, which owns the trademark of Zhongke Fenglin), and Zhongke Fenglin Technology Co., Ltd. (100% owned by haimeite (Beijing) Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.) was established in January 2020 Shares).

It is worth noting that the other seven companies led by Anhui Zhongke Fenglin were established between May 26 and July 3, 2020.

From late May to early July, seven companies led by Anhui Zhongke Fenglin were established intensively

It is rumored that the staff leaving the Institute will probably join the above-mentioned enterprises of China Science and technology Fenglin, or Zhongke Chaorui (Qingdao) Technology Co., Ltd., which is mainly engaged in the development of neutron radiography nondestructive testing products. As of press release, surging news has not confirmed that there are employees who left the Hefei Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences in the recent turnover storm to join the above-mentioned enterprises.

In addition, Wu Yichans name did not appear in the list of shareholders and senior executives of the above companies. Anhui Zhongke Chaoan Technology Co., Ltd. and Anhui Zhongke Fenglin, which was established intensively in recent two months, is the legal representative of Hu juping, who also serves as the senior management of the above company.

Hu juping is suspected to be an employee of Hefei Institute. According to a news report from the Institute in July 2018, from July 16 to July 24, the science and Technology Development Department of Hefei Research Institute organized 12 personnel engaged in the transfer and transformation of achievements from its scientific research units and transfer and transformation platform to participate in the 9-day 10th talent training course of achievements transfer and transformation between Chinese Academy of Sciences and Hewu Bengbu. Among the 12 participants, Hu juping was included.

Hu jupings position in Fenglin Department of Zhongke

On the afternoon of July 23, surging news came to the registered addresses of a series of companies related to Zhongke Fenglin. Among them, in the office building of Anhui Zhongke Nuclear Safety Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. (renamed from Anhui Zhongke Chaoan Advanced Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.) with Hu juping as the legal representative, a person claiming to be the security guard of the floor where the company is located did not deny that Hu juping was working here. However, when the surging news reporter proposed to meet and talk with him Officials said they needed to make an appointment with Hu himself in advance.

Recently, a number of newly established Anhui Zhongke Fenglin are registered addresses of new companies, 55 science Avenue, hi tech Zone, Hefei City, Anhui Province. The office space of relevant companies has not been found by surging news.

According to Caijing magazine, some of the former researchers went to university to teach, some found their own way to find a new job, and others started their own businesses in groups. According to the report, a person from the Nuclear Power Research Institute was quoted as saying that some of the employees who left the company may be employed in the company. Director Wu mentioned in the Institute before that whether you want to buy a house or a car, if you want to come to my company and make money together. But at present, we have not gone through the entry procedures. Now the news is too tight.

Why did the collective resignation incident disturb the State Council?

On July 20, the Science Communication Bureau of the Chinese Academy of Sciences released a news report. Recently, the relevant information about more than 90 people collectively leaving a research unit affiliated to Hefei Institute of material science, Chinese Academy of Sciences has aroused concern from all walks of life. On July 17, the Party group of the Chinese Academy of Sciences decided to set up a special working group. On July 19, the working group arrived at Hefei Institute of material science, CAS to carry out investigation. The working group is headed by Wang Keqiang, member of the Party group and Secretary General of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and is composed of responsible comrades of relevant departments and bureaus of CAS.

According to the official website of the Chinese Academy of Sciences on July 21, Liu He, vice premier of the State Council, listened to the relevant reports of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and asked the general office of the State Council, the Ministry of science and technology, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences to set up a special working group. Recently, he went to Hefei Institute of material science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to conduct in-depth investigation on the staff turnover of its subordinate research institutes.

So far, the situation of more than 90 people leaving their jobs collectively has been upgraded abruptly from network attention.

Why did the incident disturb the State Council and send a special working group? We should start with the significance and functions of the Institute. (the following information is intercepted from the Institutes official website)

According to the official website, the Institute of nuclear safety technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences is an Innovative Research Institute for carrying out basic, forward-looking and strategic research in the fields related to nuclear safety and advanced nuclear technology. The goal is to build an internationally advanced basic research base for nuclear safety technology, an innovative high-end personnel training Center for nuclear safety, and safety technology for nuclear power plants and other nuclear facilities Comprehensive support platform and third-party evaluation organization.

Relying on the Institute of nuclear safety, it has established Key Laboratory of neutron transport theory and radiation safety of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Anhui Key Laboratory of neutron physics and control technology, Anhui Provincial nuclear emergency professional technical support center, Anhui precise radiotherapy engineering technology research center, fusion nuclear safety research center and other academic institutions, which were appointed as the fourth generation nuclear power country by the Ministry of science and technology The Chinese leading unit of the international organization for lead reactor (GIF) has led the establishment of casler, the innovation strategic alliance of Chinas lead based reactor nuclear energy industry, and the high-end radiotherapy industry alliance. It has built a comprehensive experimental platform for advanced nuclear system design and simulation, a comprehensive experimental platform for high current neutron source and radiation technology, and liquid metal loop and material technology The total value of scientific research equipment is more than 1 billion yuan.

With the support of IAEA and ITER international cooperation program, national 973 / 863 program, national key R & D program, National Natural Science Foundation major program, national magnetic confinement fusion project and strategic leading science and technology program of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of nuclear safety has achieved a number of original technologies with world leading level by deeply integrating research, learning and production achievements.

Source: surging news editor: Qiao JunJing_ NBJ11279