The Liao basketball team should not only attack but also defend, and the defensive quality should reflect the enthusiasm

 The Liao basketball team should not only attack but also defend, and the defensive quality should reflect the enthusiasm

Defensive quality can better reflect the enthusiasm of the whole team

The average score of Liaoning mens basketball team is 110.6 points per game, ranking fourth among 20 teams, which is consistent with the teams current fourth place in the scoreboard. On the contrary, the average score of Liaoning basketball team is 103.7 points per field, and the defensive quality ranks in the middle reaches. We should know that Liaoning mens basketball team has been famous for its defense for many years, especially under the construction of Guo Shiqiang, who has cultivated the team for 12 seasons, the defense has always been the top of CBA. In recent years, Liaoning mens basketball team has reached the semi-finals and even won the dream Championship, which is directly related to high-quality defense. Although Guo Shiqiang no longer coach the team, but the teams heirloom can not be lost.

Guo Shiqiang has repeatedly stressed: in the game, players sometimes feel bad offensive, which is justifiable, but the defense is not good or bad, only if you try hard or not. The attack is not good, but as long as the defense is positive, defends the opponents attack, also can win

After Yang Ming joined hands with Martinez to form a new coaching group, the Liaoning basketball team has come out of the trough. Recently, the mental outlook and offensive efficiency have improved greatly, but this can not cover up the teams defense deficiencies. In the recent seven consecutive wins, the Liao basketball team did not meet the real strong team. In the face of Jilin and Shanxi teams, Liaoning basketball team lost 118 points and 105 points respectively, which made Martinez criticize the defensive performance after the game. In the two games, the Liao basketball team took the lead in most of the time, but the defense in the last quarter was suddenly short circuited, which almost made the opponent overturn. If it was replaced by a stronger opponent, it would be completely possible to be reversed. This also sounded the alarm for the whole team, attack again sharp, if the defensive attitude is not positive, it is easy to fall short.

Only by attacking and defending can we fight against two heroes

At present, there are only two games left in the regular season. The opponents are Shanxi team and Sichuan team. As long as Liaoning basketball team wins two more games, it will lock in the top four of the regular season, and may even rise to the third place. Although not long ago experienced a change of coach, but the goal of Liaoning basketball championship has not changed. If the whole team wants to reach the finals or even win the championship in the playoffs, Guangdong and Xinjiang teams mainly rely on defense.

It can be seen from the technical statistics that the average scores of Guangdong team and Xinjiang team in the top two of the scoreboard are 121 points and 111 points respectively, ranking the first and third in the scoring list; the loss points are 101 points and 100 points respectively, ranking the bottom fourth and third in the scoring table, and the attack and defense of the two teams are not always balanced. In contrast, Liaoning team offensive strength is still good, but the defensive quality and the two strong gap. From the previous Liao basketball teams victory over the two teams, defense is the teams magic weapon. Compared with Guangdong team and Xinjiang team, the advantage of Liaoning basketball team lies in the outside line. The fast counterattack is the most effective scoring method, and this premise is defense. In the face of a strong enemy, if the defense quality of Liao basketball team is very high, on the one hand, it can not only curb the opponents attack, but also create opportunities for its own counterattack, then the chances of winning will be greatly increased.

In the coming playoffs, the first two rounds are eliminated in a single game, and after the semi-finals, there are three matches and two wins. This kind of competition system almost does not allow mistakes. The Liaoning basketball team needs to find back the defensive strength and the rhythm of attacking and defending in order to master the initiative in the life and death war of the playoffs.