Liaoning basketball team should hand in different answers and pay attention to opponents

 Liaoning basketball team should hand in different answers and pay attention to opponents

At noon today, the second phase of the CBA rematch of the 2019-2020 season will continue. Liaoning mens basketball team will compete with Shanxi mens basketball team again. If the Liao basketball team can learn the lessons of the last game, then this time the Liao basketball team should hand in a different answer.

Before the all China class Shanxi team forced into a desperate situation, Liao basketball still made a mistake of belittling the enemy to a certain extent. In the case of winning all the way ahead and returning to the top four in the scoreboard, we can see that the opponents in the closing stage of the regular season are relatively weak teams with no foreign aid, which inevitably makes the players feel relieved in the next match schedule.

However, the relaxed mentality is not equal to the relaxation of the mind. In fact, it is easy for strong teams to be cold defeated because of this situation in the CBA field, and the Liao basketball team itself often makes such mistakes in the past.

Therefore, when the two sides meet again, the Liao basketball team should first of all put a positive attitude from the mentality and attach importance to their opponents.

Moreover, from the technical and tactical level, Shanxi team has a lot to learn from.

In the absence of strong foreign aid as the core, Shanxi local players do not have that kind of individual ability is particularly outstanding, but they can make good use of the strength of the team to create opportunities for each other.

In the whole game, six players of Shanxi team scored double points, and in addition to Yan Pengfei got the highest 21 points of the whole team, the scores of other players were relatively average, and the number of assists of the whole team also reached 26 times.

In terms of the Liao basketball team, although Han Dejun, Mayo and he Tianju all got more than 20 points, the team still relied too much on the individual ability of several main players to solve the problem. The 19 assists of the whole team also decreased significantly compared with the previous six winning games.

Therefore, in this time, the Liao basketball team attaches importance to the opponent in the defensive end, maintains the corresponding defensive strength, but also needs to find its own team cooperation in the attack. Only by establishing the individual ability of the players on the basis of tacit cooperation of the whole team, can it play a more effective role.

In addition, near the second stage of the semi-finals, which is the end of the seasons regular season, the CBA League finally has good news.

In the closing game of the regular season on July 26, some special spectators will be allowed to watch the game.

After that, tickets will be officially sold in the playoffs from July 31. Fans can finally return to the stadium to watch the game if they meet the relevant conditions.

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Special invited members of CBA rematch

Watch the game on July 26, the official ticketing platform of CBA League, released an appointment link on July 23. Medical staff, teachers and public security personnel can make an appointment to watch the two matches on July 26. In order to ensure the health and safety of all, these special guests need to complete the relevant procedures including nucleic acid detection through the official ticket purchasing platform before they are allowed to watch the game.

According to the latest national and local epidemic prevention and control policies and the requirements of CBA League semi-final epidemic prevention and control work, the venue for the open game is Qingdao Guoxin Sports Center Diamond Stadium (Laoshan competition area). At the same time, the venue will strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control requirements, such as controlling the attendance rate, one meter interval between spectators, and temperature detection before entering the venue.

In order to ensure the health and safety of all spectators, the applicant must first fill in the letter of commitment through, the official ticketing platform of CBA League, and select the official designated place and time for nucleic acid detection, and then go to the testing site according to the time. After the nucleic acid test results are generated, the official ticketing platform will send a link to those who pass the test, and those who pass the test can reserve tickets for the competition and enter the competition with ID card and local health code before the competition.

In addition, in order to ensure the order and safety of the spectators, Qingdao Guoxin Sports Center Diamond gymnasium has set up a special entrance as the designated entrance for the spectators. The security personnel and ticket inspectors at the entrance will check the body temperature, ticket information and ID card of the spectators. In addition, an epidemic prevention worktable was set up at the entrance to the stadium to provide free hand sanitizer to the audience. During the match, the spectators should wear masks, take seats according to the number, and strictly keep seats one meter apart. When leaving, the audience should follow the order from back to front, from both sides to the middle, and keep the one meter line social distance orderly. The venue will be equipped with staff to inspect and guide the spectators to ensure that the epidemic prevention and control measures are in place. According to Xinhua news agency