FIA president: dont force drivers to kneel down

 FIA president: dont force drivers to kneel down

Since the opening of the new F1 season, Hamilton has been involved in the anti racial discrimination movement, and even called on all drivers to kneel with him in protest. For some drivers who refused to kneel down, Hamilton even accused the FIA president Jean Todd of not doing anything. For Hamiltons accusation, Todd made a response, stressed whether the driver knelt down voluntarily, not qualified to demand, this is a matter of principle.

Only six people refused to kneel down in the opening battle, and kneeling in the Hungarian Grand Prix became a farce, and even many drivers did not come to the scene. In addition to criticizing Grosjean, chairman of the drivers Association, Hamilton also pointed the finger at the FIA president Todd. He thought that when the driver refused to kneel down to protest, Todd should stand up and ask other drivers to kneel down to protest.

Todd told AFP that he had made a video call with Hamilton. To Hamiltons criticism of his lack of leadership in anti racial discrimination, Todd responded: I respect people with a sense of mission and responsibility, and the FIA has been making efforts for diversity and equality.

Todd means that the FIA has donated more than 1 million US dollars to promote the diversity and equality of F1 movement. However, for Hamiltons hope that all drivers will kneel down to protest, Todd made it clear that he would not ask the drivers to do so. Whether to kneel or not is entirely up to the drivers will.

Todd said that racing can provide a platform for solving inequality and racism, but kneeling to protest must maintain the principle of nothing to do with politics, and drivers must freely choose whether to participate. Some people may want to kneel down, others may have the same goal, but they do not want to express it in such a way. This is freedom, this is democracy, this is a matter of principle and must be absolutely respected.

Todd also talked about the impact of the epidemic on the F1 movement, saying that the FIA raised 2 million euros through auctions and other means, and donated all of them to fight the epidemic. Before the emergence of vaccines, we must learn how to coexist with this virus. We must resume our lives, resume this campaign, and stay at home indefinitely. This is unrealistic.