Ten billion millionaires mobile phone teases younger sister

 Ten billion millionaires mobile phone teases younger sister

According to the public information, Xinhua United Metallurgical Holding Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xinhua United Company), with Sun Xiang as the president and legal representative, has a registered capital of 1250 million. According to the companys official website, the company achieved revenue of more than 75 billion yuan in 2019, ranking 87th on the list of Chinas top 500 private enterprises in 2019.

Hebei Zongheng group Fengnan iron and Steel Co., Ltd., operated by suns family, is the largest iron and steel enterprise in Tangshan, with a registered capital of 8 billion yuan. In the list of 2018 Hurun global rich list, Sun Xiang and his father sun Jimu ranked 364th with 13 billion yuan. In 2017, among Hurun Baifu (steel industry), Sun Xiang and his father ranked third with 12.5 billion yuan.

Sun Xiangs father, sun Jimu, was born in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province. He abandoned politics and went into business and made a fortune in Hebei Province, China Business Daily reported. The sun family established Handan Sanlian iron and Steel Metallurgical Casting Co., Ltd. in 1999, and invested 3.5 billion yuan to establish Handan Zongheng iron and Steel Group Company in 2003, which is the largest private enterprise in the local area. After the establishment of Cangzhou China railway equipment manufacturing materials Co., Ltd. in 2007, it integrated Handan Zongheng and Cangzhou China Railway to establish the United Metallurgical Group, with Sun Xiang as the legal representative.

Zhao Jing, a Beijing native, and Sun Xiang, who is one year younger than her, came together after being introduced by a friend. They married in Beijing and Hong Kong. Because the family business has a lot of overseas business, they have obtained the Hong Kong Identity successively, and have given birth to five children in succession. Before she filed for divorce, Zhao Jing always felt very happy: she had a husband with a strong career, a good life and the glory brought by wealth.

This kind of life ended when Zhao Jing accidentally looked at Sun Xiangs wechat in 2018. It is understood that Zhao Jing saw the chat content between Sun Xiang and several female netizens. In addition to occasionally transferring money in wechat, most of the time they discussed were about time, place, body shape, etc. Zhao Jing believes that Sun Xiang has gone beyond the bottom line. This information is like a bomb, smashing their marriage life.

On the other hand, since 2018, Sun Xiang has successively transferred 20% of his 24% equity in xinlianye (Beijing) International Trade Co., Ltd. to his father sun Jimu, and the remaining 4% to his mother sun Chunli. Two days later, Sun Xiang transferred 60% of his shares in the United Metallurgical Group to his parents, 50% of which were transferred to his father sun Jimu and 10% to his mother sun Chun Li. In early June of the same year, Sun Xiang transferred 9.09% of his partnership shares in Beijing Huashan investment management center to his mother sun Chunli for free; in October of the same year, Sun Xiang transferred his 5% equity held in Wuhan Tianyu Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to his mother sun Chunli for free.

In this regard, Zhao Jing believes that Sun Xiangs above-mentioned behavior is a malicious reduction of the joint property of the husband and wife. At the beginning of 2019, she filed a divorce lawsuit with the Chaoyang District Court, and also filed a lawsuit in the third central court of Beijing, asking the court to confirm that the above equity transfer contract is invalid.

In addition, Sun Xiangs backyard has been on fire in recent years

Sun Xiang was elected deputy to the 13th National Peoples Congress of Hebei Province in 2018. In August 2019, the Standing Committee of Tangshan Municipal Peoples Congress dismissed him as a deputy to the National Peoples Congress because he was reported to have dual nationality.

According to the microblog netizen talking stone, Sun Xiang, as a deputy to the peoples Congress of Hebei Province, chairman of Fengnan iron and Steel Co., Ltd. of Hebei Zongheng group, and President of Hebei Xinhua United Metallurgical Holding Group Co., Ltd., has dual nationality. Besides Chinese nationality, he also has federal nationality of Saint Kitts and Nevis.

After noticing the public opinion, the official response was rapid. Sun Xiang was removed from office according to law.

According to Baidu credit, Hebei Zongheng iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd., which is owned by Sunjia and his son, has just been listed as the executee on July 6, 2020.

Source: Netease Financial Editor: Chen Hequn_ NB12679