Slap in the face? Just finished yelling at djokye Gauss nightclub

 Slap in the face? Just finished yelling at djokye Gauss nightclub

In the photo, Keyes Gauss is sitting in a nightclub with his friends hanging shoulder to shoulder. He also says, this is the atmosphere we want.. Perhaps realizing that his actions violated the rules of the quarantine period, kyrgos then deleted the photo.

Interestingly, a month ago, when Djokovic and his wife announced that they were infected with the new coronavirus, keyergos also showed a video of Djokovic reveling in nightclubs, stressing that compared with the defiance of the rules, Djokovic had done something out of the ordinary.

Pray for all the players who are infected with the new coronavirus. Dont blame me for the irresponsibility or stupidity Ive done in your eyes. Their actions are better. Keyergos wrote.

Since then, dejos coach ivanisevic has also been diagnosed, kojegos stood up and joked: this excellent leadership, has led the team to achieve a 2-0 lead.

In fact, Djokovic is not the only one who is targeted by kojegos. The planned US Open is also his thorn in the eye. Australians have repeatedly relayed news related to the U.S. epidemic, and with the expression of supporting forehead, they expressed their puzzlement at the insistence of the American Tennis Association on hosting the games.

In addition, zvilev, who participated in the Adria tour with djokov, was also denounced as selfish by kojegos for failing to fulfill his promise of self isolation, and said angrily: the tennis world like this really makes me angry.

However, this time, Keyes Gauss some face to sun out his photos in the nightclub, but also guilty to delete it, this series of behavior has also caused heated discussion among netizens. Some netizens explained: organizing a group of people to go to a nightclub is different from going to a nightclub yourself. People just get together with friends who are not infected.