Shenhua becomes the most popular team of CSL, Zeng Cheng has no chance to fight Evergrande

 Shenhua becomes the most popular team of CSL, Zeng Cheng has no chance to fight Evergrande

In the past, both the home team and the visiting team went to the court one day before the match to adapt to the field. In other words, according to the past practice, Shenhua should go to the Dalian Sports Center Stadium on July 24. According to the change of time, we can see that the difference between the game system and the home and away system needs the players to adapt.

The opening battle between Shenhua and Evergrande is scheduled to be separated at 18:15 p.m. on July 25, but Shenhua sets the training time at 19:30 p.m. Shenhua hopes to better adapt to the night lighting. After all, in the past six months, although the team has played a lot of warm-up games, only one warm-up game has been played under the lamplight court at night.

Shenhua adapted to the field training only opened to the media for the first 15 minutes, during which the team members carried out warm-up training, not involving any technical and tactical content. Three goalkeepers Zeng Cheng, Li Shuai and Ma Zhen had a big foot training under the guidance of the goalkeeper coach. However, affected by the avoidance clause, Zeng Cheng will definitely not be able to compete with Evergrande.

The pre match press conference will still be held the day before the game, that is, the 24th. It is reported that Shenhuas pre competition press conference will be held from 13:30 to 13:40, followed by Evergrande from 13:40 to 13:50. According to the requirements of the Football Association, attending the press conference before the game is the teams head coach and a starting player. The pre match press conference of Dalian competition area was moved from the stadium to the hotel where the team stayed.

In this season, when the CSL is about to kick off, Shenhua has gained the greatest support from the fans. Shenhua won 48% of the 12642 votes cast by the Asian Football Association (as of 14:58 p.m. on the 23rd), ranking first.

The other four teams were Guangzhou Evergrande, Beijing Guoan, Shanghai Shanggang, and Shandong Luneng, which entered the final of last seasons Football Association Cup. The support of the fans will certainly inject more power into Shenhua soldiers. Captain Moreno said: we hope to bring the greatest joy and happiness to the Shenhua fans. Their help to the team is beyond doubt. Last year we were at a low point for a long time, but they always followed the team, encouraged and supported us and cheered us on. So we also want to do our best to win more victories for them, win more titles and honors, so that they can get the greatest joy and joy

Source: Morning News, author: Gan Hui, editor in charge: Zhang Zenong_ NS5732