In the first half of the day, Zhou Qi, who was accused of being a street wanderer, was wronged?

 In the first half of the day, Zhou Qi, who was accused of being a street wanderer, was wronged?

In reports and brochures, Zhou Qi, who often knocks down two pairs in a single section, jumps up to be a slam dunk, has no one to stop in the conversion, and likes to fan other peoples Basketball Dream. Zhou Qi has gradually narrowed the distance between himself and the unfamiliar word dominance.

But back to the actual game, you will clearly realize that this dominance is intermittent and has its limitations.

For example, in the first game of the second quarter against Qingdao, Zhou Qi swept down 13 points, 6 rebounds and 2 blocks in the second quarter, but only 5 points in 1 out of 5 shots in the second quarter; in the battle of Tongxi, he scored 0 points in the second quarter and 17 points in the third quarter; in Shanxi, he scored 9 points and 5 rebounds from 4-out-of-6 shots in the second quarter, and then lost one point from 5-shot in the second quarter and made 1-for-4 in the fourth quarter; against Beijing control team, he scored 10 points and 4 rebounds in the first quarter, but reached the second In the fourth quarter, when the whole Xinjiang team had only 9 points in the attack, Zhou Qi seemed to have disappeared out of thin air. It was only in the third quarter that Zhou Qi gained only one point from the free throw. Fortunately, he recovered in time in the fourth quarter and led the team to reverse the situation

Its true that there are many competitions like gods coming down to earth, but the opponents are often Jilin, Shen Zijies absent Shenzhen or the bottom ranked Guangzhou.

In the more defensive pressure, Zhou Qis play at the critical moment is not strong. In the last quarter of Beijing, facing AI Pai Youdu, Zhou Qi only had 2 points for 1-out-of-4 shots; in the game lost to Bayi team, Zhou Qi made 2-for-5 shots in the fourth quarter against Zou Yuchen, mainly relying on free throws to increase points.

To Beijing, the low position hits Chang Lin not to be moved

It can be seen that Qis invisible state is not always stable in other periods.

The most typical case is the loss to Fujian team.

In the first quarter of the game, Zhou Qi got 10 points by cutting without balls, eating cakes under the basket, making up baskets and free throws, and at the same time received 8 rebounds. In a single quarter, Zhou Qi reached the quasi double double data.

Empty cutting down

Pick and roll to eat cake

However, in the following two quarters, the attack of Xinjiang team stagnated and gradually fell into the downwind. In the third quarter, artijiang deliberately arranged Zhou Qi to carry out a large number of low position singles, which not only achieved little effect, but also seriously consumed Zhou Qis physical strength.

Hit Wang Zhelin by force

Face frame to back basket

At the last moment of the fourth quarter, when the two sides were hard to distinguish between high and low and each ball had to fight, Xinjiang team once again concentrated the ball right in Zhou Qis hands, hoping that he could lead the team to highlight the encirclement by virtue of his personal ability, but the result was that Zhou Qis height and weight were far less than his own, he Chongda turned over to shoot the basket, the bottom corner was three-point deviation, and the breakthrough lay up was missed. After a long time of attack, he Chongda was unable to hit the basket Xinjiang team lost.

He Chongda cant make it in singles

Looking at the data after the game, Zhou Qis 22 points, 26 rebounds and 4 blocked shots are still demon class, but in fact, Zhou Qi only made 7 out of 20 shots in the whole match, and only one sports game score came from one-on-one singles with the ball (the above singles Wang Zhelin).

So, what is the reason for Zhou Qis unstable play?

First of all, we must admit that Zhou Qis strong point is not always holding the ball in the low position, nor is he used to attacking.

For a long time in his career, he played the role of a terminator on the offensive side, rather than the tactical core supporting the efficient operation of the offensive system.

Looking back, in the 2016-17 season when he helped Xinjiang team sweep Guangdong team to win the championship, Zhou Qi, who has the speed inconsistent with his height and the ability to balance the left and right hand ends, mainly provided support for Blatch and Adams by means of fixed-point shooting, empty cutting attack basket, fast break follow-up and second attack.

Although his rare ability to combine the ball has added a lot of imagination for his attack, and there are occasional brilliant offensive rounds with the ball in the game, it is not the conventional tactics relied on by Xinjiang team. His greatest role in the team is still to quickly rotate and fill the position at the defensive end and effectively protect the basket.

In short, Zhou Qis position at that time, no matter from both sides of attack and defense, belonged to the nature of super wingman.

At that time, Zhou Qis technical characteristics not only opened up space for blach, but also made up for blachs laziness. Blatch also helped Zhou Qi to take over the task of defending each others rearranging the interior line and attacking the city and pulling out the stronghold. The two complemented each other, and the Xinjiang team won the historic title,

After the NBA experience, Zhou Qis strength has been significantly improved. He has been able to occupy a more favorable position under the basket by himself. In the process of wrestling with domestic players, he will not easily fall into a passive position. The number of rebounds increased sharply this season is the best evidence.

Zhou Qi has become stronger and stronger with naked eyes

After the power surge, Zhou Qis low position offensive ability has naturally been strengthened to a certain extent. However, before the CBA press pause, the Xinjiang teams attack was more focused on foreign aid. Zhou Qi was responsible for supporting from the side, and the field role was significantly improved compared with the past, but it was not dominated.

After the rematch, because foreign aid couldnt come back and the team was short of staff, coach ADI Jiang pushed Zhou Qi to the absolute tactical core position, which was also the first time that Zhou Qi played the role of offensive core in his career. The teams requirements for him in the offensive end from the original efficient end and a certain containment, but also increased the low position of the strong attack, high cover and tandem, push to change the attack, and active possession of the ball to kill.

For Zhou Qi, this is not only a kind of decentralization, but also a kind of pressure. But the problem is that Zhou Qi has never been Yao Ming and Tang Zhengdongs low position killing weapon that can crush opponents by attacking at low positions. Although he has a certain ability of low position attack, he can even force Zhang Zhaoxu or Zhao Yiming into strong men in some rounds.

But this kind of high confrontation attack style will cause great loss to his physical strength. As long as the opponent doesnt blindly trap and leak out the opportunity to activate his teammates and focus on the wrestling consumption, Zhou Qi will inevitably suffer from the deformation of his technical movements due to his lack of physical strength in the long run.

In fact, this dilemma is not the first time in the past picture of Chinese basketball. The traditional concept always thinks that all the inner core must be like Yao Ming in the low position, with inside out to support the teams offensive system, not to mention Zhou Qi. Even Yi Jianlian of that year could not achieve Wang Tu hegemony in this way.

From a certain point of view, Zhou Qi and his eldest brother, Yi Jianlian, are quite similar. Compared with low back play, they all prefer face frame attack, especially in the middle distance area of the free throw line. When Zhou Qi gets one-on-one open attack space, he can play his own threat of holding the ball to the extreme.

Zhou Qis height is similar to that of Zhou Qi, and it is difficult to keep up with Zhou Qis breakthrough speed. When the opponents big man guards the basket and lets other players come to Zhou Qis position, it is difficult to interfere with his shooting and blindly place the twin towers, and it is easy to be caught off guard by the high and low linkage between Zhou Qi and fan Ziming.

Zhou Qi and fan Zimings high and low positions are very tacit understanding, fan Ziming 3.5 assists after the second round row first

At the beginning of the second quarter of Guangzhou yesterday, the middle distance left a huge space for Zhou Qi to operate

Let Zhou Qi medium distance easy catch, it is difficult to defend

Guangzhou suspended, strengthen the non ball confrontation against Zhou Qi, not to let easy catch

After joint defense, the guard to Zhou Qis top waist harassment

So many times, the task of opening up attack space for Zhou Qi needs to be completed by Zhou Qi himself. After his personal attack is targeted by the opponent, he often has to mention the periphery to carry out a large number of hand handing and covering. He uses his attack threat behind the cover to help the outer line team-mates to create the shooting space as much as possible, hoping that his teammates three-point can punish the opponent Their own targeted defense.

Four covers in one attack

Online repeated cover + hand in hand

However, this kind of playing method is a severe test for the ability of Xinjiang teams outside players who are used to be the finishing point. In this state of no game controller, the teams offensive system will make mistakes if it is a little careless. Once the shooters scattered at the far end cant cultivate the shooting feeling, then the opponent can safely adopt the contraction defense strategy to free throw A lot of roadblocks piled up near the line, not only blocked Zhou Qis operation space in the middle, but also greatly increased the difficulty of catching the ball in the low position.

And for the outside line of Xinjiang, it is very difficult to grasp the fleeting opportunity in front of you. How can you give back to Zhou Qi?

This is why Zhou Qi often disappears in a certain period of time. In fact, he has always been involved in the attack, but the team has no way to make him comfortable to get the space to deal with the ball.

Zhou Qi hanging cover, small foreign aid around, empty, iron

And this often forms a vicious circle in the half-time attack. If Zhou Qis efforts to cover, pick and remove on the periphery have little effect, the shooters cant feel it and the attack space is blocked for a long time, then in the end, Zhou Qi can only go to the low position with limited space to carry out the strenuous and inefficient back body singles.

For example, in the third quarter of the game lost to Fujian team, it was because of Xinjiang teams 11-shot 2 shooting performance outside the three-point line that forced Zhou Qi to carry out low-level singles too early; it was the same with the game lost to Beijing, Xinjiang teams performance outside the three-point line was even worse. Zhou Qi, with unstable three points, could only meet hard in the low position and Youdu; and in defeating the North control team, Zhou Qi had to play hard in the low position In the fourth quarter of the game, it was relying on the Xinjiang teams sudden recovery outside the three-point line. It was only when the three-point ball was 7-for-4, that Zhou Qi regained the opportunity to kill the four sides in the open area again. In a single quarter, he shot down 14 points with a shooting rate of over 70%, leading the team to break free from the quagmire.

In short, the Xinjiang teams three-point goal is Zhou Qis barometer.

Now the most important shooter in the periphery of Xinjiang, Tang Caiyu, has just been promoted to rotation by adijiang this season

Of course, Xinjiang is not completely out of the way. Changing attack is another option for Xinjiang team to avoid the quagmire of positional warfare, and it is also Zhou Qis advantage as an interior player. When Zhou Qi is in the open area, his amazing size, excellent ball combining ability, incredible running and jumping ability and skillful left and right hand finishing skills can work at the same time.

This is not only the dilemma that Xinjiang team must face, but also the challenge placed on the road of Zhou Qis career. In the future national team, he will also be in a similar environment. In recent years, the Chinese mens basketball team is not good at three-point ball, and the offensive space is very limited. There are also very few domestic backcourt players who are good at shooting, sorting, defending and not dragging their legs. They are looking forward to the present stage It is obviously impractical for Zhou Qi or Wang Zhelin to chisel foreign strong men. Once the physical strength is exhausted seriously, Zhou Qis overall performance at both ends of the attack and defense will inevitably go down sharply When big brother Yi Jianlian retires, these problems will be exposed.

But at present, we do not see a practical solution that can make this anxiety a little relieved.

In Xinjiang team, adijiang coach actually made a lot of adjustments. In order to save Zhou Qis physical fitness, adijiang didnt let Zhou Qi expand or change defense frequently as Li Nan did in the national team and Li Qiupings previous coaching of Zhou Qi. Instead, he combined marking with joint defense to let Zhou Qi stand firmly under the basket. At the same time, other players on the field strengthened the outside lines tearing, driving the ball holder into the forbidden area and sending him to Zhou Qis long arm Subject to sanctions. And in the face of individual heavy center, fan Ziming can also help top defense, let Zhou Qi in the side waiting for an opportunity to move.

Zhou Qis supplementary defense scope during the period of national team

Most of the tigers of the Xinjiang team Zhou Qi dont go out of the hole

These arrangements not only avoid Zhou Qi into foul trouble, save his physical strength in the defensive end, but also give full play to his box protection ability. The result is that up to now, Zhou Qis defense efficiency is 98.7, ranking first among domestic players. Xinjiang team also played the fourth defense efficiency in the League under his support.

However, these adjustments are still not enough for Xinjiang team, which aims at winning the championship. As the main competitor, Guangdong teams defense efficiency is better than them, and there is an obvious gap in attack efficiency, and talent reserve is also difficult to match. What is more worrying is that in the competition with other strong teams, the overall strength of Xinjiang teams current lineup is also very difficult to occupy the upper hand u3002

Therefore, although Zhou Qi, who plays an eye-catching role, is likely to get MVP in the regular season of this season, the problems in front of him, Xinjiang team and even the national team are still severe. Is waiting for a high-quality point guard to appear, liberate the pressure on Zhou Qi, let him do his best work? Or is he forced to continue to upgrade and strive for transformation, hoping that he can withstand the pressure and query like the big brother Yi Jianlian, turn the tables against the wind, and grow into a core of attack and defense that can stand up and fight?

It is gratifying to note that although Zhou Qi did not have a state of mind to collapse after the world cup. Instead, after accepting criticism, Zhou Qi achieved key growth and made his best performance in his career. However, we all know that his salvation war will never happen in CBA, but in the relatively limited international competition stage in the future, netizens and countries will not take place Team left Zhou Qis patience may not be because he is still young and do more grace, once he plays out of order, turbulent public opinion will inevitably push him to the top of the storm again.

In the face of these objective pressures, even though Zhou Qis heart is not fragile, he must seriously consider where his future lies, whether to continue to bear the pain to break through himself, or wait for someone to break through the darkness and go to the light with him like he did in the 2015 Changsha Asian Championship.

Source: Houchang village sports team Author: gun Narcissus editor in charge: Zhou Juntao_ NS4573