Bayi lost four more seasons and finished at the bottom three times. Wang Zhizhi is still exploring hard

 Bayi lost four more seasons and finished at the bottom three times. Wang Zhizhi is still exploring hard

They are used to losing and have won only five games so far. But the difference is, losing to Sichuan means that they cant surpass Tianjin and can only be ranked at the bottom of the league in another disappointing season.

This is Wang Zhizhis second season in charge, he looks a little depressed - without the young coachs high spirited last season, he has been repeatedly exposed that his coaching ability is not good and the management of the teams players is out of control.

Most of the time, Wang Zhizhis expression can tell you the answer - I tried my best, there was no way.

Its the bottom of the League again. Where is August 1 going?

After losing to Sichuan, Bayi has locked the bottom of the league this season.

So far, they have won only five games, the third time they have been at the bottom of the league in the last four seasons. Only in the 2018-2019 season, they are 18th in the league.

After the second round, they also had the performance of defeating Xinjiang, winning Shanxi and Jiangsu in a row, and Zou Yuchen, who recovered from injury, was also brilliant, but this was far from enough.

More often, we see a 6-minute lead in the last 56.8 seconds against Tongxi, then it is reversed, up to 19 points ahead of Shanghai, and the end is overturned

As the teams manager, Wang Zhizhis words at the press conference made people feel helpless: the team must maintain momentum, we ask the players every day, I hope we can work harder.

Nine consecutive seasons without the playoffs, the last four seasons three times to accompany the last, this is August 1 to hand over the results. You cant imagine the glorious history of this team

Last season, the first year of Wang Zhizhis taking over Bayi, they won the 11th victory of the season in the last regular season, which was greatly improved from the worst three wins in the previous years team history.

After the game, Dazhi and his players stood in the middle of the field to salute the Nanchang fans. But a season has passed, the teams winning game has returned to single digits, ranking at the bottom

After losing and disappointed again and again, Wang Zhizhis coaching ability and prestige for the players were questioned, and the abilities of the players in the Bayi team were also questioned. Even if the all China team played against each other in the second round, there was still no advantage, and the excuse for foreign aid was gone.

Pelican celebrity returns, he finds himself five years ago

It is not easy to win Liaoning mens basketball team.

Guo Allen was not well, only got 9 points and made six offenses; Mayo made one of eight three-point goals and made seven mistakes; however, he Tianju stood up and became the biggest contributor to the teams victory.

In the end, when the Liao basketball team was in chaos, he made Shanxi key mistakes in defense and hit a three-point killing game. He Tianju scored 8 out of 14, 2 out of 7 from 3-point shot, 6 out of 6 free throw, which was the highest 24 points in the average season. In addition, he had 3 rebounds and 1 steal.

This is his ninth consecutive double game - from June 29 to Qingdao, he has been able to hit 3.1 three-point shots with 45.2% shooting rate, and has averaged 16 points and 3.2 rebounds per game.

In retrospect, this is the first time in five years that he has scored more than nine consecutive double points. The last time he did that was in December 2015.

That is, in the summer of that year, he Tianju represented the NBA pelicans in the summer league in Las Vegas. He played six games, averaged 7.8 minutes, and scored 3.7 points and 1.2 rebounds. At that time, he was full of vigor and was even expected to surpass Zhu Fangyu in the future.

After that, because of an injury, he went completely to another track in recent years. Hes been recovering and trying to get back in shape, but its not working.

But no one would have thought that he Tianju, 30, came back after the rematch.

In the last nine appearances, he scored 24 points twice, 19 points once, and scored double points in the other six games. He Tianju has already equaled that of five years ago in terms of data, and he is also improving step by step in terms of the presentation of the court and the importance to the team.

Lin took seven minutes to fight and 41 minutes to ride

Against Fujian, Lin Shuhaos data set in 10 points 1 to help 2 steals. For a foreign aid, this is a very common, even unqualified data.

Dont worry, lets look at another set of data - he only played in the first 7 minutes and 22 seconds in the first quarter, the rest of the time riding on the sidelines, the final whistle sounded, and he cycled for 41 minutes.

After Fujian team has locked in the playoffs, this night, coach Kaisa chose to let the teams two main force Lawson and Wang Zhelin take turns. And Beijing also accepted the victory - their 115 points, even with the seasons single game score, 28 points, is the teams second highest score of the season.

After Lin Shuhao played only a few minutes in the first quarter, another foreign aid, you du, and Zhai Xiaochuan played for less than 20 minutes, the Beijing team successfully won ten consecutive victories, and the veteran generals also ushered in a long lost outbreak.

Duan jiangpeng scored 8 of 10, 4 of 6 from 3-pointer, and got 21 points and 2 rebounds. He cut 20 + data after 1652 days. The last time he played Fujian on behalf of Shanxi on January 13, 2016; Changlin made 9 shots in 11 shots, 1 in 3-point shot also got 20 points, 9 rebounds, 6 assists and 2 steals, and cut 20 + in a single game after 1275 days. The last time he played North control on behalf of Jiangsu on January 24, 2017.

As Beijing coach Xie Libin said, we just want to increase tacit understanding before the playoffs and hope more people will play.

If we can hold the third regular match against Beijing, we will have a good chance.