Serie a Champions League team 4: Juve inter Lazio return to the Champions League after 13 years

 Serie a Champions League team 4: Juve inter Lazio return to the Champions League after 13 years

This round of Serie A League Atalanta home 1-0 win Bologna, and Inter Milan in the home 0-0 draw by Fiorentina, so 74 points Atalanta again in the Serie A table than inter (73 points). At present, the situation of Serie A is dominated by Juve, while the points gap between Atalanta, inter and Lazio is only 1 point, and the final ranking of these three teams is still uncertain. However, considering that they have already ensured their qualification for the Champions League ahead of time, and the hope of winning the championship is very slim, I am afraid that the three teams will not go all out in the last three rounds.

Roma (61 points), AC Milan (59 points) and Napoli (56 points) rank fifth to seventh in Serie A, while sasolo, eighth in the table, has only 48 points. As Napoli are the champions of the Italian Cup, they have already locked in a Europa League qualification, while Milan are 11 points ahead of sasolo. Therefore, both Roma and Milan have secured the top six in Serie A three rounds ahead of schedule to qualify for the UEFA Cup next season.

However, Roma and Milan still need to fight for the fifth place, because the sixth place in Serie A this season needs to participate in the Europa League qualification, and the fifth place can join Napoli in the Europa League group stage next season.

However, according to the regulations of UEFA, if Napoli win the Champions League this season and Rome win the European League, only the top three in Serie A can participate in the Champions League next season.

In addition, spar and Brescia, the last two places in the Serie A table, have been demoted ahead of time, while Lecce, the third from the bottom, currently has 32 points, 4 points behind Genoa, the last three rounds of League Lecce also maintained the hope of first-line relegation.

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