Zhan Huang finally returned to half court after 135 days, 12 + 3 + 5 show domineering dunk

 Zhan Huang finally returned to half court after 135 days, 12 + 3 + 5 show domineering dunk

Its the first time the Lakers have played in 135 days. LeBron started, as usual before the game sprinkled magnesium powder, but the atmosphere is not the same as usual.

LeBron did not relax during the suspension, it can be seen that he maintained a very good state, and the beginning of the lone ranger although shooting hot, but his rhythm is also good, break through the attractive bag after the distribution to McKee is very wonderful. Five minutes and 20 seconds, he also assists green to make three points.

It wasnt until 2:36 at the end of the festival that LeBron scored a foul free throw, and it wasnt long before he was replaced by Dudley. LeBron scored two points, three rebounds and two assists in the first two shots.

In the second quarter, LeBron returned to play after 7:38, which seemed to maintain his normal rotation rhythm. The lone ranger began to chase for points, and LeBron broke through in 6:34 and scored the first athletic goal of the game.

After that, he led his teammates to put pressure on the inside, used the lone rangers mistakes to fight back, and cooperated with Howard skillfully. After he smashed under the basket in 3:09, the Lakers were 10 points ahead. 37 seconds before half-time, LeBron again used the lone ranger fault counter attack, this time no one defense, let him complete a slam dunk.

This dunk is also the highlight of the game, many fans are very excited, said: basketball back!

Although LeBrons beard has turned white, he can still play such an energetic performance, which makes many Laker fans sigh.

The Lakers took a 55-44 lead in the first half, with LeBron scoring 12 points, 3 rebounds and 5 assists from 4-for-6 shots. In the second half, he had a rest with Davis, and the lone ranger finally reversed the game and won.