More than 50 Billionaires will be born

 More than 50 Billionaires will be born

It also means that the shareholders of ant group will make a lot of money.

Ali Department accounts for 83% of the shares of ant group

According to public information, the composition of ant groups shareholders can be divided into three categories: 1. Alibaba and ants senior management shareholding platform; 2. National capital; 3. Private equity fund.

Alibaba, Hangzhou Junhan and Hangzhou junao together account for 83% of the shareholders. Secondly, social security funds, insurance companies and investment institutions.

According to ant groups valuation of 200 billion US dollars, the market value of Alibaba shares reached 463.1 billion yuan,

In addition, the stock market value of Hangzhou Junhan and Hangzhou junao, both of which are owned by two Alibaba companies, have reached more than 300 billion yuan, which means that Ali series will increase by 11647 billion yuan.

After listing, the top 20 shareholders of ant group held shares in the market value

National team has also become a beneficiary of ants listing. The shareholders of ant group include national social security fund, China Life Insurance, Xinhua insurance, China Taibao, PICC and other insurance giants. The national social security funds shareholding ratio is 2.97%, which is worth 41.687 billion yuan.

Ants and Ali system produce at least 58 billionaires

22 people worth more than 10 billion yuan

After the listing of ant group, the shareholders with indirect shares also benefited.

Shareholder chart of Hangzhou Junjie

Tianyan survey shows that Hangzhou Junjie holds 97% of the shares of Hangzhou Junhan, the second largest shareholder of ant group; Hangzhou Junji holds 90% of the shares of Hangzhou junao, the third largest shareholder of ant group; most of Ali and ant executives hold indirect shares of ant group through Hangzhou Junjie and Hangzhou Junji.

Among the shareholders of Hangzhou Junjie, Zeng Songbai and Han Xinyi held the most shares, both 13.59%.

Zeng Songbai joined ant financial services in 2012 and is now the chief talent officer of ant group, responsible for the companys human resources affairs; Han Xinyi joined ant financial services in 2014 as vice president of ant group, responsible for financial and financing affairs.

Hangzhou Junjis top six shareholders hold more than 84%, all of them are senior executives of Ali and ant department. Peng Lei, founder of Alibaba, holds 49.7% of shares.

It is reported that Hangzhou Junhan mainly provides equity incentive to Alibaba employees, while Hangzhou junao supports the employees of ant group and links the valuation of ant group.

Sanyan finance and economics according to public information statistics, ant group listed, ants and Ali executives will produce at least 58 billionaires.

Ma Yun holds 8.8% of ant groups shares and 50% of voting rights. After listing, the price increased by about 123.5 billion yuan, but Ma Yun was not the one with the largest increase. Peng Lei, senior vice president of Ali, held 9.89% of shares, and his fortune increased by about 138.7 billion yuan.

Statistics show that among the 58 top executives of ant and Ali, 22 are over 10 billion and 37 are over 5 billion. The minimum wealth is 668 million yuan.

If the value of about 1.4 trillion yuan is calculated, as long as you hold 0.007% equity of ant group, you can become a billionaire.

In the composition of ant groups equity, we can see many big mens figures.

According to Tianyan data, Shanghai Zhongfu equity investment management center is one of the shareholders of ant group, holding 1.95%. Wang Yulian, the shareholder of the company, is the mother of Yu Feng, the founder of Yunfeng fund.

Giant Investment Co., Ltd. holds 10% shares of Shanghai Zhongfu equity investment management center, and its major shareholder is Shi Yuzhu.

Shi Yuzhu can also be seen in Shanghai Qihong Investment Center Co., Ltd., another shareholder of ant group.

At the same time, the shareholders of Shanghai Qihong Investment Center Co., Ltd. are Wang Zhongjun, founder of Huayi Brothers; Shen Guojun, head of Yintai group; Zhang Xiaojuan, wife of yuweijiao, legal representative of Yuantong Express; Zhou Xin, founder of E-House; Zhao Yong, legal representative of Sichuan Changhong; Wang Jianguo, chairman of Wuxing holding; Xu hang, chairman of Mindray medical; Zou Wenlong, head of Jisheng Weibang.

Shanghai Yunfeng Xincheng investment center, a shareholder of ant group, holds 0.66% of the shares. In the company, Shi Yuzhu of giant group, Zhang Jindong of Suning holding company, and Fang Hongbo, chairman of Midea Group, can be seen.

On July 21, giant network said that Beijing Yingyi Internet Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai jukun Network Technology Co., Ltd., had completed its investment in ant financial services in 2018, directly holding 14.17 million shares of ant financial services.

On July 21, Phoenix media said that Jiangsu Phoenix Media Investment Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, indirectly invested 7.23 million yuan in Zhejiang ant small and micro financial service group Co., Ltd. through Beijing Zhongjin Jiazi Lu equity investment partnership (limited partnership).

On July 22, Jianghe group said that the company invested in Beijing Shunyi Industrial Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. in 2015 and held 30% equity. As a GP (general partner), Beijing Shunyi Industrial Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. and other partners jointly established Beijing Shunyi innovation industry development fund partnership (limited partnership). The partnership indirectly invested in ant group, and the corresponding company indirectly invested in ant group.

On July 23, the companys controlling shareholder, Beijing jingyizhijia Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd., holds the equity of Zhifu (Shanghai) Investment Center (limited partnership) through its wholly-owned subsidiary jingzhijia Financial Holding Co., Ltd., thus indirectly holding the equity of ant Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Ant financial services related concept stocks also include: Jingneng real estate (shares in ant financial services), Xiangyou Technology (shares in ant financial services), Haitai development (the companys controlling shareholder and ant financial services cooperation), Langxin Technology (ant financial services shares), etc. On Tuesday, the three major stock indexes of a shares rose together, and more than ten stocks were up and down.

About 40% of ants internal employees hold shares

The whole floor is the joy of wealth and freedom

The biggest winner of the ant listing also includes the employees of ant group.

A chat screenshot of Alibabas autumn recruitment tweet group shows, I heard that the whole floor of ants just cheered, which is the sound of wealth and freedom.

It is understood that ants P7 employees, the average number of shares in about 30000 to 40000 shares, even if not listed, also worth 10 million.

In this regard, netizens also joked that Hangzhous housing prices will rise.

This also means ants start listing significance is extraordinary, Anxin international also said, ant group listing, will be expected to drive the capital market Internet leader to start again. And the Hong Kong Stock Exchange will benefit from ant listing, which will increase market liquidity and bring more service income.

Source: Sanyan finance and economics editor: Yang Bin_ NF4368