Guangdong Media: deep foot local players strong foreign aid weak city government set target to attack Asian Championship

 Guangdong Media: deep foot local players strong foreign aid weak city government set target to attack Asian Championship

Shenzhen jiazhaoyes action in the winter window is a bit exaggerated. It has brought in 19 players in one breath, including Gao Lin, Wang Yongpo, Jiang Zhipeng, Sun Ke, Zhang Lu, Pei Shuai, Zheng Darun, etc. The reason behind this is that the Shenzhen government is particularly concerned about football.

Before the start of the new season, almost all clubs will have a go out ceremony, deep foot is the most solemn. A few days before the ceremony, Li Xiaogan, member of the Standing Committee of the Shenzhen Municipal Party committee and Minister of propaganda, inspected the deep foot training base. It can be seen that Shenzu has been regarded as a city card by the Shenzhen government. At the ceremony, Wu Yihuan, vice mayor of Shenzhen City, Zhang Heyun, director of the Municipal Bureau of culture, radio, television, tourism and sports, Liao Zibin, member of the Standing Committee of the Nanshan District Committee and director of the publicity department, and Huang Huibo, deputy director of Longgang District, all appeared on the scene, which was unprecedented treatment. This year is destined to be the most important year in the football history of Shenzhen, Zhang Heyun said at the launching ceremony. We hope that the football players in Shenzhen will meet the challenges, seize the opportunities, live up to the expectations, fight hard and fight again, play a style and score, and repay the great city of Shenzhen. Behind these remarks is the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. Deep enough to make achievements echo this very Commemorative Year.

As far as the cards are concerned, the local players of Shenzhen football team are indeed in the forefront of the CSL. It is not too much to say that big brands are gathered. But big brands need to be run in, and the difficulty of running in may be greater than that of ordinary players, because of their distinctive characteristics, mutual accommodation is not a natural thing. Deep foot almost changed a team, chemical reactions take time, the tight schedule of the game system just can not provide too much time.

The foreign aid team is more decisive, and the deep enough foreign aid team is just the middle and lower reaches of the CSL. Compared with Fuli, the local team of deep foot players is certainly stronger than Fuli, but there is a visible gap between foreign aid and Fuli. There are too many unknowns in Presido, cernass, jema Yili and bifuma. In the 2019 season, except for the first few rounds, Placido and sernas are very high, and then they are in a low ebb, and their stability is in doubt. It is still unknown whether zhema Yili can sign up successfully. He is still in quarantine period than Fuma. For the team, he is still a stranger. In the whole China Super range, deep foots foreign aid card strength is actually in the downstream.

There is no problem in terms of morale. Jiazhaoyes investment determines that the team has a strong desire to strive for the top. However, fans should be aware that the gathering of local famous brands can not be equated with the qualification of the Asian championship. Lower expectations are likely to surprise you.