Luo Guancong shows off meeting pompeio in London: more than 20 minutes of one-on-one meeting

 Luo Guancong shows off meeting pompeio in London: more than 20 minutes of one-on-one meeting

According to Hong Kongs Star Island daily reported on the 23rd, US Secretary of state pompeio met with former Hong Kong consensus chairman Luo Guancong in London on Tuesday. Luo Guancong boasted on the social networking site that unlike previous talks with US government representatives, this is a rare one-on-one meeting for more than 20 minutes. Referring to the pan peoples primary election held earlier, he said that the mainland did not attach importance to public opinion, but conspired with DQ (disqualification) candidates, and even paved the way for the cancellation of the Legislative Council election in September, and encouraged the international community to pay close attention to the development of the situation in the next two months. Luo Guancong also recalled that his last meeting with pompeio was in Washington in May 2019, with Pan min Lee Chu Ming and Wu AI Yi present; and this meeting was personally finalized by the Secretary of state himself.

Luo Guancong was born in Shenzhen in 1993 and settled in Hong Kong when he was 6 years old. He became a member of the Standing Committee of the association of students in 2014 and participated in launching illegal occupation of China. In 2016, he founded Hong Kong consensus with Huang Zhifeng and was elected to the Legislative Council in the same year. After that, he and Huang Zhifeng went to Britain and the United States and other countries to advocate Hong Kong Independence. Before the national security law of Hong Kong came into force, he fled to Britain in a hurry. Dong Chee Hwa, vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese peoples Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), criticized some Western politicians for shifting domestic political pressure to the diplomatic front, making the international geopolitical situation more severe. What Hong Kong has achieved today is the result of the efforts of generations of Hong Kong people, not a gift from other countries, he said. Hong Kongs accumulated rich strength and stable foundation can not be arbitrarily destroyed by lawbreakers. The central government will give full support and love to Hong Kong, and the motherland is a solid backing. Chen Yong, deputy to the National Peoples Congress of the port area, described Peng Peio as bandits colluding with traitors when he saw Luo Guancong. Lu Ruian, deputy to the National Peoples Congress of Hong Kong, said that Hong Kongs Legislative Council election had nothing to do with the United States. Luo Guancong was just a pawn of the United States to suppress Chinas development and intervene in Hong Kongs affairs.

On November 22, the European Union released its annual report on Hong Kongs political and economic development, claiming that Hong Kong has faced serious challenges in terms of autonomy, stability and freedom since 2019, and further increased in 2020. Now that China implements the Hong Kong national security law, the EU is more worried about the destruction of the principle of one country, two systems. the EU will not stand idly by and is committed to taking action. The report also emphasizes the deep partnership between the EU and Hong Kong. In 2019, the EUs total investment in Hong Kong exceeded 136.2 billion euro, and the EU is Hong Kongs second largest trading partner. The government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) responded on the 23rd that the affairs of the SAR are internal affairs of China and no other country has the right to intervene directly or indirectly. The spokesman said he hoped that the international community would look at the development of Hong Kong objectively and fairly. Looking back on the past year, the report seemed to focus on the increase in political pressure and intervention faced by Hong Kong enterprises, but ignored that many enterprises were targeted and damaged by thugs for supporting the views of China or the government.

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Luo Guancong thanks patten on behalf of Hong Kong people? It turned out to be an embarrassing fact

Today, Luo Guancong, a Hong Kong Independence element who has fled to the UK to evade Chinas legal sanctions, posted a picture of him and the last governor of Hong Kong, patten, on his social account, and posted a message saying that he would represent many Hong Kong people to express his gratitude to patten.

However, it is embarrassing that some netizens picked out Luo Guancong and immigrated to Hong Kong with his family in 1999, when patten had already left

As shown in the figure below, Luo Guancong declared in a photo he released with patten that he would thank patten on behalf of many Hong Kong people and praised Patten for his scholarship, mind and foresight.

But the problem is that an article published in the New York Times in 2017 shows that Luo Guancong immigrated to Hong Kong with his family in 1999, when Hong Kong had already returned to the motherland. Therefore, how can Luo Guancong, who did not live in Pattens time, thank patten on behalf of many Hong Kong people?

(screenshot from the New York Times)

On the contrary, many Hong Kong people who really lived in Pattens time say that neither patten, who likes to gossip about Hong Kong, nor the British government behind him, has promoted Hong Kongs democracy in their time.

For example, according to the Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao report, Guo Wenwei, the former Deputy Commissioner of the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), who has been in the government for many years, has said bluntly that there is no democracy at all in the British administration of Hong Kong for many years. Ye Guoqian, deputy to the National Peoples Congress of Hong Kong, also pointed out that Britain did not seriously promote democracy in Hong Kong for a hundred years. Patten came to Hong Kong with hypocrisy just before he left.

He also stressed that Hong Kongs democracy was never given by the British, but by the central government.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that in the New York Times report about Luo Guancongs birth, including his mother, as well as the parents of Hong Kong Independence activists Zhou Yongkang and Huang Zhifeng, all expressed their feelings that they did not want them to embark on this chaotic road of Hong Kong.

(screenshot from the New York Times)

And even when the New York Times induced interview described the three men as persecuted for democracy, their parents still did not want them to do so more strongly.

Whats more, Huang Zhifengs father once threatened to stop the interview with the New York Times, because the newspaper showed a strong interest in why his son supported gay groups, but he was very anti gay groups.

(screenshot from the New York Times)

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