Sitting, sleeping, moving, neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain away from you

 Sitting, sleeping, moving, neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain away from you

Sitting: three 90 degrees for commuting and office

In the 24 hours of a day in modern people, the proportion of sitting when awake is particularly large. Sitting well is the first key to keep your muscles and bones healthy. Especially those who work and go to school are very important.

1. The height of the chair should meet the knee joint natural bending 90 degrees.

2. After sitting, the trunk is naturally straight, and the spine and thigh are 90 degrees.

3. The height of the table top can meet the requirement that the upper limbs and the table top are 90 degrees when the forearm is placed on the table naturally.

According to the three 90 degree principle, each persons height condition is different, the height requirements of the seat will be different, so it is best to choose the office learning seat personalized.

Xu Xuemeng also reminded that in addition to meeting the personalized needs of office and study seats, all kinds of sitting utensils at home should not be one-sided pursuit of beauty and uniformity, and should take comfort as the main principle, taking into account the different needs of men, women, old and young.

Sleep: pay attention to two degrees

A lot of people feel that their back pain is bad. Besides sitting posture, there is sleeping posture. If you sleep right, you will feel refreshed when you wake up; if you dont, you will wake up in the middle of the night with sore back, head and neck pain, or you will still be tired after sleeping for more than ten hours. Xu Xuemeng said that to achieve effective rest, sleep should also pay attention to two degrees.

One is the relative height of the pillow - the height of the pillow under the head pillow, which must match its own physiological radian.

Another degree is the relative softness and hardness of the bed. It is often said that the bed is not too soft, but if the patient with lumbar spinal stenosis, it is necessary to sleep on a soft mattress. So the soft hardness of mattress, also want to take comfort as the principle, according to individual demand to choose.

Xu Xuemeng also shared a special health preserving sleeping posture: sleeping backwards. When you feel particularly tired, try it. Raise the tail of the mattress and take a sleeping position with the lower limbs raised and the head at a lower position.

Movement: lack of exercise to make up for it

Movement in daily life includes special movement and activity - standing and walking. Being able to move is the guarantee of the quality of life. Xu Xuemeng said that sports for the sake of health should follow the principle of gradual progress, combine individual conditions as much as possible, start with micro exercise, and persist in it for life. In principle, the choice of exercise forms should be carried out step by step from no weight bearing to underwater movement, reverse movement and gradual weight-bearing.

In addition, if there is no time to exercise, it is suggested to start with activities to strengthen exercise. For example, standing office, work and exercise are both correct. Standing office as a functional training, we should pay attention to standing posture, try to adhere to the upright posture training, to improve the effect of muscle and bone health, it is recommended to insist on standing for more than an hour every day. (Guangzhou Daily all media reporter Zhou jieying, correspondent Hu Jiahong)

Source: Guangzhou Daily editor in charge: Qiang Shuwen_ NJ7449