Ideal auto is expected to open next Monday and officially land on NASDAQ at the end of July

 Ideal auto is expected to open next Monday and officially land on NASDAQ at the end of July

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Ideal car was founded by Li Xiang, the founder of the former automobile home, in 2015. As a continuous entrepreneur, Li Xiang, who dropped out of high school, founded bubble net and car home successively. Ideal car is his third entrepreneurial trip.

Before IPO, Li Xiang was the largest natural person shareholder of ideal automobile, while Wang Xing and his related party meituan were the second largest shareholder of the company.

Just on June 25, meituans investment fund and Wang Xing personally invested $500 million in ideal automobile, and the current round of financing of ideal automobile was valued at $4.05 billion.

This is also the second time in a year that Wang Xing has invested heavily in ideal cars. In August 2019, Wang Xing and meituans funds invested $300 million to invest in ideal cars.

According to the media, the $300 million invested by Wang Xing in 2019 is the proceeds from the pledge of meituan review stock held by Wang Xing. Wang Xing and Li Xiang are very similar. They both pay attention to self-learning and deep thinking, and will constantly update their cognitive horizons.

Wang Xing and meituan will also become the big winners after the ideal listing, and meituans Travel dream will go further. After all, there are many cases of Internet giants investing in new car companies, but there is a general lack of coordination in the actual business. In Wang Xings idea, meituan can meet a consumers all-round needs for food, travel and travel, among which the travel rigid demand is one of the key strategic layout of the chain.

Different from the pure electric technology route adopted by the traditional new car manufacturing enterprises, the ideal car adopts the increased program technology flow, and its early financing ability is not strong due to its later establishment time.

According to unicorns early understanding, Huaxing new economic fund invested in ideal round a and a +. When talking about the judgment when entering the market, relevant investors of Huaxing new economic fund once said in an interview: first, we need to find structural opportunities. Only structural changes can nurture great companies. The four modernizations of automobiles will bring great changes to the industry. This change will be long, but the opportunities are huge. Second, we need to find the winners in the structural opportunities. What is the end of the industry? We often talk about it. Making cars is just the first step. But the decisive thing behind this track is intelligence, networking and sharing. How to do it and what value does it need to bring to consumers or users? These discussions are just beginning. This track is not a winner take all track, and there must be very few successful companies in the end. But Li Xiangs vision, innovation and courage make us firmly believe in the companys broad growth prospects.

The opportunities for new energy vehicles are not limited to the construction of vehicles, but also the follow-up services of charging and changing electricity brought about by the energy structure change. It is understood that Huaxing new economic fund has also invested in auto parts chain supply chain platform three heads and six arms, automobile electronic service provider Jingwei Hengrun and automatic driving sensor Guangzi technology.

In addition to the first two institutions, Zhou Yahui, former chairman of Kunlun world wide and CEO of opay, said in his circle of friends on June 7 that Kunlun capital would buy no less than US $20 million when Xiaopeng auto and ideal US stocks were listed.

With the support of institutional investors, Wang Xing and Wang Huiwen from meituan platform, the ideal has finally arrived at the moment of officially landing in the capital market.

At present, Tesla has a market value of nearly 300 billion US dollars, firmly occupying the position of the worlds highest market value automobile enterprise. The stock price of Weilai, the first Chinese new car manufacturer to be listed in the United States, has more than tripled in the past six months. Matthew effect in the new car industry has gradually become clear. Although the domestic Baiteng, sailin, Bojun and other three or four line new car manufacturing enterprises have been thundering recently, under the premise of the gradual maturity of the market, the capitals recognition of domestic and foreign head players is getting higher and higher, and the ideal car choice is at this time point In theory, a more satisfactory valuation can be obtained.

The news that the capital market is optimistic is not groundless. According to 36 krypton quoting sources, projects like ideal automobile have been popular in the secondary market to a certain extent, investment banks have asked about the capital market, and their shares should not be worried to sell.

In fact, in addition to Li Xiangs attractiveness to capital, we also saw the real data of ideal cars. On May 27, this year, the 10000 Li Xiang one was offline at the Changzhou manufacturing base of ideal automobile, and ideal automobile became the fastest car manufacturing enterprise to achieve a total delivery of 10000 units in history.

According to the prospectus, the total Q4 revenue of ideal automobile in 2019 is 284 million, including 281 million automobile sales revenue and 852 million Q1 revenue in 2020, including 841 million automobile sales revenue. By the end of the first quarter, ideal automobile had 1.05 billion yuan of cash and equivalent, and increased a $550 million financing in the second quarter, so the cash and cash equivalent in the second quarter was about 4.55 billion yuan. Considering the situation reflected in the prospectus, the loss of ideal automobile in the second quarter is not expected to be large, and the loss of cash flow is also small, so the overall data should be little different.

In fact, the ideal car is still in the market cultivation period, and the capital demand is relatively strong. Ideal automobile, which has a weak financing ability in the early stage, has implemented a strict cost control method internally. In an interview with the media in April this year, founder Li Xiang said that the strict cost control is effective, and the company has positive cash flow.

According to the prospectus, ideal automobile plans to use the raised funds for new product research and development, further develop capital support including production equipment and working capital, etc., and ideal automobile plans to launch a large SUV in 2022, which will continue to adopt enhanced powertrain.

Driven by Tesla, the capital market has renewed its enthusiasm for the new automobile manufacturing forces. The performance of the ideal of having meituans support after going to the United States for listing is worth looking forward to. Unicorn has long known that it will continue to follow up the recent progress of the ideal cars listing in the United States.

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