There are 111 A-share 100 yuan shares with more than 50percent band Chuang gene

 There are 111 A-share 100 yuan shares with more than 50percent band Chuang gene

From the perspective of 100 yuan shares, there are 36 main board, 14 medium and small board, 30 gem and 31 science and technology innovation board. In other words, among the 111 100 yuan shares, 61 stocks with Chuang character gene accounted for 54.95%. According to the classification of Shenyi industry, 38 pharmaceutical and biological products, 21 electronics and 13 computers are the most concentrated industries among 111 100 yuan shares. The remaining 39 are distributed in food and beverage, communication, electrical equipment, light industry manufacturing, mechanical equipment, media and other industries.

According to Zhang Lichao, most of these 100 yuan shares are distributed in pharmaceutical biology, computer, electronics and other sectors, which fully reflects the states earnest expectation for the good development of high-tech industries and strategic emerging industries in the process of Chinas economic transformation from high-speed growth to high-quality development, which is also in line with Chinas independent innovation and promotion of industrial structure upgrading National strategies are inherited in one continuous line.

At present, Chinas economy is in the process of transforming the old and new driving forces, and the new driving forces mainly come from the progress of science and technology and the development of information technology. In Zhang Lichaos view, in the face of the complex external trade environment and the current situation of Chinas economy, all urge China to accelerate the transformation of economic structure, pay more attention to the role of talents, information, technology and other core elements of economic growth on the economy, and pay more attention to giving full play to the role of capital market in optimizing the financial structure of enterprises The cradle of 100 yuan shares in the market. On the whole, the main driving force of Chinas economic transformation in the future will be concentrated on the integrated circuit, the fifth generation mobile communication, aircraft engine, new energy vehicles and new materials.

It is worth noting that although the number of 100 yuan shares has increased significantly this year, it also includes some new shares and sub new shares. Zhang Lichao believes that only high price stocks with security and growth and good performance support can become excellent investment targets. Therefore, for investors, on the one hand, they should not blindly follow the trend to participate in speculation, but should have their own rational logical judgment, focusing on the selection of good enterprises and stocks from the aspects of corporate governance structure, performance growth, valuation, layout, profit model, etc.; on the other hand, they should also be highly vigilant against risks and revere the market, excavate intrinsic value with a prudent perspective and return to the original intention of value investment u3002

In an interview with Securities Daily, Yang Ruyi, partner of Chunshi capital, said that on the whole, in the current 100 yuan shares group, most enterprises are very excellent. Of course, through the test of time, it is also proved that this kind of high-quality enterprises can bring more investment returns for investors. From the medium and long-term point of view, we hope that investors can further cultivate the concept of long-term investment and value investment.