Daily Yile: isnt it hard for girls? Why dont you get in the car and have a rest

 Daily Yile: isnt it hard for girls? Why dont you get in the car and have a rest

You get up early in the morning, struggling for a few times or cant get up, maybe old is like this...

Sleep is not good you, every day stay up late, all boil out black eye socket...

I, Qin Shihuang, fight for money!

I, Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty, fight for money!

I, Tang Gaozong, fight for money!

Young peoples first tank to understand! The question is, which one do you prefer, this car or Ford Bronco?

Every year, there are always some cars that stand out and dominate the headlines. For example, this most powerful scooter, Hongguang miniev6x6! Whether its picking up children or buying vegetables, everything is fine. Even if you go out to set up a stall, you can bring your own aura and attract customers.

When it comes to getting rid of difficulties, the 6x6 above may be almost meaningless. At the critical moment, we still have to look at the tough guys such as tyrant and land patrol.

Do you plan to go to Alashan before the time is right?

When it comes to off-road ability, take a look at Sanges tractor driving technology. The front and rear counterweights are 50:50. No matter how high the center of gravity is, the car will not overturn...

Baojun: on climbing, Im not a vegetarian! This off-road ability is almost nobody. Is there only one gear in the load-carrying vehicle?

Then the music, then the dance!

The glory of motherhood in legend? Mouse hole rain flooded, when the mother diving to save the baby, back and forth to transfer the cubs...

But when you see a new man smile, you cant hear an old man crying... Men are big pig hooves, meet a beautiful, immediately left you run...

The two people on the battery car were so lucky that they survived and only scratched their skin.

Im already in a wheelchair. Why dont you satisfy me? Still trying to touch the porcelain truck...

This is the conscience of developers ah, are blasting down so solid.

Calm and calm, this is a routine operation, do not turn over, how to check the chassis?

The girl is helpless and lonely. She needs a fulcrum.

Did you pay for the music, or would you like to pay for it?

Finally, the answer to yesterdays car guess: Bentley Tianyue, congratulations kyoso on the list, has applied for your old drivers red name.

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