Haidian police thunder hit the net, escaped personnel finally fell into the legal net

 Haidian police thunder hit the net, escaped personnel finally fell into the legal net

After receiving this situation, the Command Office of Haidian public security bureau further verified the situation of the man while arranging reinforcement. It was found that the mans name was Feng Mou Cheng, who was a fraud suspect that the police had been looking for. In July 2019, Feng Zhaocheng defrauded Mr. Tang of 40000 yuan on behalf of the license plate. Haidian police launched an investigation, the case handling police through a large number of touch platoon visits, did not find his whereabouts. Despite the difficulties of the case, the police were not discouraged and listed him as a net Fugitive in November.

In order to catch the suspects as soon as possible, Haidian Public Security Bureau launched a combined operation. The Criminal Investigation Detachment and the local Qinghe and Xisanqi police stations jointly carried out the strike work. The Criminal Investigation Detachment gives full play to its professional strike force, and Qinghe and Xisanqi police stations give full play to the advantages of familiarity and familiarity. There are two ways to deal with the case: one is to stay in the area where the suspect may appear, and the other is to investigate the route that the suspect once passed. Facing the heat and biting by mosquitoes, the police successfully locked in the suspects foothold after two days of continuous work. At about 15:00 on July 14, the police in charge of the case stormed out and successfully arrested the suspect Feng Mou Cheng near xixiaokou Park in Xisanqi.

After examination, the suspect Feng confessed to the fact that he had cheated. Before he was arrested, he had been hiding in his relatives house, and all the money he had been defrauded had been wasted. At this time, I met the traffic police and abandoned the car because of my guilty mind. At present, the suspect Feng suspected of fraud has been detained by Haidian police according to law, and the case is under further trial.

The police suggested that it is a no return way to evade the attack. All illegal personnel are urged to recognize the situation, voluntarily surrender to the public security organs, and truthfully confess the facts of the crime, and strive for leniency.