Have you seen orange is not the only fruit? |Writing for 100 days

 Have you seen orange is not the only fruit? |Writing for 100 days


A persons writing story

u2014u2014From bitterness to sweetness


When people write

There will be some soft parts in the body

Once these soft parts are touched

Some naughty things will burst out

Its possible that this burst of stuff is a work

Personally speaking

Most of the things that come out of the body come out of it

Later, her writing teaching materials and extracurricular classes successfully shaped her into an examination writer. At the moment of the completion of the composition for the college entrance examination, she clearly felt that the small animal trapped in the square cage finally broke free and was dancing and singing freely. It never occurred to her that, a few years later, a Japanese film had brought her back to writing.

After returning home for 16 years, people were sleeping soundly on the plane, but a Chinese girl was crying. The screen in front of her was playing Xiaohua weizeng soup. The film was coming to an end, but her tears were like broken beads, falling endlessly. She did not dare to make a sound, and the snivel paper piled on the table. It was like watching a silent movie. At that time, she returned home alone, and her feelings were nowhere to vent. The feeling was like Nezha in her body, but she had nothing to do. As soon as she looked down, she saw the itinerary list in her bag. Suddenly, she was as excited as finding a pagoda to subdue Nezha, and filled it up. This is the first time, writing gives her the pleasure of emotional expression, she does not exclude, she enjoys it.

After graduating from University, she went to Africa with her lover. The life here is fresh and wonderful every day.

One night, she and her lover were on the sofa, on the bed, with a book in each hand. There was no noise of the city outside the window, only the cicada kept calling. A dog barking pulled her out of the book. She was in a trance and could not tell whether she was in the world or in the book. Everything in front of her was plain and beautiful, just like a dream. She only felt a strong sense of happiness pouring out of her chest and directly into her brain. She wants to remember this moment of happiness, she is afraid it will slip away, afraid that she will forget, this time, she will use words to leave this time.

Early morning in the German town of bechtesgaden

At the end of 17, with an extremely detailed plan in hand, she set foot on the European continent with great expectation.

Travel has opened her eyes. She firmly believes that while reading thousands of books, she must also travel thousands of miles. As a result, she plans to travel for herself and her lover every year. While witnessing the historical changes, she also deeply realizes the amazing charm of different cultures. Yu Qiuyu once said: culture is a kind of spiritual value and lifestyle that becomes a habit. During the trip, she really felt the spiritual value of these people by experiencing the life style of local people.

She doesnt want to put a rigid label on these people. Each of them is a complex cultural fusion. She hopes that people can get rid of prejudice and look at everyone in the world more tolerant. She suddenly felt that she had a sense of mission. She wanted to write, she wanted to write, she wanted to write down the stories she had experienced, and she wanted to tell people a real world in her eyes, whether it was beautiful or ugly.

I am a bed

Writing 9 Ying Wang Yi

Im a bed, Suris bed.

She is always lying face to face in my arms, I know her heartbeat. Sometimes she was light, stretched, sleeping soundly, breathing slowly, as light as a birds feather. Sometimes she was heavy, frowning, turning and shrinking into a ball, heavy as a piece of lead.

Ive been immersed in Suris smell, emotions and concerns for more than 30 years, and I feel the same way she does.

Ive seen all of Suris dreams. Some dream naive, from the age of six to now. For example, a fox ran after her, almost unable to run, so she ran into the courtyard of her grandfathers house and huddled under the big locust tree. Some dreams are strange. She lives in a motel on the cliff and gets along with a group of unidentified people day and night. Below is the turbulent gray blue sea, and the sky has never been bright. Some dreams directly point to the reality. She dreamed that a boy whom she hated was taken away by a girl who didnt know which family. She looked back at her while walking. After she woke up crying, she ran to tell the boy. In some dreams, she is an angel. In some dreams, she became a cruel little devil, stepping on the enemy under the feet, looking up to the sky and laughing. Some dreams, even I am embarrassed to say. There was a time when I was worried about her because she was always climbing mountains in her dream. There are soil slopes and stone steps, the road is not wide, do not know where to lead, but she has been climbing. One night she finally climbed up, but found it deserted and nothing was there. She sighed in her dream as if she had exhausted all her strength.

Suri has been dreaming since the first day she slept in my arms. She has been dreaming every night except for a few times she can count with one hand. On one occasion, Suri herself was curious. When she woke up, she fell down from me, knelt on the ground, lifted the sheets, and explored for a long time, patting my legs, and then pushing my buttocks. She said she dreamed that under the sheets, there was a conveyor belt that kept running, sending dreams to her mind. There must be a switch somewhere, the switch of dreams. I took a breath after listening to it. It was so close that she almost found out.

I rummaged and picked up the things that occupied her mind. I often saw only a few people and a few things. How could I edit a beautiful dream. Im a little worried. If Suris life has only one dream left, what kind of film should I take to make her the most beautiful movie in her life?

In recent years, her speed of falling asleep is very unstable. Sometimes she turns out the light at nine oclock and lies in my arms. About ten seconds later, she turned to the wall and adjusted her pillow to make her legs more comfortable. After a few minutes, she took a stride, turned to the other side, pulled the quilt down and readjusted her breathing. I count her heartbeat every night. If those messy people and things dont calm down in her mind, the heart rate will not drop and the curtain of dream will not be opened.

Please open your eyes, Suri. The moonlight fell on the floor from the gap in the curtains, and mottled shadows were left on the sheets. No matter how much you are in your head, the moon is there, motionless and immaculate. The sheets and pillows have a light scent of lavender, and the velvet quilt is soft and warm. Everything around you is real, just as I am here, supporting you with my body, the world will never collapse. Who, what, is worth sacrificing a good nights dream in your short life.

Out of print cake

Writing 21 battalion motorcycles

When I was about 4 or 5 years old, the little cake that I lived in was popular for a while. Adults with big palm, 1 yuan and 50 cents, tacky and inferior pink plastic box holder, plus an equally cheap transparent plastic cover, were picked in the shoulder pole and sold all over the street.

In the late 1980s, snacks worth 1.50 yuan were really luxury goods.

Every time, the children of the tube house rush to the overpass on the second floor, holding the brick fence, and looking at the peddler eagerly, hoping that someone will interrupt the sound of the peddler and buy one, and the rest of the people can enjoy themselves with their eyes.

Each time is with pious and joyful mood, in the crowd, carefully open the lid.

White cream base, dotted with a few pink and light yellow flowers, now want to come, are simple pigment blending. Small flowers are also three or four petals, there are a few green leaves around.

The seller will send a plastic spoon as thin as a thumb. A spoonful of it can touch the bottom very quickly. Under the cream about one centimeter thick, there is a layer of sponge cake germ less than one centimeter. It is loose as if it is just a leaf attached to the cream layer casually. I dont know if I can afford the price.

In indecision, often from the edge of the hand, dig out a small spoon of white cream, in the eyes of everyone into the mouth.

In the moment of hanging the cream from the upper teeth, I squint unconsciously. The texture of the cream melting between the tongue and the palate stimulates every taste bud instantly.

In contrast to todays fine, thick and creamy high-grade animal cream, the cream at that time was vegetable cream with a lot of additives. The sweet and straightforward flavor of milk is impacting the mouth which is not yet civilized. The cream melts at the same time, there will be some gravel like particles, straight Leng Leng ground scraping in the lips and tongues, about is not the sugar, in stubborn rotation.

But even this is a bit rough, people do not give up. With the muscle memory countdown in my heart, I cant help feeling that they have a sweet aftertaste. They are domineering in the mouth for a while, and then they melt completely.

With the first bite, there are not a few left behind. When the big flowers directly into the mouth, the childs heart flutter more than the flowers in full bloom, the whole person is immersed in a trance and short-term satisfaction.

In those days, there was a lack of snacks and everything was at the beginning of recovery. But at that time, we did not feel lack of sweet memories illuminated by the small cake, always stayed in a certain position in our hearts.

I cant remember when they disappeared in life. Maybe it started from moving away from the tube house. Never seen a little cake again.

The little neighbors who shared the sweetness with me never met again.

The ingredients must be very cheap cake, so, with my childhood, out of print in the 1990s.


Writing the cup of tea of Xiaohe

On the first day of the new year when the epidemic started, I could remember that I couldnt buy masks in the drugstore. After a few days, I could buy them again in wechat circle. There were 20 white packaging paper plastic seals and a paper box all in Korean. It was not a medical mask. There was no Chinese manufacturer, and there was no production license number. It cost five yuan. Many people bought it. About a month later, pharmacies can queue up to buy them. Each person is limited to 10, and the unit price is about 2.5 yuan. Many people get up early every day and go to queue up. This continues for a period of time. By the end of April, most provinces except Jilin Province have returned to normal, and kindergartens even began to resume classes after June 1. We went out slowly without masks, and life seemed to return to normal. At the same time of great joy, at the beginning of June, Beijing Xinfadi wholesale market had confirmed medical records again, and the atmosphere was relatively tense. People began to buy medical masks, hand sanitizer, alcohol pads We were pushed forward by one news after another, in a hurry and anxious way.


Novel coronavirus pneumonia, which is the fifth year that I took over the bookstore, and has not been in the first three years struggle, has been affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Now the income and expenditure will be flat. I am also lazy like the spring sunshine, and all the two or three cups of tea and a book are in hand, and I live in a lazy way all day.

Its strange these days. Theres a lot of traffic. Ive looked at the calendar, and its still a month before the world book day. Why did it go ahead of schedule this year? Occasionally someone came to chat with me, and I knew that it was the shop video on Ye Lis microblog, which attracted curious people to punch in one after another.

YEHLI, 29. The first time I saw her was in the midsummer of last year. I was so sleepy at one oclock in the afternoon that I waited for her, the last guest to leave, and then closed the door and took a nap.

She was quiet, with her long hair casually tied into a ponytail, sitting in front of a bookshelf full of world literature, staring at the books in her hand. After a long time, she looked up and asked me, have you ever seen orange is not the only fruit?

I said, yes, I forgot about the plot. What impressed me was that lets watch and help each other, and wish each other everything we want.

Me too. She whispered.

I thought it was about reading a book. She laughed and then said, thats a good sentence. Its like its for me.

She is not only good-looking, but also bright.

I said, what a coincidence, this is my first comic book. Its almost finished, but I cant understand it. At that time, I read the monthly reading report of a Book blogger. She would read novels, poems, comics and reference books every month. I also wanted to get out of the comfort zone of novels and look at other books. This was the result of unintentional choice.

Ye Li turned several pages of the book and said, its not easy to start a new beginning. I just came back from my interview. Its a real estate sales company. I think its time to get busy.

Later, I got to know that she lived nearby. She had just graduated from graduate school. She was full of confidence. She had planned to go to Wuhan boy friend Tong Shus home to meet her parents after the new years day. Then they went back to Xian to attend the job fair and settled here. Who knows that the epidemic lasted for half a year, she and Tong Shu did not go to a job fair, or even met again.

She just climbed out of the huge quagmire of lovelorn, armed to start a new journey. Once asked why she liked to buy books in physical stores, she said, theres a sense of reality that you can have when you pay. Later, I think this is the sequela of her and Tong Shus pledge.


My name is Yin Yue. Im 32 years old. My junior began to work in this bookstore. I took over the bookstore by accident in my graduation year. I had an unfulfilled secret love and a love that I didnt hold hands with. I just gave up trying to be a boyfriend these years. In addition to no strange morning exercises and beautiful sea view, daily super like Japanese drama glasses, monotonous and repetitive.

This summer is particularly hot, just into June, there was a high temperature of 40 u2103. The bookstore sat West to East, early pulled up the shading curtain, opened the ceiling fan, the temperature is also good. I go to the shop at 8:30 every day to clean up, check the bookshelves, boil a large pot of boiling water and dry it into a large glass. Recently, I am reading the Naples Quartet. I just saw Lila getting married, and Elena fell into a single love affair. They had no contact for a long time. It reminds me of Li Jia, who has not been in touch for a long time.

The autumn before last year, she resigned from Yanji in Xian and changed to a creative planning company. I remember that she was very busy at that time. Generally, I sent a message to ask her whether she would like to have dinner with her at 3:00 p.m., and she would tell me to have supper with her at 90 oclock. I remember that autumn wind was in full swing that day. I put out a batch of new books. It was like a new beginning. She came to the bookstore to look for me.

She waited for me to finish the work and locked the door. We walked on the Wutong tree mottled shadow and walked to a Sichuan restaurant. We love spicy food. Every time I come here in recent years, I always think of the book sharks fin and pepper. When I read a book, I imagine eating in a restaurant, and words will appear again in the restaurant. Its really interesting.

There is a job opportunity in Chengdu and I want to try it out, she said

Isnt it good to be here? Are your uncles and aunts going with you?.

Its good. I just want to go to a new place and have more knowledge. She was a little tongue tied, I didnt ask.

The bookstore is just enough for me. My uncle has accumulated a lot of regular customers. They still come to buy magazines and books and change books regularly. Uncle sun is my former boss, he gave himself the retirement age of 55 years old, so when the time came, he transferred it to me at the price of friendship. Although some people have not come in these years, fortunately, different people have come in.

Well, tell me if you need to.

On the day I left, I didnt ask me to deliver it. He called me and said, I like a colleague in the company. He resigned and was going to go back to Chengdu to open his own company. I went with him. Ha ha, I know I told you in advance. You will definitely educate me.

Yes, I can preach. Is it useful for people in love?

I remember that in the first half of last year, the number of customers in the store was very small. One morning in July, the express company pushed the door to deliver new books to me. I looked up and saw that it was Deng Lu. Sister, Im back again. Ill deliver the express later. He said to me with a smile.

Well, I didnt change jobs before? Im a little curious. Deng Lu has been responsible for the express delivery of my area since 2018. He is very diligent and efficient. If there is any express delivery service in this area, we will look for him. One day in March last year, I went to the store to send an express and found it was closed. When he asked him when he would come to the store by wechat, he said to me, sister, I dont do express delivery anymore. Ill help my friends mask factory. In the next few days, I saw his photos taken in a mask machine manufacturing factory in Dongguan, and then there was a small video of the machine rotating rapidly in the factory. Deng Lu was the first person I knew to change his job decisively because of the epidemic situation. I thought to myself, this guy is quite decisive.

He explained: the upstream enterprises that promised to supply meltblown cloth could not be put into production because of the defects of the equipment they purchased. As a result, there were no raw materials in the factory for a long time. In addition, with the newly purchased equipment, the employees were all new people, and they did not have the ability to maintain and manage. The qualified rate of masks produced was not high. They could not make ends meet within a few months, and they were scattered if they did not pay wages.

I like his attitude, there is no failure, it is worth the harvest.


Ye Li worked at 11:00 p.m. for some time. She said that if the leaders of the company didnt get off work, their immediate leaders would not leave. Naturally, they couldnt leave. One day in the early autumn, I went back to the store to pick up things and met her. She asked me to guess why I didnt get off work until 10 oclock today. I cant guess. She said helplessly: you cant imagine, because our leaders car number is limited on Monday, and he cant leave until after 8 oclock (Xian stipulates the morning peak and evening peak number during the epidemic period in 2020).

I was surprised to grow a mouth: ah?! I didnt stay in the company, I set strict commuting time for myself. From 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., closed on Monday, regardless of winter or summer. My idea of off-duty time suddenly became a decoration, surprised.

I didnt expect it to be like this before, but now the epidemic has affected our industry. We are cautious and dare not change jobs rashly, she said


We had no choice but to laugh at each other, so we went to the corner of the road to have a snack.

Tong Shujia lives in a three story building with his grandmother and his parents in a village in Wuhan. No accident, the government will demolish the house this autumn. They can buy a house with better lighting and larger area when they get the compensation for demolition. At the beginning of the epidemic, his grandmother fell ill. There was no bed in the hospital. He took his grandmother to the hospital every day to have a drip, and then he went home. He was very tired every day. In addition, Wuhan was closed to the city. He was the only child in his family, so he was under great psychological pressure.

Yeli said: its good that grandma is optimistic by nature. She always keeps exercising and slowly recovers. Tong Shu said that in the past, he thought the transportation was convenient. It took only four hours for Xian to Wuhan for high-speed rail. If he wanted to go back, he could go home. After the epidemic, he said he couldnt imagine what would happen if he didnt go back on New Years Eve. Now he has decided to stay in Wuhan to take care of his family.

We were both silent for a moment. How about you going to work in Wuhan? In this case, I cant ask. The daily news of the epidemic situation on microblog, the video of sitting on the balcony shouting for help, the video of nurses crying under pressure, and the people outside the city peeping at the leopard, which makes people worried, but I dont know how much will the city people used to survive that winter and spring. Ye Li wont work in Wuhan either. They broke up.


I also broke up at graduation.

A very good elder called me that spring festival. He asked me, Yin Yue, how about introducing a friend to you? Its the boy I watched growing up with.

I said, OK.

We added wechat the next day. At that time, the most chatting topic was his favorite basketball. I didnt know anything about it. A lot of knowledge could only be made up now. The chat was tired and hard. The image of the boy in the dialogue is cheerful and erudite. Yes, I like it a little bit. It doesnt matter that hes not handsome, hes a little bit cute like white, it doesnt matter; hes only half a head taller than me, it doesnt matter; we dont even have a common language in learning, so it doesnt matter. Like, is blind, in which the talent no matter what inappropriate, like is enough. Even when Li Jia told me that when she fell in love with others, I didnt try to dissuade her. Go through it. Other peoples opinions are just opinions. Its enough to experience.

Ive been working part-time in the bookstore since I was a sophomore. In addition to selling books, uncle suns bookstore also installed a large wall of bookshelves for renting books. One year, a teacher asked a classmate to explain a certain problem in the history of European law a month later. I spent two weeks in the bookstore and chewed on the general history of the world and European history. It was also at this time that I got acquainted with Uncle sun. He said that I was like him when I was young. I tried my best for the things I loved. I was stunned and laughed. Thats right. I took the initiative to raise my hand to take up this topic. I spent most of the month collecting materials and organizing notes. Its this kind of hard work that I used in the graduation season.

When I was about to face the dilemma of graduation means unemployment, one day I chatted with Uncle sun about looking for a job. He said, Xiaoyin, why dont you try to run a bookstore?

Ah? Bookstore? I never thought about it.

Youve been working in the store for three years. Im sure youll do well. Why dont you try? I had a good time. At this time, uncle sun was going to go back to his hometown of Qinghai for a period of time. It happened that I was looking at the shop, which saved him the trouble of closing the door.

In this way, I miraculously got a job two days before graduation.

In the middle of the day, the school told me to move the dormitory, and I waited until the last day to pack up. I called to ask if he could come and help me with my luggage. He was surprised and said, today? Not today. I cant go. Hung up the phone, sitting in the empty dormitory, I thought about half a years time roughly, and had a decision in my heart. A warm-hearted student helped me to carry my luggage. I cleaned the dormitory, whispered a thank you to the table and locked the door.

I also locked some emotions in the door. When the key was returned to the housekeeper, I didnt intend to take it out again. I asked him out for dinner the next day. It was his favorite pasta pizza. Look, I even thought about his hobby when I said goodbye. The break-up was smooth, I was firm, and he didnt object to it. After that, we all mixed into the crowd and never met again.

A few days later, at a family gathering, I told the elder who introduced us that it was inappropriate for us to break up. He said that he knew, and the boy told him. He said that dont be afraid to try, dont be afraid of inappropriate, slowly find, there will be the right person. I said, OK.

I had a dream, sink in the dream do not want to come out, I decided to come out, firmly stab the bubble, back to a rational me.


Li Jia fell into the corner of the sofa, the usual meticulous make-up hair disappeared, the root of the black hair along the chestnut grow a finger, only a hair pin inlaid with pink pearls will be long hair in the back of the head, wearing the same color of pearl earrings, she loves pearls, so many years have not changed, I stood five steps away from staring at her, the gas on the table Before the water had moved, she looked at the glass as if she had seen through its past and present life.

When someone came into the coffee shop, the little wind chime at the door made a Ding Dong Ding Dong sound. She looked back and saw me standing there and asked me to sit down.

Can joke, I was relieved, changed a comfortable position, took her in front of the gas bubble water to drink, the taste of peach full of the body, let me completely relax.

It was more than half an hour ago that Elena and Lila had just resumed their friendship in the Naples Quartet. The mobile phone was buzzing and shaking. I took my mind out of my memory to answer the phone. Li Jia said that she had just come back and was waiting for me in the coffee shop two blocks away. Just a few pages away, Lila has just told the story of living with Enzo after she fled Stefano, the stench of the sausage factory, the mens harassment of women, Brunos greasy appearance after she was young, Lila and Enzo worked hard during the day and taught themselves computers at night Scene jumps in my mind, I read this book, I want to run to see what happened to the people? I have a bad feeling that all kinds of imagination are intertwined.

Ha ha ha, I love you too. Only we have loved each other for more than 20 years.

She looked at me with a smile on her face. The light pink light of Pearl twinkled. During this time, I asked, I dont want to go back this time. We can never get tired of seeing each other.

Yes, no more. I like Xian. Its good to be here. When I wait for you, I stare at the pedestrians outside the window, at the corner tower of the city wall in the distance, and the glass of water in front of me. I think these are all from Xian, so I think they are all good. She pauses, gets up, walks to me and sits down We were separated. Last week, he asked me if I could give him tens of thousands of dollars more. The reason was that the company couldnt turn around. There was no fresh reason. That evening, I went to Dufu cottage and wandered aimlessly. I saw five or six sixty or seventy year olds playing chess together. At the end of the game, the loser stood up and said, no more play, no more play. Go home for dinner. If youre late, youll be nagged. the exuberant crowd dispersed, and I watched the shallow chess game on the stone table for a long time. A decision was made at once; Im leaving him.

She turned around, looked at me with a pillow, and continued: although autumn and winter are off-season, we only took three projects, but we have done a good job. We have gained reputation and reputation. However, when the epidemic broke out, the company first stagnated for more than four months, and the rent and salary of the staff were on the 25th of each month. In the short first half of the year, I invested all my savings in these three years, but when I wanted to see the companys accounts, he kept pushing against me. You said that two people would go through 40 or 50 years hand in hand, and they would never get tired of seeing each other when they were old. The sense of trust is the least. My feelings that day were gone

I listened to her talk about the twists and turns of the year, and then we went to have a big hot pot, and we didnt come out until the dead of night.


The next day, Li Jia and I came to the bookstore. She sat on a sofa in the corner, from sunrise to sunset, holding a copy of the Autobiography of former Israeli Prime Minister gordamei, my life..

In high school, I should be a sophomore. I read the biography of Rommel, known as the fox of the desert . I have forgotten how he galloped across the battlefield in North Africa. I can remember that the book described him coming home from North Africa to celebrate his wifes birthday. Later, he was accused of murdering Hitler and poisoning himself. I was still sad for a long time. Do you know how enviable the leadership and executive ability that Mrs. Meier showed in her childhood? She has thought and insight, and whats more, she has the ability to act. She married at the age of 19, then immigrated to Palestine and joined the Zionist and socialist movement...

She would occasionally tell me the fragments of the book, mixed with her own memories and thoughts, and tell them all at once. Sometimes she would give me a clear conclusion, sometimes it would not. I stopped here today. Because someone came in.

Ye Li came in with a smile: Yin Yue, would you like to have a drink together? She shook the bottle in her hand to show me that it was Choyas plum wine. The green plum pulp at the bottom of the brown bottle swayed slightly with her shaking hand, which was really attractive.

It seems that there is good news to share. Oh, wait for me to get the cup. I got soda and glasses and introduced them to each other.

We sat around in the corner of Li Jias sofa. A small glass of wine into the stomach, the two of them get familiar. The link between them is the bottle of wine on the table. I only occasionally follow Ye Li and two glasses of laymen to watch them talk about their love of Japanese wine.

No, I chatted with each other on campus. He went to Hangzhou to study in University, and we havent met since graduation. My mother probably met his mother. When they chatted, they felt that their children had no place, or they would have an interview.

We think its a good fit.

Ah! Were going to be there. Were looking at her in disbelief.

Its not love, its work. This year, I have a weekly microblog shop to share. He thinks that I have a good understanding of each store. Editing and music are very interesting. He is an old Xian. He knows a good place in every corner more than I do. We are ready to start the first store next week.


After Ye Li left, the air was still filled with the sweet plums. We sat on the sofa motionless for a while, until a boy pushed the door in, and I didnt get a little bit of inspiration. Auntie, Im looking for a book. Said while taking out the mobile phone in search, called my dear sweet orange tree.

I said, yes, just a moment. I went to the bookshelf on the opposite side of the wall. On the third floor, I saw the bright yellow book at a glance.

Yes, Ill get it later. Look for a place to wait for me The boy answered the phone. When I handed the book to him, he asked me, Auntie, when you go to school, does the teacher also require reading extra-curricular books? This book is so thick.

Its really good. Our Chinese teacher asked us to finish reading this book this week. No, we have to hand in an article about reading the book the day after tomorrow. We just came back from playing football and remembered that we hadnt bought the book yet. The boy scratched his head and said with a smile.

I looked up at him and asked, do you go to junior high school?

Well, its the second day of the year.

All right. Ah, every day I come back to do my homework, and there are tutoring classes on weekends. We play basketball or squeeze out dinner time. If only someone would take us to read it The boy said as he put the book in his bag. Im going, auntie.

Weve been called auntie. Li Jia rubbed his temple and said a word.

Mm-hmm, yes, I remember Vance. She said in an interview that she was a little afraid of age, but believed that different ages have different advantages. I always remember this sentence.

I feel like this right now. The movie Liu Rushi made by Wanxi is so beautiful. So, after closing the door late at night, we turned on the projector and relived the old movie.


I vaguely remember my dream last night.

I saw a little girl sitting cross legged in the distance. Her body would swing gently and regularly. When the wind blows, it will bring several clear characters into my ears: after different sides of the Strait... The four seasons are always changing... Oh, it is Bing Xins talking about life. As soon as the picture turns, there is a book under the little girls physics textbook. She reads it carefully and pretends to listen carefully. Then there was the little girl on the podium. She was holding the first prize in history examination in her hand, but she was very unhappy. When she got off the podium, she crumpled up the thin paper and threw it into the frog dustbin.

I woke up with a start. I know what the angry little girl thinks. At that time, she fell in love with Kangxi Dynasty and Yongzheng Dynasty and read many historical stories. She was proud of her achievements, but when she got the certificate on stage, she also heard the vice principal say how is history the first. Her pride was not recognized, and she was angry. I remember this kind of pride and anger lasted for a long time. During my whole student life, most of the teachers and parents recognized that students with good scores in mathematics and chemistry would be ridiculed for their good language and history. I remember this situation improved in college because when I came into contact with the wider outside world, I had a part of myself who studied Sure, when I met more and more book lovers, I was grateful for the pride of that little girl. The fish belly is just white outside the window, the dog barks in the distance, and the car sounds in the street downstairs. At 5:35, a new day begins.

Sleepless, simply get up and go out for a walk. Its really cold on the street in late autumn. The middle school and high school students in school uniform passed by me in twos and threes, which reminded me of the boy who came to the shop the day before yesterday. Have you finished reading his book? How does he write about the afterthoughts? Im curious. I suddenly had an idea in my mind and went to the bookstore in a hurry.

I found a dark red book in the drawer on the left side of the cash register. Its a book notebook from last year. Ive been staring at the title of the book on the reading list for a long time. Why dont I have a regular reading sharing meeting for middle school students in the bookstore.


Li Jias return to Xian is the happiest of her parents. After a long time, yesterday I went to eat at home, my aunt obviously talked more. I remember that time in high school, my uncle cooked more than anything else. What he was most good at was squid ball soup. Four or five pieces of small squid were sunk at the bottom of the bowl, six or seven meat balls were floating on the surface, a little coriander, a little salt and a little more pepper. He wolfed into his mouth and into his stomach, and his head received the message of contentment. Did he not do well in the exam? It doesnt matter. Food comforts people.

He didnt let me. I took power. In the past two years, we only have dinner together. His hands are four or five people. How can we finish eating? I remember that it was just winter last year. In the afternoon, we continued to eat our lunch. However, we didnt finish eating. I was angry My aunt said with a smile.

The same for small ones. As night fell outside the window, the chandelier on the dining table gave off a light yellow light, just shining on the squid ball soup. Li Jia reached for the spoon and stirred up the sparkling soup noodles. Mom, do you know Ill be back soon?

I dont have such a God. Its just that one day your father and I could see him send you back from afar. You just walked two steps, and he turned around and left. I saw you looking back at him for a while. Aunt stopped chopsticks and said.

I also discussed with your mother once, and the conclusion is that when you are older, you should also go through your own experience and judgment. As long as it is not a matter of principle, we will stop there. Uncle said.

Ha ha, Im glad Im back. Ma, from tomorrow on, you should step back from the kitchen

Turning on the radio, there was a hanging voice: you embrace, not always embrace you. What I want to say is that it is not a pity for anyone. To squander and cherish is the same thing...

Its cold and dry in the north, but its not cold at all this year. In December, the heating valve was turned off by four fifths. After noon, the windows need to be opened to balance the too warm air.

Since November, there will be a Book Sharing meeting every two weeks in the store. I remember that only two girls came to the first issue. They were holding big schoolbags and holding their hands tightly. They came into the store and asked me in a low voice, Auntie, is there a reading party today?

Yes, there are. At one time, I thought the plan that had not yet started ran aground on the beach, and I was overjoyed by their presence.

My curiosity and imagination about the world started with this book. Ye Li said to me as he revised the manuscript. Today is the third issue. Ye Li and I are sitting opposite each other. She is holding the computer and writing. This afternoon, she came to talk about twenty thousand miles under the sea. Two girls from the first phase brought their classmates. Today we are nine people sitting around the table.

Ye Li is sitting behind the computer, to the left of the projector, reading Chapter 17 for a walk on the undersea plain. On Saturday morning, there were very few customers coming to the store, and the air was very quiet. Suddenly, a man came in through the door, and I hastened to greet him. Ill change a book for my friend, but he wont be able to come back for a while. He handed the book bag and stood waiting for me.

Done. I looked up at him. He was looking at them in the leaves around the big desk. This is our own book sharing meeting. Todays theme is a fantastic world. Are you interested? Sit down together.

He said, good, and sat down on the sofa behind his desk.

Young readers began to chatter about it. They talked from the underwater world in the book to the underwater world they had been to. A boy named song Shaofei said, I can see that there are more dolphins in the sea when you cant get out of the door. Why didnt we see it before? Yelti asked. It must be hiding in the deep sea. What if there are so many boats trapped in the fishing net of the fishing boat? Lin Zihan then answered. And marine pollution, and I know that some animals die after eating garbage bags. Peoples destruction of the environment has also created a strange underwater world. They talked a long way.

I didnt expect that todays students are still thinking deeply. He turned to me and said, Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Lu Kang.

Im Yin Yue. Dont look down upon them. They are full of ideas in their heads. Its adults who think them simple. My mind drifted away, junior high school I hope that someone will listen to the voice in my mind.

I looked up at the clock for an hour and thought, well done today.


On Monday evening, I made an appointment with Li Jia in Haidilao, Wanda. It was cold all the way. I wrapped up my coat, pulled down the brim of my hat, drew my hands straight into my pocket, and trotted all the way into Wandas gate. I looked back, and I always felt that there was something strange missing. Looking inside through the door of each store, there was a lot of passenger flow. What was missing? Standing on the long vertical ladder, I cant remember.

Li Jia came early and waved to me from her seat. Do you think theres something missing? I always feel strange when I go into the mall. I asked as soon as I sat down.

Take out your mobile phone and have a look. December 23, Christmas is coming soon.

The flow of people is obviously so large, but there are no huge Christmas trees and decorations. In fact, its not surprising that there are fewer foreign festivals and rational consumption. Last year, there was no large-scale decoration in shopping malls. Li Jia continued to explain.

I nodded and said, so it is. By the way, how about the new job?

Not bad. Ive just been familiar with Xian. Ive just been in the market for a while, and Im getting better and better

It seems that the general environment in the past two years does not encourage the opening of physical branch stores.

Well, they have been working as private schools in Xiamen and Hangzhou for nearly ten years, and the team building is very mature. You know, the activity planning I do today is from demonstration to final decision. In a meeting time, everyone has a fierce collision of ideas. Then they modify it on site and discuss and change again. For the first time, I find that my work is so happy. She smiles so warm.

We havent been shopping together for a long time. In the window were midnight blue cashmere coats, oatmeal cashmere knits, and blue gray down coats. We were like little girls in our early twenties and rushed into the shop. I bought a petal collar shirt with a base, and Li Jia brought a tallow colored wool vest. I took her arm and walked out of the mall. Warmth is really a subjective word. Is an overcoat warmer than a sweater? Years later, we both know that what is suitable for us and what can give us temperature is warmth.


I stood at the gate, afraid to go in. The little hamster in the cage kept running, the big golden dog dozed off with his eyes closed, and the finely manicured cat cocked up his neck, and I took a step back.

Yin Yue, why are you here?

I turned my head and saw that it was Lu Kang. Well, my friend has a cat and gives her a present.

Can I help you? My sister has a dog. I know what I can buy.


I took a breath out of the store and finally got it done. Sitting in Starbucks, he asked me, you dont like pets?

Well, its not very popular. I replied.

Before my sister had a dog, I thought I didnt like pets. Later, when he was busy at school, I would help walk the dog. I gradually found that it was not too annoying. Now I still like it. Maybe if you touch a little more, there will be a change.

I nodded. Maybe its like this. There are too many things in life that I havent tried. This is the second time I met Lu Kang. He can find all kinds of topics to start chatting. It seems that I havent encountered such a comfortable situation for a long time. It was the second day of February. I stood at the gate of the community and said to him, goodbye. He asked me, lets have dinner tomorrow night.

u201dOK. I answered with a smile.

That night, I dreamt of the big black dog in the yard of my hometown when I was a child. It was too old and was lying in the sun lazily in the sun. I heard my grandfather chop down the cherry tree in the backyard. I stood beside my grandfather and kept shouting, dont chop it, dont chop it.. Then I felt someone patting me on the shoulder and saying, dont worry, a new tree will be planted.

Winter goes and spring comes again. When the first ray of sunshine spreads all over the room at the beginning of spring, I remember the sentence most often seen in the spring of 2020 is: there is no insurmountable winter, no spring will not come.

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