Remind the 80s generation of Ben Si: at this age, if you lose these things, your life will get better and better

 Remind the 80s generation of Ben Si: at this age, if you lose these things, your life will get better and better

But life is not like this, in the continuous progress, we have gained a lot, also lost a lot, gradually, we learned how to live, but sometimes will be more confused.

As time goes on, our life becomes boring and our body loses its vitality because of long-term fatigue. In this way, maybe we will understand how to make ourselves live better at this age.

Get rid of complaints and grievances

Many people say that in their thirties, it is more and more difficult to be happy because they want a lot of things, but they always feel powerless.

I can especially understand this feeling, because when I was in my thirties, I found that there were more and more relatives around me who could not help themselves, and my work was not enough for me to achieve the desired results. As for feelings, I was also powerless, and I no longer had the passion in my twenties.

For example, some people can accept life and death peacefully, cherish them when they have them, and have less regret when they lose them. For example, some people can work hard under the existing conditions to strive for a better life, but some people complain that they have no Bole to find themselves, and they always feel sorry for the people around them.

Just like Xu Huashan in thirty, he always feels that others dont understand his talent, but he never considers the reality that there are old people and young people. He cant stand his wife fawning on the rich wife to get orders and help the children get into the international bilingual kindergarten. However, he never considers the current situation of the company and the future of the children.

Some people are just like this. They dont have enough ability and cant bear to see others working hard. This kind of uneven mentality makes them especially easy to go to extremes.

Xu Huashan is because of this mentality, so willful offend customers, but also derailed the little girl, let Gu Jia all efforts to become a bubble, also let the originally happy family face the rupture.

I think Xu Huashan is very naive. She always wants others to understand him and pay for him, but he doesnt think in a different position. She thinks about why she does this from the perspective of others.

Of course, we must also learn to accept, accept their imperfections, accept the imperfections of life, accept that we are just ordinary people, accept that we will fail, I think this will make your life better and better.

Get rid of bad and unhealthy hobbies

Many people around me feel like this. When I was in my twenties, I felt that I would not get sick. I ate a lot of sea water and stayed up late. It seemed that there was no problem.

But even so, at the age of 30, we still feel tired and uncomfortable for a long time. The degradation of physical functions makes us have to admit that age is indeed unforgiving.

At such a time, what we should do is not shout my life is up to me, and then continue to squander our bodies. Instead, we should lose our bad habits, learn to go to bed early and get up early, learn to maintain our health, do not smoke and drink hard, do not eat and drink, and stay up late.

You must know that at this age, nothing is important to health. If your body breaks down, it is useless to work well and earn much money. If you are not there, it will have no impact on others, but for your family, it will be the collapse of the sky.

And you have to know that its too late for you to start paying attention to your health. If you are still willful and damage your body, you will regret it when you are 40 or 50 years old.

Dont wait to lie in the hospital to start thinking, why I didnt take good care of myself at the beginning, when it was late.

As the old saying goes, stand at thirty. At the age of 30, we should really mature. The biggest performance is to have clear goals, know what we want to do, and then try to do it.

I hear a lot of people around me say that I want to do a lot of things, but procrastination is very serious, and I always fail to achieve anything, and then I am particularly depressed.

In fact, this is the status quo of most of us, because we are lazy, we always want to lose weight, but we eat more and more fat. We always want to learn to dance, but we cant start. We always want to take part in a class and only go once. We always want to be a graduate student, but we find that we only read three pages of books.

At this age, time will pass very quickly. In the twinkling of an eye, year after year passes. If you do not lose the habit of laziness, you will feel more and more flustered and powerless.

Therefore, first let yourself self-discipline, eat less greasy and high sugar food, have a meaningful hobby or two, keep learning, and make friends suitable for you. If you persist in this way, you will find your life more and more in control and happier.

Of course, it is also very important to set a suitable goal for myself. I have several friends who always set a lot of goals for myself. It sounds very tall, but it is not in line with the reality. In the end, none of them have been completed, especially without a sense of achievement.

I think that at this age, we should not be so ambitious and want to try everything. We should set ourselves a goal that can be found on tiptoe. It will not look so far away, but also make our life full of motivation and freshness, so that we can often feel the sense of success and achievement.

In our thirties, we began to realize the cruelty of time, but also felt the fairness of time. Please remember that life is a one-way street, no one can do it again. At this age, we must make ourselves more transparent and open-minded.

Whether you are a wife, husband, father, mother or child, whether you have a heavy family burden or heavy work, you must learn to lose complaints, keep a good attitude, lose bad habits, keep healthy living habits, lose laziness, keep a self-discipline life, love yourself more, work harder and cherish more In this way, you can make your life better and better for the rest of your life, and you can also have a more happy, peaceful and brilliant life.

Im Xiyan, a columnist. Im a young girl who is neither old nor old. I like to write warm words and do emotional programs. I have published the rest of your life, which is related to me. If you have a story, please come to me.