I was infected with STD by my boyfriend: the dark side of love is in the physical examination list

 I was infected with STD by my boyfriend: the dark side of love is in the physical examination list

She was abandoned by her fiance because of a medical certificate.

Lin Shuang and her boyfriend have been in love on campus until now. The epidemic is not so serious. They have put their marriage on the agenda.

The turning point was that the future mother-in-law went to get their premarital medical examination form.

The results showed that she had mild thalassemia, but her boyfriend did not.

The next day, the fiance cancelled the wedding.

She was decisively abandoned. The fiance is the first time that he falls in love with his heart and is also the first man. They have never quarreled.

With more and more male parents involved, she has been compromising for love step by step, but she did not expect to get such a result.

According to the severity of the disease, it can be divided into: severe, intermediate and light. Light is only mild anemia or asymptomatic, almost no impact on life.

Naturally conceived fetuses have a 25% probability of being heavy, 50% light and 25% not carrying.

It is hard to say who has suffered such a thing. In order to avoid trouble in the future, the man simply never suffered from it, and said it would be scattered.

Feeling through the running in period, through the dull period, but can not do a physical examination sheet, it is really deplorable.

There is a comment as like as two peas below Lin Shuangs account.

Some girls just check out some common gynecological diseases, they are forced to break up because their boyfriends think their life is not in order.

And some people conceal AIDS before marriage, only to be found after marriage, causing great harm to the family.

Premarital physical examination is like a mirror, which not only tests love, but also trust, true love and scum.

Whether the premarital physical examination is necessary or not, there are two voices on the Internet.


Is premarital examination necessary?

Before 2003, premarital examination was compulsory in China;

After the freedom of premarital examination, the voice of opposition and support is very high.


After my friend tried, he found that the man couldnt be tough. My cousin who worked in the hospital suggested that they should have a premarital examination. The man would not go to the hospital until he had been grinding for a long time.

The most terrifying thing is, a month later, my friend found that there was a pubic louse in his lower body, which was infected by the man.

But the end result is good, my friend was not infected with HIV. Finally, I would like to say that I do not discriminate against HIV, but please do not harm good women, she does not owe you

The experience of the above netizen friend is not dangerous. The premarital examination helped her stop the damage in time.

No one else is so lucky.

Netizen Curia:

There are two friends, a friends wife has hepatitis B, has been hiding her mother-in-law, after pregnancy can not hide, finally two people divorce.

The wife of another friend was in debt for hundreds of thousands of Yuan before marriage. After marriage, she always asked her friend for money to pay the debt. Finally, she divorced

There are a lot of unsolved things in this world. Today, a couple came to get the marriage examination report. The woman was HIV positive and the man was normal. In line with the principle of protecting the privacy of AIDS people, we didnt tell the man the result. I dont know whether the woman will tell the man. Alas

There is a selfish side to human nature. When it comes to marriage, it is full of very peaceful and smiling calculations.

My best friend husband is azoospermia. After marriage, he becomes asthenospermia, and the men dont cooperate with the treatment. Let the woman do the test tube baby. What is the mans problem that makes the woman suffer?

There are also men who have HIV and want to conceal their girlfriends fake premarital examination reports.

In love, not afraid of running in, not afraid of plain, not afraid of quarrel, the most afraid is concealment.

In particular, if one party has a history of venereal disease or genetic disease, it will bring endless troubles. Whats scary is that when it comes to marriage, more than half of people choose to hide their medical history.

Only couple have seen each other. They have not. Its easy to roll over, especially when it comes to hereditary and occult diseases.

According to the latest data, from 2004 to 2018, a total of 8.73 million patients were screened by premarital examination, including 3.03 million reproductive system diseases, 2.02 million designated infectious diseases and 70 000 genetic related diseases, with an average detection rate of 8.5%.

At present, there are about 800-1.2 million children with birth defects in our country every 30 seconds.

Since 2003, the birth defect rate of newborns has doubled in 10 years.

There are many women who oppose the premarital examination. They are afraid that the premarital examination will reveal secrets that are hard to tell

The most frequently consulted question is: the last relationship was aborted by a scum man, dare not tell the incumbent, will the premarital examination come out?

And men have no less problems with reproductive health than women.

A premarital examination report, written in black and white, clearly records a persons family history, physical condition, and even emotional history.


Before marriage, you must make clear these three points

As far as Im concerned, I strongly support premarital physical examination. If we have a partner, we can even exchange medical checkups.

The fundamental purpose of premarital examination is to discover diseases in advance and ensure marital happiness.

It is about marriage, about love, about sex, about trust, about family, about the health of both sides, and even more about the health of the next generation.

Most of our human diseases are related to genetic factors, there are congenital factors. Everyone carries more or less genes that have been shown to have negative health effects.

Therefore, premarital physical examination is very important, and the law does not support marriage with illness.

It has solved the problem of obtaining evidence in a lawsuit.

Before you get married, you must make clear these three points:

1. Do you have a family history.

In particular, there is no mental illness, Alzheimers disease, thalassemia, congenital malformation and other genetic diseases in the immediate family members.

More importantly, check the blood relationship.

There is a couple in Jiangxi Province who are very miserable. Its a dogs blood show when a lover finally becomes a brother and sister.

Because the father of the woman had an affair with the next door neighbor when he was young, he and his neighbor were married for two years before they found out that they were half brothers and sisters.

2. There is no reproductive disease on both sides.

Especially the genitourinary system and other related diseases, such as azoospermia in men and congenital absence of vagina in women, may lead to infertility.

3. There are no infectious diseases on both sides.

Such as syphilis, AIDS, hepatitis B, thalassemia and so on, these can be transmitted through mother to child, do not wait for the birth of the child, generation after generation, regret.

Congenital syphilis infant mortality and mortality are very high, severe thalassemia children born, a high probability can not survive.

So, what do premarital checkups examine?

1. Premarital examination needs to ask the history of both sides, such as familial genetic disease, past medical history, venereal disease, etc. Find out if the two sides are related by blood. Women also need to know about their menstrual history. Remarried people need to know their previous marriage and childbearing history. 2. Physical examination, including internal and external examination, genital examination and laboratory examination, should be carried out for women to exclude serious diseases of reproductive and urinary system such as imperforate hymen and absence of vagina. Men need to be examined for phimosis, short penis, hypospadias, cryptorchidism, testicular enlargement, varicocele and hydrocele. Laboratory tests include routine hematuria, biochemical tests and vaginal secretions.

If the results of premarital examination can be openly faced, many problems can be solved by medical means.

For example, genetic disease, doctors can estimate the incidence rate of offspring according to the genetic rule and pattern of genetic diseases, so as to guide both sexes.

The process of Premarital Check-up is not complicated. In general, premarital examination should be carried out 3 months before getting the certificate. Once a problem is found, there is plenty of time for treatment.

If the man has a disease, the woman can insist on getting married and having children, but if the woman has a disease, the man gives up. This is really realistic.

The cornerstone of marriage is honesty. We should face it together. After all, as long as it is a bomb, sooner or later it will explode.

In order to have a good marriage and family, and to put an end to infectious diseases and infertility, shouldnt we take the initiative to hand over our health certificates to our marriage partners?

Its always important to be clean. Giving healthy self to your partner is the best wedding gift.