Mao Xiaotong talks about standing at thirty: with a strong heart, you are your own safe haven

 Mao Xiaotong talks about standing at thirty: with a strong heart, you are your own safe haven


Zhong Xiaoqin, in thirty, chose to divorce at the age of thirty. She had a beautiful birthday, but also the end of the marriage. We are very happy singing and dancing. Maybe we can forget our troubles, pain and the child who just arrived and left in a hurry. Even if you say you are your real self, you still need to face it alone. However, I came to the day when I couldnt go on. OK, on such a birthday, a quarrel broke out between Zhong Xiaoqin and Chen Yu, and both of them said harshly: divorce!


Marriage is not just a safe haven, but Chen Yu hopes to live quietly and easily in this home. But what did he give himself? If you like it, you will have cold violence. If you dont like it, you can just slam the door and leave. The audience is looking at the itchy teeth. Isnt this marriage coming to an end soon? Is such a husband staying for the Spring Festival? Chen Yus most wanted haven has been swept away by the wind and rain. However, Chen Yu decided to give Zhong Xiaoqin half of his house and property. Such a man, really not slag. However, such a man is really not suitable for marriage.


On July 22, the TV series thirty broadcast Zhong Xiaoqins divorce plot of Chen Yu, which triggered heated discussion among netizens. As Zhong Xiaoqins actor Mao Xiaotong, she also sent an article to talk about the feeling of standing at thirty..

I feel the joys and sorrows of Zhong Xiaoqin, and like a bystander, I watch them from acquaintance, love to separation. In the marriage, Chen Yu hopes to find a safe haven for herself to avoid her unhappy childhood, while Xiaoqin wants to build a cozy home with her husband, which is a secret base only for them. None of them is wrong, but they dont agree on the cognition of marriage.

Mao Xiaotongs evaluation of Chenyu is not bad. She also talked about the haven as a stem. This family should be a cozy home for husband and wife. As emotional V said, womens growth is more important than maturity. But not every step we take is more confident and firm. Women in their thirties need self reconstruction and self affirmation. But women in their thirties are in a hurry. Anxious, when to fall in love. Anxious, when to get married. Im in a hurry. When will I have a baby. Well, its so hard.


Mao Xiaotong tells you: the so-called 30 years old is like this. It does not require us to achieve anything great when we are 30 years old, but to have a strong heart and be a safe haven for ourselves. It is often said that women should be strong inside.. This is easy to say, but difficult to do. No matter how much you protect your parents, no matter how much you protect your husband. The key is to have a strong heart. Be your own safe haven, and you will not be afraid of any wind and rain!