Japanese swimmer tears: the world collapsed when leukemia was diagnosed

 Japanese swimmer tears: the world collapsed when leukemia was diagnosed

The Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games are different for athletes. I think when this great goal suddenly disappears, it is impossible for the athletes to express their sense of loss in words. I understand that feeling, because I experienced it when I was diagnosed with leukemia, and the future and the world that I took for granted completely changed overnight

Everything, including swimming in the pool, started to make me miss it so much. It was a feeling I had never felt before I was ill, Chi said. The postponement of the Olympic Games will certainly have the same mood for the athletes, and the athletes will feel that they love this sport so much

Through this experience, I understand that sports are not only related to athletes, but also need support from different people. This is a fact, chijiang said. Dont think of the coming year as a year to be postponed, but a + 1. In order to overcome adversity, what we need most is hope. The flame of hope shines in the distance, which inspires us to continue to work hard and move forward, no matter how difficult the situation is. For me, the thought of being able to swim in the pool, even if its very painful, Im willing to be treated

I believe that in a years time, the fire of hope will be kindled here. One year later, if the curtain of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games opens, how wonderful and beautiful the world will be. Athletes all over the world firmly believe in this future. As long as you pay, there will be a return. The beauty that sports bring to the world is irreplaceable. Finally, I would like to say that sports cannot be supported by athletes alone. I cherish every day in the future with gratitude and respect. Hope that if there is, the flame will last forever.

Japanese media revealed that Li huazi of chijiang shed tears in her emotional narration during the countdown to the Olympic Games. Although her illness prevented her from competing in the Tokyo Olympic Games, this inspirational female host has returned to the swimming pool. Her goal is to compete in the 2024 Olympic Games. She hopes that her efforts will eventually pay off. She is still the Asian queen. Source: Netease sports Author: Jiang Feng, editor in charge: Feng Haotian_ NSJS2656