It is revealed that WTA will cancel the 2020 Chinese season, including seven races such as China open

 It is revealed that WTA will cancel the 2020 Chinese season, including seven races such as China open

Under the high pressure situation of uncertainty and epidemic prevention and control, WTA has no choice but to make a choice.

According to the official statement of the WTA 2020 season, all the matches will be cancelled.

Affected by the new crown epidemic, Chinas General Administration of sport has recently decided that China will not host any more international events in 2020, the statement said. Therefore, the WTA events scheduled to be held in China this year will no longer be held.

In the previous WTA rematch calendar, there were seven Chinese events listed. The seven events include China open, Wuhan open, Jiangxi open, Zhengzhou open, Shenzhen WTA finals, Zhuhai WTA super elite and Guangzhou International Womens tennis open.

There are some very high-level events in these events. For example, China open is second only to the four Grand Slams in the crown pearl race, while the Wuhan open is the WTA super five level event, let alone the importance of the year-end finals. None of these events can be staged this year, which is a huge loss to athletes, tennis fans, and organizers and sponsors.

In the statement, WTA chairman and chief executive officer Steve Simon said, we are very disappointed that we will not be able to host an international level event in China this year. Unfortunately, the decision also includes the cancellation of Porsches march to the Shenzhen championship and the WTA year-end finals. But we respect the decision that has been made and look forward to WTA returning to China as soon as possible next season

WTA decided to cancel the Chinese season. The next thing is to see how ATP chooses. After all, China open and Shanghai Masters are the most important events in Asian season. Previously, the Tokyo race, which was held in the same period with China open, has been cancelled, and the entire ATP tour may not come to Asia this year.

Sun Jiahui, all media reporter of Guangzhou Daily