Lampard insults klop video exposure: you sit down! Get out of here

 Lampard insults klop video exposure: you sit down! Get out of here

In the 36th minute of the first half, mane broke through with the ball in the front field, then fell down under the defense of Kovac, the referee whistled and judged Kovac fouled. Lampard was not satisfied with the result of the referees decision and immediately expressed his dissatisfaction to the fourth official. Perhaps because klopp asked Lampard to keep calm, Lampard became more angry.

Lampard yelled at klopper and the Liverpool managers bench: how come this is a foul? There was no foul at all Klopp responded, calm down. For slag uncles comfort, Lampard did not appreciate, but more angry, he called to slag uncle: you sit down for me. Some people in the Liverpool managers bench were not able to look down and attacked Lampard. Lampard immediately said to Jamie: if he (the people on the bench of the Liverpool coach) is not rude again, I will be rude.

Liverpool assistant manager lindes is not frightened by Lampards momentum, he continues to use words against the Chelsea manager. Lampard was so angry that he yelled, get out of my way, everybody get out of here. Then Lampard took a few steps back, but he soon turned around and called to krop, you can roll, too. Youre all the same.

According to the daily mail, the fourth official asked Lampard to return to the teams coaching position, and Lampard responded: tell them to be respectful. With no fans at Anfield, most of the spat between Lampard and krop has been clearly filmed.

What makes Lampard even more broken is that after he quarreled with klop, Arnold scored a free kick directly, rewriting the score to 2-0. In the first half, Chelsea were given three goals by Liverpool, which was the first time in the first half of the Premier League under Frank Lampard. After the game, Lampard was still angry, he told Sky Sports: in my opinion, its not Kovacs foul, there are a lot of things on the field that are bad for us.

Its fair that Liverpool won the title, but they cant be arrogant about it. Thats my point. Its all over. In the game, you cant control your emotions, thats it Lampard stressed. According to the domestic reporters at the scene, Lampard ridiculed Liverpool and even Arsenal at that time, but there was no relevant report in the British media.

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