Lenovo rescuer E-sports mobile phone Pro experience: the price is not expensive, hardware is full, do you think about it?

 Lenovo rescuer E-sports mobile phone Pro experience: the price is not expensive, hardware is full, do you think about it?

Two days ago, my friend said he wanted to buy a mobile phone, and he didnt care about the design, but only needed the awesome performance. As soon as I saw that it was the second half of the year, the Dragon 865 + flagship came out immediately, so I asked him to wait. As a result, in less than a few days, the first snapdragon 865 + flagship came

I always thought that the first start of the snapdragon 865 + is no more than the old drivers such as Samsung or Xiaomi. To my surprise, Lenovo not only won the first release of snapdragon 865 +, but also became a major game mobile phone. So, when it comes to game phones, you should not only remember that there are red devils, black sharks, raptors, ROGS, but also Lenovos rescuer E-sports phones ~ ~ Oh, pro~~~

I have to mention that when I first heard the name of the Savior, I refused in the bottom of my heart. How can I get the word Earth! However, when I opened the package, the sound effect with a strong sense of technology made the product pop up immediately. I immediately felt a kind of high-tech temperament inconsistent with the product name.

There is a sense of science and technology, but there is still a subtle feeling. I always feel that something is wrong, and I cant tell you. Take out the mobile phone, further explore the truth, at this time I can not help Conan attached, clues instantly string into a line.

I found that in addition to the normal position of the phone has a type-C interface, there is also a type-C interface on the side of the body! The position of the power button and volume key is also wrong. The power button is in the middle area on the right side of the fuselage, and the volume key is near the center line on the left side of the fuselage.

The back of the fuselage can see two cameras in the middle area. The flat design inevitably makes people think.

There are no holes in the front of the screen, and dual speakers are placed on the forehead and chin of the phone, facing the front.

So wheres the front camera? A gap above the logo on the back betrayed it. You should have seen a mobile phone with a zoom lens, but have you ever seen a shot that goes up and down from half waist to side?

These signs tell us that this mobile phone is not simple, and there is only one truth. What is the truth?

Until I light up my mobile phone... Horizontal screen! Its horizontal! The default boot interface is horizontal screen!

The central design of the main camera and lift camera, the center design is like the Big Ben logo of rgblogo, the side design of the power button and type-C interface, Lenovo is in the next big game!

Back to the screen, the 6.65 inch AMOLED full screen, 1080p, 144hz refresh rate + 240Hz sampling, properly equipped with standard game phones. Although the official does not emphasize too much, the display effect of the mobile phone is still online.

The color performance is very good, it should be adjusted specifically for the game. A little bit gorgeous, but it still looks very comfortable, brightness can not be virtual direct sunlight. Anyway, Ive been using the mobile phone with the so-called primary color screen. When I look at Lenovos rescuer pro, I dont feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable.

Besides, the pro of Lenovos rescuer eSports mobile phone is somewhat thick, which may be related to the use of dual X-axis linear motor. However, the feeling of holding is very good, especially when holding with both hands, the glass flowers on both sides of the back can not only ensure the sense of design, but also play a certain role in anti-skid.

It is worth mentioning that although the intuitive feeling of mobile phone is somewhat thick, it will never give you a heavy feeling. Even if it is held in one hand, it will not have a strong feeling of falling hand. After a period of intense play, you will find that this is still important.

In terms of details, although players usually dont pay attention to the RGB light effect on the back of the mobile phone, Lenovo still preset a lot of lighting modes. It has to be said that this small function of installing 13 is very suitable for young peoples appetite. At least my brother thinks its very cool.

On the whole, Lenovo savior eSports mobile phone Pro will give you a feeling of this is the flagship game phone. Except that the default horizontal screen makes people feel a little strange, and it needs to manually turn on the rotating screen to solve the problem, there are basically no slots in other aspects, especially the texture of the touch, and even some of the Rog beliefs have internal flavor. It can be seen that this is a product developed by Lenovo.

In fact, when I see the flat camera, I probably have some psychological preparation. After all, as a professional game mobile phone, the rescuer E-sports mobile phone Pro should not be the main demand of the audience users. Its main camera has 64 million pixels, ultra high definition and large aperture. I think the rate is probably Samsung GW1. 16 megapixel super wide angle sub camera, support 120 u00b0 Max ultra wide angle shooting, 2.5cm super macro distance.

Although there are only two cameras, to be honest, the daily shooting should be enough. From the actual sample, although it is not surprising, at least it is not disappointing.

Speaking of reason, for this mobile phone, the front may be more important. The horizontal and central design will naturally remind people of the screen when the host uses the mobile phone for live broadcast. This 20 megapixel front lens, in terms of effect alone, makes sense.

(1 times)

(2 times)

(front selfie)


Lenovo even made in-depth optimization for the live broadcast of front camera, which is worthy of praise. In this era of lack of innovation, this should be considered as a small innovation.

Lifeguard eSports Pro is equipped with a high pass snapdragon 865plus processor and is manufactured in TSMC 7Nm process. The GPU model is adreno650, and the main frequency is increased to 3.1ghz. Compared with the previous generation, the CPU performance of snapdragon 865plus is improved by 10% and GPU by 10%.

The maximum operating memory is 16GB, 512gb of storage space. Meanwhile, it also supports the new generation of memory lpddr5 and ufs3.1 high-speed flash memory, fully ensuring the equipment performance and operating efficiency. In fact, from the point of view of hardware configuration, the materials used in the rescue E-sports Pro mobile phone are still very sufficient. As for the official saying of Lenovo, this is the official statement. In fact, in terms of popularity, because of the particularity of the internal structure design of the mobile phone, the processor, front and rear lens modules are placed in the middle, while two batteries, symmetrical double X-axis linear motor and The speakers are placed on both sides.

In fact, such an approach is really rare. First of all, the cooling system is taken from the upstream scheme, which requires the R & D team to spend more time to optimize. Lenovo adopts the TSI frost blade cooling system. According to the distribution of heat sources, it monitors the internal temperature changes and improves the heat dissipation efficiency through the dual liquid cooling asynchronous partition cooling architecture and 14 matrix temperature sensors, Reduce the hand temperature to ensure that the temperature of the hand holding area is moderate and in the comfortable temperature range under the condition of high load of the game scene.

Geekbench4 test

Running score test of Angou rabbit

Running points are indispensable in actual tests. Although it is said that running points are dispensable now, the running points are still tested because of the first Xiaolong 865 +. The running scores of Antu rabbit are 631221, the single core score of geekbench4 is 4462, the score of multi-core is 12336, and the score of computing ability is 9429. At present, it is the first in the ranking list.

Shoulder key to enter game space

Peace elite test:

In the game

Image quality setting interface

Kings glory test:

Game function information bar

One button supernatural function

External key mouse

In the game test, MoBa mobile game Kings glory and FPS shooting mobile game peace elite with high user activity were selected for the test. When the picture quality, particle quality, interface dynamic effect, resolution and other effects were fully opened, the group war was stable at 60 frame rate, and no frame drop occurred; the default effect and effect of peace elite were fully open (ultra high definition + extreme mode), the CPU consumption is maintained at about 20%, and the overall picture fluency is improved significantly. (the 90hz mode has not been adapted yet, but the 90hz mode should be opened for full performance in the future)

Rescuer eSports mobile phone Pro adopts 0.65mm super large amplitude all metal speaker and 1.4cc large cavity design. How to say, the normal speaker design of non eSports mobile phone is usually at the top and bottom of the fuselage, which means that the action of holding hands to play the game will block the speakers voice outlet. For the current FPS shooting games, this operation will lead to players There are some errors in the surrounding scene.

The design of dual speakers does solve the problem that FPS games are blocked, but maybe the engineering version is too loud. This is expected to be optimized in subsequent software versions.

The rescue eSports mobile phone Pro is equipped with 5000mAh capacity batteries (two 2500mah horizontal batteries). The body has two type-C interfaces (the bottom of the body + the side of the power button), and the two C ports are full function attributes (charging + data transmission).

In the endurance test, under the condition of 100% brightness + 55% volume (too loud sound), the power consumption of glory of the king is 20% for one hour, 26% for peace elite for one hour, and 11% for normal social software and video playback for one hour.

In the charging test, 51% of the battery can be charged in 15 minutes and fully charged in 40 minutes. In fact, this 90W fast charging condition is caused by the special body structure of the lifer E-sports mobile phone pro. If the 90W fast charging is required, two lines need to be plugged into the mobile phone to complete the dual flash charging. If there is only one line, then only 45W of flash charging is needed.

In particular, in fact, in the process of unpacking, we will inevitably see the charger. We have to say that the design of the charging head of the Pro Pro of the Saviors E-sports mobile phone is emmm. The pin does not pop out, so you have to use your fingers to hard button.

The front camera has already said in the previous lens introduction, using the lifting design, in the game process, the user can turn on the live into painting function, the front camera will start, the players screen will appear in the game, a bit like a small window double open, this small window supports locking position or arbitrary position; fade screen and cutout mode, this function is still comparative Vertical to the game anchor, but the problem! It is impossible for the live game hosts to play games with both hands, and it is impossible to guarantee the 90 degree vertical holding of the mobile phone. After the front lens of the rescuers E-sports mobile phone Pro is turned on, the players photographed are all elevation angles. Simply speaking, they shoot their chin upward. This situation can be felt by themselves.

Interestingly, Lenovo also cooperates with Betta and tiger teeth to quickly open live broadcast in the game without jumping out. In addition, it also supports the mobile phone with 8M HD live broadcast on douyu and Huya platforms.

The price of Lenovos lifesaver E-sports mobile phone Pro is 3499 yuan. This price should be expected. The overall hardware and innovative functions of the product are enough to attract the user group. Although there are still some small problems, overall, the pro of the rescuer E-sports mobile phone enters the field of E-sports mobile phones and has such a great competitiveness.

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