The husband who marries far away, the heart that does not marry far: smart wife does these 2 points, affect marriage happiness

 The husband who marries far away, the heart that does not marry far: smart wife does these 2 points, affect marriage happiness

Of course, he didnt come for me in the beginning, and we met after he came to my city.

He said that he had discussed with his parents. His parents respected his decision. He also said that he didnt have to worry about the pension problem. His parents pension.

Later, we bought a house on our own, and he settled down in my city.

Now he is married, but there is no fear that he will run away, but sometimes I will love him. He has no family and develops in a strange city. His work and interpersonal circle have to struggle a little bit. We cant fight dad, we can only rely on ourselves. We all know the significance of hard work and want to have a place in this city.

Because of his busy work, he has to go on business from time to time, so he cant go back to his hometown conveniently, which I also have concerns about.

So, from time to time, when he doesnt have to travel, I will take the initiative to take his parents to live in our house for a while, so that the elderly can know that we have a good life.

The Yugoslavian essayist urizevic once said: cooking a delicious home dish for a loved one is more effective than saying a hundred I love you.

Who doesnt miss the taste of hometown? There is no way to express the feeling of warm return.

However, the two people who entered into the marriage came from different cities, and naturally there were great differences in their food tastes.

It is not easy for a man who has eaten home flavor for more than 20 years to forget the familiar flavor.

Fortunately, my father-in-law and I learned very well. I can make a table of dishes and make the taste my husband likes.

At the same time, we have also bought enough security for the four elderly people. Both social security and insurance have been allocated to the greatest extent.

The daughter who marries far away often becomes the concern of parents, and the son is no exception.

My husband has taken root in my city, and he has become a distant marriage. I understand that his parents must miss him very much.

On New Years day, we will also give the parents of both sides some holiday expenses, or buy fruit, daily necessities, talk about filial piety.


In view of my husbands distant marriage, I also think a lot about this marriage and want to share two ways to maintain the marriage.

First, if you love him, you should share more for him.

Second, the husbands success depends on the support of his wife.

Why do you say that?

Once I saw a saying: a bag of 100 kg of grain, a person to carry, very tired, and if two people to carry, then everyone will reduce half of the pressure, become relaxed.

The same is true in marriage. When men and women work together, they are not tired. A wife who knows how to share can always lighten the burden on her husband. The two people cooperate with each other to continuously obtain a sense of achievement in their career, a sense of happiness in life, and a sense of happiness in their feelings.

As a man, he has a lot of pressure to support his family. This is why many men hope his wife can share with him. Just like a teammate on a boat, he can only accelerate by grasping the rhythm of exertion.

This is not to say that a man wants to evade his responsibilities, but when a man is working hard for his life, career and family, he also hopes that his wife can understand his difficulties and do his little to share some for him and relieve his pressure.

The reason why home is home is that two people can complement each other and encourage each other.

It is not only a mans home, but also a womans home. Home is a common haven for husband and wife.

Men are responsible for their families. As wives, they also have the responsibility to take part in family responsibilities.

Therefore, if you love him, you should share a little more for him, and dont let him bear the hardships and tiredness of life alone.

I believe that most married women want their husbands to be successful in their careers and improve the living standards of their families.

If you can quietly support your husband, reduce his worries, become a good helper in his career, and stimulate his self-improvement, then your husband will get greater achievements and realize his family dream.

The relationship among career, man and woman is probably just like what marriage experts say

Career is all men have, and men are all women. The fate of a wife and her husband will be closely linked together. Life is the same, and so is work.

Indeed, husband and wife are the community of common destiny. In their long life, if they can share weal and woe, cherish each other, and never abandon each other, they will naturally join hands in life, fearing no wind and rain.

A good wife is the biggest supporter of her husbands career, and her husband is also the strongest supporter of his wife, who will eventually help each other.

Husband and wife get along, more understanding, less contradiction, more laughter, less blame, this will harvest a happy marriage.


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