Married womens sincere words exposed: the old classmate confessed to me after the divorce, I wavered...

 Married womens sincere words exposed: the old classmate confessed to me after the divorce, I wavered...

The authors of the philosophy of love, desire and infidelity have also summed up: no matter what social class, what level of education, no matter what kind of moral, religious or legal norms prevailing at that time, there will always be people who cheat. Human history is a history of infidelity.

When we hear cheating, we are helpless, but we seem to be used to it.

Facing the biggest killer in this feeling, it seems that everyone is equal, regardless of occupation or status. If you dont love, the story ends.

The backstage often has the fan to leave a message, how does the old take the man to cheat on the matter? Its terrible for married women to cheat


1. Career oriented man with high social status

My husband and I have been married for nearly 20 years. I have been doing some small business, but nothing has improved. My husband is only content with the status quo, and has stayed in a company for more than 10 years with the most basic salary.

I think I am a very ambitious person, but I am a weak woman, no husbands help, so many years also did not make much money.

Until through the introduction of a fellow townsman, I met a man. At a dinner party, he asked me about my current business situation, gave me some tips, and introduced business people in two circles. I really did as he did. During a month, I actually brought me half of my income before... I said I would invite him to dinner. Thank you, but he said that we are all friends and you are welcome With money.

Later I learned that he owned several companies himself, but he was a low-key person. I had a good feeling for him in an instant.

Later, I took the opportunity to learn from him, added his wechat, and occasionally talked about life and feelings. He said that he had been divorced for more than six years because he was too busy before. But now Im free, and I dont have a partner.

Later, my child took the college entrance examination. He helped me find tutors from famous schools and analyze which university and major I should apply for. And my husband never cares.

Since then, we have more and more frequent contact, and we all have the meaning of further development. Now I am struggling to have a showdown with my husband. Anyway, my children have finished the college entrance examination.

I admit that I was attracted by his social resources and social experience at the beginning, but I think this is the basis for two people to like each other. Men are worshipped by women.

Im a girl. Naturally, I dont like the professional knowledge he talked about, but I began to worship the profession and identity of pilots. I think those captains are very tall and handsome. Before the first love, every time people ask my ideal mate, I always answer: pilot.

However, this is only a deep fantasy hidden in the heart, and the circle from small to large has no chance to contact the pilot. Later, I got married and had children with my boyfriend at that time. He was my first boyfriend. We were college classmates. All in all, everything went well and the days were OK.

But life is an incredible coincidence. Once I went to a customer company to talk about cooperation, I left my mobile phone in a taxi in a hurry. As a result, I called quickly and was received by the next passenger. I heard a very calm male voice saying to me, dont worry, please tell me the address. Ill send it to you now. We should not be far away.

Sure enough, 10 minutes later, he delivered his mobile phone to me. As I was in a hurry, I caught a glimpse of his high-quality and stable temperament. I quickly gave him a business card and said that he would contact me. I would like to thank you very much. After that, I ran to the client company.

In the evening, he added me wechat. I flipped through his circle of friends. He was actually a pilot... I took the initiative to contact him and thank him for sending me mobile phones during the day.

Later, I took this opportunity to invite him to dinner, and he agreed without hesitation. We talked a lot about that meal. I talked about all the knowledge about brainwashing airplanes that my father gave me when he was a child. However, I was only interested in the captain, and he was all over the place.

At that moment, I found that I had been married for several years and had not been as happy as that night for a long time

Later, we would chat every day, until now, and the content is more and more ambiguous... I admit that this man satisfied all my dreams about my partner when I was young. Sometimes when I look at my sleeping husband and children at night, I always wonder if I have done something wrong

3. Men of opposite sex

Later, we married each other. His wife often complained to me that he was chatting with the little girl outside. While I comforted her, I also told my classmates that he should not go too far.

But in the end, they divorced. His wife complained that he would only earn money and would not go home. In addition, his chatty personality made him unable to bear to leave.

After the divorce, I felt that he had changed. It was like growing up. Later, he lived alone and devoted himself to his own career. However, in his spare time, he would talk to me about his emotional experience and his own feelings over the years. At first, when we met for dinner, we would call my husband together, but I dont know when we became alone.

It turned out that we would see each other almost once a week.

To my surprise, he once confessed to me on the way home after dinner. He said that he had been divorced for two years and thought a lot. He found that the only girl who had been with him for so many years was me

I didnt speak and got out of the car and went home. I lost sleep that night.

I have to admit that, at this time, I also had waves. He was humorous and witty, and he always made all the people present laugh. He was also very wise in business.

Its true to think of his words. Im the opposite sex who has been with him for so many years. But there is one thing I didnt say, that is, he is also the one who has been with me for so many years.


Who can guarantee that they have not been ready to move in marriage? I think no one dares to say so in this society.

But marriage can only be like this, indulge oneself, muddle along?

We all know that if you have no self-control, no principles and bottom line in a relationship, or even dont bother to learn how to manage a marriage, then the quality of your marriage is really not related to your partner.

I think everyone should think carefully before entering into marriage, and should not stop thinking and growing up after marriage.

The husband has no ambition and takes the basic salary. We can discuss how to maximize the benefits of the existing resources in the family;

The ideal man that I adored when I was young suddenly appeared miraculously after marriage, and I couldnt control it.. Do you manage your marriage so weakly? Then I can only doubt whether the emotional foundation of you and your husband was really strong enough to get married;

Many years of old classmates divorced, the sentence you have always been with me made me think wildly. It seems that the gap period of two years after the divorce has matured. But first, is the so-called empty window really? Secondly, he confessed to an old classmate who was still married. Why was it not his usual romantic practice when he was young?


Finally, I would like to say that we often talk about marriage, but we dont know that there is a lot of knowledge in it. Besides dealing with the intimate relationship with the husband, we also have to resist the unexpected situations and temptations of the outside world. This tests ones self-control and judgment.

However, the significance of life may lie in this, problems continue to emerge, we continue to solve.

But dont live your life like this: how comfortable you are.

If you live too wantonly, you may be happy now. In the long run, Im afraid it will be a more tiring thing.