Easy gas station: she looks so thin, how pregnant??

 Easy gas station: she looks so thin, how pregnant??

Mature adults will not be picky, mature adults will say: I cant eat this, will be allergic.

When someone asks you for advice on how to buy something, the only correct way to deal with it is to recommend the expensive one.

(mens happiness)

Since I was a child, I have a wish that when I grow up, I will have countless banknotes every day. It really came true when I grew up! I work in a bank and I really have endless bills every day. After working for a while, I found that this wish was well fulfilled. So I made another wish: I must open a bank in the future. I didnt expect that I made it again last week! The manager asked me to keep the key to the door and asked me to open it every morning.

Recently, I was chasing a TV play. I found that the supporting actress was so beautiful. In order to see her more, I spent 25 yuan to become a member for the first time in my life. Unexpectedly, she died in the second episode. It was really like love!

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