The 18-year-old view of love can no longer support my 30-year-old love

 The 18-year-old view of love can no longer support my 30-year-old love

Male table eyelashes are very long, blink on the whole body electric.

And the Xueba, how can you do anything.

The boy who won the first place in cross-country sports meeting received many pink letters.

At that time, I dreamt of meeting true love around the corner and meeting the rest of my life in a coffee shop.

Thirty, No.

Eat alone, go shopping, wash hot pot, or even go to karaoke alone.

Its not hard to be single.

When a person is sick, he has a needle in his left hand. He can take a bottle with his right hand to go to the toilet. Its a big deal to get some blood back.

In reality, Jiang Chen doesnt like Chen Xiaoxi. The little prince cant meet rose, and Xu Xian doesnt know Bai Suzhen.

No longer believe that the first snow confession will come true, no matter how white the shirt is.

Falling in love becomes troublesome, and the heart becomes very small, which can not hold another persons temperament, taste and preference.

Take care of yourself is very tired, but also take care of others.


At the age of 18, advertising for a love affair is just like the opening ceremony for the Olympic Games. It should be vigorous, lively and earth shaking.

Boys eat instant noodles for several months and save money to buy lots of roses. Or light a heart-shaped candle with the cake in the middle.

The boy playing guitar downstairs in the girls dormitory is full of hormones.

There is a super funny guy, pulling the banner of so and so I love you and hanging it on the tree at the door of the building.

Girls stay up for a few nights and weave a handmade scarf before Valentines day.

Stack 999 stars and stuff them into a shiny glass bottle.

No matter how bad it is, you should go to the supermarket to pick up colored paper for half a day and write a love letter seriously.

Wechat says: I like you.

If the other party agrees, of course, he or she likes to run. If he doesnt agree, there are many ways to ease the embarrassment. They can be withdrawn within two minutes, and after two minutes, they can directly say that they have typed wrong words.

Dont bother to prepare gifts, and try to find out what the other person likes. Or simply use the expression pack to tell the truth, half joking and half serious.

For girls, the idea of chasing back cant move at all.

It hurt more than a hundred days.

In order not to wither, would rather not bloom.

Weve all learned to analyze costs and risks, and well always leave ourselves a way out on the way to courtship.


At the age of 18, when he broke up, he had to cut his wrists and jump off a building. He had to be depressed and have nothing to love.

Like experienced a high fever, the world is still colorful, but you cant afford to look.

To see a lot of chicken soup to cure a little bit, to meet a lot of people to forget a little bit.

At that time, I really felt that he was the most loved one in this life, and you lost it.

Since then, in winter, no summer.

Now, oh, lets split up, lets go, lets derail.

Thats sad. Its not enough for the next beer.

Eat, drink, sleep. I have to go to work tomorrow.

Life is like a train. Wula Wula goes forward. Farewell to the past, will usher in the next stop.

We are used to losing, used to leaving, used to empty heart.

At the age of 18, the greatest dream is to marry the one you love the most, and then travel around the world together, raise children together, and make a lot of money together.

Can be for love and school against, against parents, ready to betray the world at any time, fly away together.

He disdains to marry when he is old. He has no capital and has the courage to fight against the world.

Thirty years old, who was introduced by his relatives? He has good family conditions, good work, good looks and good character.

Parents say its suitable, friends say its suitable, the eight characters are suitable, and the constellation is suitable.

But he didnt like him, and he didnt seem to like himself.

If you dont like it, dont hate it.


At the age of 18, love is full of twists and turns, the cherry blossom is brilliant, and the galaxy is shining.

I dont know the passion. At the age of 18, we put all our eggs on the youth.

Or, the daily trivialities gradually wear away the 18-year-olds frankness and edges.

Yesterday and friends mentioned, has been a long time no palpitation feeling.

Friends said, we are old, but also timid.

Every man is eighteen years old, and thirty years old.

Love, pain, growth, relief, good.