You are my destiny: to refuse to pursue again by my predecessor is not to make or not to love

 You are my destiny: to refuse to pursue again by my predecessor is not to make or not to love

There are a lot of people entangled in emotion. Some people describe this as persistence, perseverance, perseverance, persistence, deep love and persistence.

But in the process of getting along with each other, of course, the feelings are mutual. Chen Jiaxin likes Wang Xieyi, and also sees that Wang Jieyi doesnt hate herself and is very good to herself.

After that, she let go of her worries and love him with all her heart and accept his arrangement. She felt happy because she felt Wangs love.

If he doesnt show his love for her and likes her, she is not the kind of girl who will pester her. Even if he cant ask for the child, she wont cling to him.

In fact, she would still be hesitant and wavering, but she would remind herself again and again not to start again.

When the audience saw that Wangs pursuit was so serious and hard, Chen Jiaxin still refused to accept it. They felt that she had done it and that she had gone too far.

Therefore, she could not ignore this important reason and did not want to be hurt again. She even felt that he did not love himself at that time, and it is not reliable to pursue any more now. Therefore, even if she still loves him, she still refuses to accept it.

Of course, this is what she thought it was, because the divorce agreement she saw was the one Anna had changed. It said that the custody and visitation rights of the children would not belong to her, let alone any property.

Chen Jiaxin didnt want to get Wangs property, but when she saw the agreement, she felt that she was defending herself, driving herself away, and that she did not love herself at all. She just used and cheated.

In Wangs agreement, however, it was written that she should be given half of her property and custody of her children. This is the performance of love, because love a person, there will be clear interests to protect.

As her inner monologue said: from the day I left you, everything I have done is to prove that my life can be very good without you, but I am trying to be brave.

In fact, it is the right choice for Michelle Chan to face the separation, separation and combination of feelings. The mistake lies in her misunderstanding.

From her point of view, if she thinks that Wang Jieyi doesnt love herself, then it is the right way to escape resolutely, ignore him, do not contact, and refuse to pursue again.

After all, if a person doesnt love you, or doesnt love you at all, theres no reason to be with him. Its good to continue to be with him, even if you still love him.

Its not only self-esteem, but also dont want to make do with someone who doesnt love him, or watch him pretend to love himself while pretending to be someone else.

Because there are many people, pursue a person, with a person, can not be because of love

Although its a hard work, if you cant confirm the love of each other, you wont accept the situation of being together again.

Be responsible for yourself and that person. And their own pain, always in the passage of time slowly reduce the relief.

Just like Chen Jiaxin reminded herself after her monologue: we cant let the weak emotions continue

Although its hard to be brave, its better to be together with people who dont love themselves. Of course, there are misunderstandings among the people in the play. It is natural that everyone will be happy if they untie the misunderstanding and fall in love again.