Qin Hao, you are angry at last

 Qin Hao, you are angry at last

Later, Lou Yes cloud in the wind with a rain was released on the big screen. Netizens in the end of the world are ashamed of the bloody plot, but the performance of the three leading actors attracted me.

Up to the recent secret corner, such villains as Zhang Dongsheng were rarely seen in domestic dramas. I have to admire Mr. Qin Haos taste in choosing scripts.

Many people think of him as the leading actor of Lou ye, the God of literary and artistic films. In fact, before Zhang Dongsheng, Qin Hao had already played a very important role.

What makes people happy is that Qin Hao is finally on fire this time.

Zhang Dongsheng will be the shadow of his childhood

Do you think I have a chance?

A similar effect is to make a child cry in an elevator

It turns out that this man has been pretending to be himself.

In Zijin Chens original novel, Zhang Dongsheng kills people for money, but in this play, his motive for killing is more complicated.

Ostensibly to save the marriage. In fact, its to vent anger.

After years of no status in the family, the accumulated resentment broke out after being betrayed

In recent years, there have been few villains in domestic dramas: extremely high IQ, extremely gloomy psychology, and polite in front of outsiders.

Qin Hao said that he wanted to perform the terrible, hateful and pitiful side of Zhang Dongsheng.

At this point, there is a delicate balance between the four.

Although the balance was soon broken.

This is a poor man, too.

In fact, he is a very axial person

Qin Hao was known to many viewers who didnt watch art films earlier.

Someone left a message at the bottom of his microblog: it turns out that you are quite handsome. You were buried in Lou Yes movie. [1

To this kind of message, Qin Haos reaction is: I am not like this, I act like that, this is my cows place.

In reality, Qin Hao is totally different from the marginal people in Lou Yes movies. He is humorous and sunny. He only thinks about performance, and he doesnt care about the entertainment industry. Even shy Lou ye said, Haozi is a very funny person.

Qin Hao was a science student in high school. After watching Jiang Wens films, he wanted to learn acting. Without any foundation, he was admitted to the Central Academy of drama. His classmates were Zhang Ziyi, Liu Ye, Mei Ting, Zeng Li and Qin Hailu. In retrospect, Qin Hao thought it was Gods feast.. And if an actor has talent, the rest doesnt matter. [2

Of course, as a student, Qin Hao is still very hard-working. He is the most obedient and obedient student. He doesnt go out to film.

In order to play the role he wanted to play, Qin Hao paid the price of not shooting for three years. Until in Wang Xiaoshuais Qinghong, he played a rebellious youth in 1980s wearing bell bottoms and Toad glasses.

So many years of persistence also have results. After learning to perform for more than ten years, Qin Hao finally got the chance to cooperate with his dream director.

Before filming the story of the demon cat, Chen Kaige found him and said, you are the first actor in a movie Im preparing.

Qin Hao plays Jin Wuwei Chen Yunqiao in the legend of demon cat. This character doesnt appear much, but its very complicated. In the second generation of officials, he was greedy for money and lust, and was afraid of life and death. He was a bit obscene. He was full of wine and wealth, which was totally different from Qin Haos role in literary films.

Qin Hao didnt know how to play the role at first, but the effect was very good.

Besides Chen Yunqiao, he has also played other roles these years. For example, Wu Xie in Sha Hai.

Wu Xie is one of the core characters in the notes of tomb robbing. In the story of the sand sea, Wu Xie is no longer a simple teenager, but a mature man who can take charge of his own affairs.

Wu Xie, who is middle-aged in the novel, is wearing a brown jacket, handsome, fair skinned, gentle and reserved, voluminous, warm as jade, and slender in stature.

After Qin Hao appeared, he did not grow up

The best Qin Hao may be in Lou Yes movie

However, the best Qin Hao may still be in Lou Yes movies.

When Lou Ye finds Qin Hao, he is fascinated by the way he walks. Hes not squinting, his hands are shaking back and forth, lazy young master fan. [3

Lou Ye later put this kind of walking gait on the character Jiang Cheng in the days when the spring breeze is intoxicated.

In the night of the spring breeze, Jiang Cheng is far away from Qin Hao and deviates from the mainstream. The most important thing is that the film, not to mention being released in China, may not even be finished.

In the critical period of Qin Haos aesthetic formation, Lou Yes Suzhou River had a great influence on him.

It is said that this segment of Jiang Cheng singing rosemary in the film came from Qin Haos improvisation. This is one of the most fascinating parts of the movie

LouYes films have always been famous for their gloomy and depressing nature. The change of the characters mood is more obvious than that of the plot. Jiang Cheng in spring breeze and Qiao Yongzhao in mystery of floating city are children who will never grow up in their own world.

However, Sha fuming in Tuina is not like this. He is worldly wise, shrewd, good at or thinks he is good at communication, and desperately wants to integrate into the mainstream society.

Most people act as blind people by imitating their expressions, behaviors and out of focus eyes.

Qin Hao was not satisfied with the performance after he shot a group of films himself, so he did another lesson: he used special effect makeup to simulate the physiological structure of the eyes of the blind people, who had been blind for a long time. Because their eyeballs were atrophied, their eyelids were concave, which was impossible to perform.

In order to play the role of Sha fuming, Qin Hao tried not to be on the set, but also to act in the style of blind people. He even tried for as long as a day and a half, making himself totally invisible, and finally he couldnt stand it.

After the secret corner became popular, I saw a lot of comments saying that Qin Hao was very suitable for this kind of literate scum with glasses. I suspect it might be because of Jiang Zicheng in the cloud made by a rain in the wind.

In the wind and rain cloud, the most impressive scene left by Qin Hao is the sad, shocked and ghostly expression on Jiang Zichengs face when Lian a Yun was burned to death.

If you connect the middle part, Qin Haos handling of the role is more reasonable. This man is not only his lover, but also an alliance of interests who knows too many secrets. He must die, but he is full of guilt.

Qin Hao has always said that there are three conditions for him to take over a play: script, role and director. In fact, there are not many conditions that can be satisfied at the same time, so for a long time, we are not familiar with him.

However, he does not seem to care. Like his own role in Lou Yes film, he has identified a certain road and has been going on without being disturbed by the outside world.

Im glad such a good actor is on fire.

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