Just 30: being a mother has a knack. Being a stepmother needs more methods. Gu Jia is right

 Just 30: being a mother has a knack. Being a stepmother needs more methods. Gu Jia is right

Each person has multiple roles and identities, and in each role, different ways and tricks are needed. Take being a mother, its not easy to do well.

Perhaps because she was born in the school of bully, she had high IQ, high EQ, clear and calm mind, wise and insightful, so she dealt with the problems with great vigour, and her words were impenetrable and impossible to refute.

Not only that, she is also a sankan. As a mother, she should do well in educating and guiding her children.

However, Gu Jia thinks that this is not right. On the one hand, it is unfair to the sick children of others. On the other hand, it also affects the education of his children. Because that would make other children learn to discriminate.

Just watching her educate her children like this and enlighten him to accompany the frightened him, we can see that she is very effective.

Whats more, its actually how she helped his wife. Mrs. Yus husband has the right to operate the paradise. Gu Jia sees the business opportunity and asks his wifes wechat to break through here.

After that, he learned that Mrs. Yu took his son on horseback, so he also gave his son a name. After observing for a few days, he found that Mrs. Yu and her son didnt get along well.

Of course, Mrs. Yu is a stepmother. She has two children in the main room. The children are only three or four years old. Many things are half understood. She clearly shows that she does not like stepmother, so she always opposes her.

Mrs. Yu is also embarrassed and aggrieved. She tries hard to catch up with her children. She asks whether she wants to drink water or not, and whether it is hot or not.

Indeed, it is not easy to be a stepmother. Children love their mothers, so they cant accept and like the mothers brought back by their fathers immediately.

But most of the children are simple and naive. If they get along well, it is not impossible for them to like another mother. Even if you cant be as close as your mother, at least you dont hate each other and dont deliberately find fault.

Therefore, Gu Jia told Mrs. Yu, if you havent been a mother, dont pretend to be a mother, because a child has a spirit. She has to show her most real emotions properly, so that the child can let go of her guard. The child knows that no one can take the place of his mother. Mrs. Yu will only let the child treat her as an imaginary enemy and persuade her to try to be friends with the child...

To sum up, these words can also be understood as: dont try to please children, do not pretend to love, but be sincere, equal relations, mutual respect, in order to get along happily.

It is naturally the best to be a friend. In fact, it is not difficult. Mrs. Yu quickly learned that she should be cautious and humble. She should also express her dissatisfaction and emotions appropriately, so that she can get along with her children more smoothly.

In fact, this is a general principle, emotional relations are the same, you are too kind to a person, a servile manner to please, then you do well, also can not get the other partys like.

On the contrary, he may be tired of you, because he cant see that you respect yourself. If you are somewhat arrogant, polite, kind and gentle, but with dignity and self-respect, the effect will be much better, and the other party will naturally respect you.

My mother is a little bit like this, said not to eat, but also repeatedly asked, so do not eat, asked whether to eat the same. And then we have to say that not eating is not good for our health, no, no, and so on.

Anyway, its always too much care in all aspects, sometimes it makes people anxious. I know its caring, but Im impatient.

Maybe a lot of people will say that you know when you are a mother. You must be worried that the child is not eating well and not wearing warm clothes. This may also be true, but if you want to get along well with your child, you still cant.

How would you treat your child if you changed your position and treated him as a friend? Is it a matter of great or small, or respect each others habits and ways?