Just 30: my Wang mani moment

 Just 30: my Wang mani moment

She rented it because there was a balcony in the house that could let her empty. Although Wang mani didnt even have a water dispenser, all she had was a water pump.

In the afternoon, we discussed this detail and said that it was a little far fetched to say that there was no water dispenser. After all, as long as we ordered enough barrels of water, the water supplier would send a water dispenser. Moreover, there was not much money to buy the water dispenser. Even if we bought it, we would move and lose it.

But to be honest, Ive been in Beijing for five years, and I never wanted to have a water dispenser. I knew that the water dispenser didnt cost much, but I just didnt buy it.

Living in the current house, I didnt even buy pots and pans, because all the things I had bought carefully were lost in my ex boyfriends house. In addition, I had moved too many times, bought a lot and lost a lot.

Now I dont have the heart to decorate this house any more. Im full of thinking about buying a house next year. Ill buy some more of the house that should be bought. The house is rented, and I dont know when to move away at any time.

So, I can understand why Wang Manni doesnt have a water dispenser. If it can be less, she is really tired of living with too much luggage.

When moving, the moving Master Wang Manni was looking for was also a chatterbox, but he said a lot of things that were quite stabbing. He said that he had seen too many people move from the inner ring to the outer ring, and then move back to their hometown step by step. He said that was the case in big cities.

After hearing this, I was also lost for a while. Like Wang Mani, I used to live in a house with a rent of 12000.1 months. I moved step by step from the inner ring to the suburb of Tongzhou.

Although want to save some money to buy a house, but not really can buy it, the heart will beat drum.

But people always want to grow up. In the first two years, they always feel that they are still young and can afford to spend money, so they dont have to deliberately leave anything. But when they are 30 years old, it seems that everyone will be in a hurry to buy a house, save gold, and have children. All these things have a general name, called back road

Yes, the girls who own a cloakroom, jimmychoo, RV and Valentino, how can they paste the soles of their shoes? They dont have to walk often, or theyre worn out, and they wont be distressed. The only ones who stick the soles are Wang mani.

According to the notice, the man dating Wang mani is a sea king. Wang man Ni wants to marry him seriously, but Haiwang has different girlfriends in different places and says that he is not married.

It may be that Im almost 30 years old, but I havent spent mens money. I think Wang mani cant help worrying when she keeps avoiding mens good intentions on money.

If he wants to rent a house for you, he can buy what he wants to buy for you. After all, even if he breaks his credit card, he cant get the equality of money, so why let himself jump up and find balance so tired?

Maybe Wang mani didnt notice, because of the particularity of her profession, her criteria for choosing a mate had already changed imperceptibly.

Wang mani can like that sea king, is not he first class filter added points? So she can always wear a small gift of a few euros on the boat, and the man she is dating has a little bit more money than her, and she still cant look up to it.

I hope Wang mani will not be so again and again, or some sea king will only make you sad with his mouth, and you cant see who is the sea king. Then he volunteered to give it, and there is no excuse.

Of course, sometimes I think that Wang mani is very tired. They can be pampered little princesses at home, but they come to a big city to rent houses in the suburbs and carpool with people to get to work.

Wandering Wang mani may not have such a perfect life as Gu Jia, but Wang manis insistence is not to become Gu Jia one day? If you try so hard, you may not get what you want, but if you bow down to the so-called age and reality, you will not.

So, oh, Wang mani still have to hold their heads high and have a sense of purpose to finish the next road. Only by making the front road longer can they not be eager to find a way back for themselves.

Finally, I use a sentence from Wang mani to end todays fragmentary reading:

u201dIf I want to get married, I can marry every minute. But Im not a commodity in the cabinet. Im free to choose. I dont want to find ordinary people. If I wanted to be a little girl, I would have been married three years ago. I should have stayed in my hometown eight years ago. What do you think Ive been fighting for in these eight years? Im willing to wait. I dont want to make up for it.

Now that you have been here for such a long time, you can continue to work hard, whether you are 20, 30 or 40, as long as you are willing to wait, you can not do with it.