The epidemic situation in Hong Kong is urgent! But there is a strange sound coming out, which is chilling to think about

 The epidemic situation in Hong Kong is urgent! But there is a strange sound coming out, which is chilling to think about

The third wave of confirmed cases in Hong Kong has continued to rise. As of 0:00 on December 23, a total of 2250 cases were confirmed. 29 cases were critically diagnosed and 14 people died. This makes Hong Kong Society nervous. Should we ask the central government for help? This kind of discussion appears in the Hong Kong media.

However, at this time, a strange voice came out, and it came from Ma Zhongyi, President of the Hong Kong Public Medical Doctors Association (PDA). What does she mean?


With the increase of the number of confirmed cases, the facilities of public hospitals in Hong Kong are under negative pressure, and 80% of the beds used to receive the confirmed patients have been used. However, about 20 confirmed patients are still unable to be admitted to the hospital. They have to be forced to stay at home or the quarantine center to wait, increasing the risk of transmission in the community.

At the same time, the Hospital Authority said that more than half of the non urgent scheduled operations in the short term need to be postponed for emergency treatment, and the liyumen resort will be opened on Friday to receive convalescent patients in order to speed up the circulation of hospital beds.

Lei Yue Mun resort in Hong Kong will be used to receive patients in rehabilitation. (information map)

In order to control the epidemic, the government announced new measures yesterday. In addition to the mandatory wearing of masks when taking public transport, public transport interchange and terminus, as well as any indoor public places, are required to wear masks.

At the same time, border measures have also been expanded. In addition to the previously announced seven high-risk countries (South Africa, Pakistan, Philippines, Nepal, Indonesia, India and Bangladesh), new arrivals from the United States and Kazakhstan need to provide a negative nucleic acid test result certificate and a confirmation of a room reservation in Hong Kong before boarding.

In terms of land crossings, the closing time will also be extended for another month to September 7. In addition, the order will remain in force until December 31 this year.


Recently, an article entitled medical systems in Shanghai and other places have been instructed to rush to Hong Kong to fight the epidemic. It was reported that the chief executive, Lin zhengyuee, had sent help to the central government. If the epidemic situation in Hong Kong continues to worsen, the local medical system will be overwhelmed and the central government is expected to coordinate the mainland medical emergency rescue. Meanwhile, the article also states that the medical staff in Shanghai and other places have been sent to the central government for help We have been instructed to make all preparations for Hong Kongs assistance.

As soon as an article is published, public opinions vary. Some said that a family had to help when it was time to do so; some also mentioned the black violence in Hong Kong in the past year and opposed sending medical teams to help.

Although the news of the national teams support for Hong Kong has not been confirmed, the people of Hong Kong are still eager for it. After all, since the outbreak of the new global crown, only the mainland of China has really controlled the epidemic situation. In terms of anti epidemic experience, the mainland medical staff are the most abundant.

Just as the people of Hongkong waited for the central government to rush out, Ma Zhongyi, the chairman of the Hongkong public health doctors association (PDA), mentioned in the official account of the public comment, wrote that mainland medical personnel do not have professional qualifications recognized by Hongkong, so it is not appropriate to do related work in Hongkong.

Ma Zhongyi (data map)

A professional qualification makes many people question mark.

According to the question and answer record of the Legislative Council on the mutual recognition system of professional qualifications in 2016, mainland doctors can not directly obtain the professional qualifications of Hong Kong doctors through the mutual recognition system.

The professional qualifications of general western medicine will be examined by the Medical Council of Hong Kong after considering their educational background and qualifications; while specialist doctors need to be examined by the Hong Kong Academy of medicine, including professional qualifications, professional training they have received, and continuing medical education activities they have participated in, to prove that their professional level meets the specialist qualifications held by the Medical Council in Hong Kong.

In other words, mainland doctors can not practice medicine directly in Hong Kong. Of course, this is not aimed at the mainland. Hong Kong and most regions, such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France, Germany, including Taiwan, need to be assessed in terms of mutual recognition of professional qualifications.

For Hong Kong, from the perspective of responsibility, non recognition is to protect the health of the public; at the same time, it is also the medical capital to protect its own market economy interests.

Similarly, according to the opening-up measures under the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement between the mainland and Hong Kong, Hong Kong doctors can pass the mainland doctor qualification examination, and those who pass the examination will obtain the mainland medical qualification certificate. However, at the same time, registered medical professionals and technicians with legal practice qualifications in Hong Kong are allowed to practice in the mainland for a short period (three years) without taking part in national medicine Teacher qualification examination.

Chinas anti epidemic medical expert group rushed to Italy.

However, the medical staff of Hong Kong public hospitals working in the front line disagreed with President Mas remarks: China provides emergency assistance to more than 100 countries, as well as international organizations such as who and the African Union. At the same time, it also sends medical teams to countries with serious epidemic situation, such as Iran, Serbia, Italy and Cambodia, to help them fight the epidemic. Is there no professional qualification to support them in an emergency Holding Hong Kong

There are also Hong Kong citizens who accuse the medical staff of the Hong Kong Public Medical Doctors Association for being narrow-minded. The support of Chinese doctors and nurses coming to Hong Kong is rejected. The representatives of Hong Kong doctors question their profession / need for supervision / no mechanism? It turns out that doctors and nurses in Hong Kong are qualified to work as volunteers, while doctors and nurses in the mainland are coveted?

Looking back at the medias interview with Ma Zhongyi of PDA, she strongly opposes the proposal to invite the central medical team to Hong Kong for support. She believes that there are enough medical staff in Hong Kong and there is no need for the central government to intervene.

Waiting scene of Hong Kong Hospital (data map)

Doctors from public hospitals recalled that the outbreak of the new crown in February this year led to a 5-day strike by medical staff in public hospitals to demand the government to close land ports.

When there are only three or four people working normally in a ward, you will know how serious it is. Ordinary doctors only need to be responsible for one ward. At that time, they have to patrol two and a half wards and go to the specialist clinic to help after the inspection, otherwise the patients will not see the doctor until 8:00 p.m.

Over the past two days, a signed document entitled appeal to all medical staff and the public to jointly sign has been circulated on the Internet. The text asks the government to allocate funds to give special bonus / allowance to the medical professionals of the HA and the Department of health, so as to affirm the selfless dedication of medical staff and to affirm and encourage their efforts.

Some people ridicule that when the epidemic situation in the mainland is serious, they use strikes to force the government to close the customs; when the epidemic situation is serious in Hong Kong, they ask the government to increase wages and subsidies. This is the so-called profession of medical care in Hong Kong.

An online campaign called on all medical staff and the public to co sign

After the strike on that day, President Ma Zhongyi once proposed that medical workers participating in the strike should not be investigated. We support the government to reward medical workers who are really working in the front line, but those who have struck off must be treated differently. Since they are not investigated, there is no need for salary increase or allowance.

For the joint agency launched on the Internet, the doctors and nurses who have been struggling in the front line said: the medical sector should remain neutral and talk less about politics, because the bounden duty and responsibility of medical staff is that there are doctors without categories. Medical staff must adhere to the spirit of Nightingale and the Geneva declaration. They have to swear on the first day of their career, and they should be loyal to this concept in their lifetime.


Today, 118 newly diagnosed and confirmed cases in Hong Kong have reached a new high again. Hospitals are overwhelmed. The intensive care unit is facing saturation pressure. If there are more than 100 cases per day, public hospitals will not be able to cope.

Street View of Hong Kong (information map)

The government has been calling on the public to stay at home and reduce going out. However, Hong Kong people who are accustomed to freedom will still go to the beach for summer vacation or go to Tai O islands and other areas for epidemic prevention in hot weather. Whats more, in spite of the restriction order issued by the government, they gather in the streets to increase the risk of transmission.

If Hong Kong could carry out universal testing as Beijing did at that time, Hong Kong would have controlled the epidemic earlier.

If Hong Kong people can be as conscientious as Xinjiang people and really stay at home, they will not be able to find out the source of the outbreak in such a small area as now.

If the central government will send medical teams to Hong Kong, it is certainly good. The experience of mainland medical teams in epidemic prevention and control will certainly help Hong Kong out of its predicament. However, in todays Hong Kong, many things will be over politicized. If the problem of excessive politicization is not solved, other problems will not be solved.

Hong Kong people have never had a sense of state. Before the reunification, Britain did not allow it. After the reunification, the Hong Kong government did not do enough. Before the reunification, most of the governments circulars were in English; after the reunification, there was a bilingual version in Chinese and English. Most of Hong Kong people worship foreign countries, especially the middle-class and upper class people in our society.

Hong Kong Doctors (information map)

The medical profession is regarded as the elite of the society and has always received western education. In hospitals, doctors patrol rooms in English, and patient data are also written in English. If an early patient takes a mainland examination report to the doctor for reference, the doctor will immediately ask if there is an English version, and then he will tell the patient, I cant understand the Chinese report. . Now its better, because the paper is produced by the computer.

Doctor Huang has come to the stage of life sparing in order to attract speculation in Hong Kong! Hong Kong always talks about professional independence, including education, the judiciary, the media and the structure of the government. It is just a disease of all kinds

A disease epidemic reflects many things. What we saw in SARS in 2003 was that all of us worked together to fight the epidemic. Today, the society is torn apart, the black storm is not over, the epidemic situation is serious, and the unemployment rate has reached a new high, which has made Hong Kong worse.

Citizens said that they can only seek more happiness from themselves, wear masks, wash hands frequently and contact less, and do a good job in epidemic prevention. They hope that the epidemic situation will pass quickly, the society will be more peaceful and return to normal life.